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On top of that, we made a list for you that mentions the top performing banner ad sizes so check them out: Medium rectangle (300×250 ad size) This type of banner ad is the most compact one out of all these options so it doesn't take up too much space on a web page That's why I wrote this blog post. It seems I'm constantly trying to track down image sizes for social media, both for Elle & Company graphics and client design projects. And surely you've found yourself hunting down image sizes for your social media accounts, too If the Home header (1600px x 1050px), it is not the same size as the Blog header banner (1080px x 960px), use images that look good in long and narrow spaces. Recommended website header image pixel size for your website While screens are getting larger, a header width of 1024px is still the most popular size

If your website is going to have a banner image that is less than half the screen height (allowing visitors to see content below the banner as soon as they open your website), you might want to make it a maximum height of about 400px as it is common for a computer screen to have less than 680px of height available to view the page content Hello Kunal, The maximum width is set to 100%, so let's just define the maximum height for this image in CSS

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When I checked the BLOG header banner, I was surprised to learn it was not the same size as the TEAM head banner. Instead of being 1600 x 1050, it was 1800 px X 960px. This theme's header banners will resize to keep the look consistent throughout the website. Your design challenge will be to find images that look good in long and narrow spaces If it is any larger than this, Blogger will automatically crop it down to 1600. We recommend a width of 1000 pixels for most templates. The image can be any height you like, up to 1600 pixels. You can add/remove extra margins to the image by increasing the whitespace around the image For Blogger - You can create the header whatever size you want (because the platform allows you to adjust the width manually). A good size is 1140 x 300. To adjust the size, you must go into your template designer and click customize. Then choose adjust widths

It look like you are using blogger's Minima Template. The maximum width of its header is 660 pixels. There may be some default margins, so you might have to make it a bit smaller than that. Alternately, when uploading your banner, you can just click the shrink to fit check box and blogger should make it the proper size Each platform has its own recommended sizes for web banners. A Twitter banner is typically 1500 x 500 px, while a Tumblr banner is 3,000 x 1055 px. With the right tools, you can change the size of the banner you have to fit any platform. What is the best file format for web banners Change color: #000000 code with different color code for displaying in post page. For changing the font alter 'Trebuchet MS', Trebuchet, Arial, Verdana, Sans-serif with different font. Remember first font with quote represent main font. Here 'Trebuchet MS' but you can replace it with 'Sans-serif'.; Alter font-size: 140% with 120% or 150% or 160% for decreasing or increasing font size on home page Size your images only as large as your blog content width. For example, my blog content area is 690 pixels wide. There is no need for me to size my photos any larger than 690 pixels, since the content area will only display up to 690 pixels. An image of 800 pixels will automatically be shrunk when shown on screen Add #header-inner {background: #HEXVALUE; } to your CSS, change HEXVALUE to the hex value colour of your header background. This will span full width, no matter what size the screen. Then upload a header image of the blog name in your chosen font, on a transparent background in .png format. This way the header image will be smaller in size and.

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Standard print size are for a mug is 8.5 x 3 inches; US business cards are generally 3.5 x 2 inches; The maximum print area for a t-shirt is 14 x 15 inches Chest pockets are typically around 4 3/8″ x 5 3/8″ Sheet sizes for billboards US: 27 x 40 inches; UK: The most popular size is 48 sheets which is 6.096 x 3.048 meter LinkedIn Post Header Size: 1200 x 628 pixels wide LinkedIn Company Logo Size: 300 x 300 pixels wide LinkedIn Cover Image Size: 1128 x 191 pixels wide LinkedIn Life Tab Main Image Size: 1128 x 376 pixels wide LinkedIn Life Tab Company Photo Size: 1900 x 600 pixels wide LinkedIn Blog Post Image Size: 1200 x 627 pixels wid The predetermined image sizes that WordPress uses are: Thumbnail size (150px square) Medium size (maximum 300px width and height) Large size (maximum 1024px width and height

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  1. ed size. Go to the Layout section of your blog's dashboard. 2
  2. How to Customize Blogger Thumbnail Sizes. Blogger allows you to embed photos in your posts, but does not maintain an internal media collection like other platforms such as WordPress. This means that to manipulate images such as thumbnails for your site, you need to get under the hood and enter a little HTML code. This.
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  4. For the most part, 250 px (width) x 100 px (height) are the optimal logo dimensions for a web page. If, however, you need to customize your logo size, we know how to do it! Below we've listed a few logo dimensions for the two most common layouts. For horizontal layout: - 250 px x 150 px - 350 px x 75 px - 400 px x 100 p
  5. Click on new file and open a new page and decide the height and width of the file, based on the header size of your blog. You should also set the content, mode, resolution and the project's name. Selecting the name for the project makes it easy to recognize the file

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How to Auto Fix Header Image Height and Width in Blogger, So after changing its resolution so many time I couldn't fix my header image. Then I tried to fix it from HTML code and finally I got it and fix it by the changing html code How to Edit a Banner Size in Blogger. The banner, or header image, on your Blogger blog displays your company's name and logo above all blog posts. The banner must be large enough to be clearly. Easy edit, change & customize Blogger header template fonts & sizes using Blogger Template Designer in Blogspot. No coding required. This custom blog theme comes equipped with shopping cart, send. Here's the simple explanation for what size images should be on your blog: They should always be the full width of the post column (or widget, page column, image container, etc.), then doubled in size to accommodate Retina displays (more on this in a minute). If your blog posts are 800px wide, then all images should be uploaded at either. As you can see above, these are similar to 300 x 250 size units and easily fit into your blog posts without hurting the user experience. 4. Banner (468 x 60) If you're looking for a mini version of 728 x 90 ad unit sizes to display your ads on your site, 468 x 60 banner ad size is just for you

Tumblr banner size. Think about the Tumblr banner as a hero image for your blog. Having a cool Tumblr banner will make it easier for you to have people follow your page. The Tumblr banner is displayed as a 3000 pixels x 1055 pixels image for desktop and 640 pixels x 360 pixels on mobile. Always use the ideal Tumblr image size with our design too Banner - 468 x 60 The Banner has a wide format, similar to the Leaderboard ad, but smaller. It's often placed above the navigation bar or between the main content. Despite the versatility factor, it does not offer better performance due to size constraints If your image is going to be header/hero background image you'll want it to be long and not too tall. I make my header images 1600 x 500px. Size those full page background images correctly too. If you're creating a full page background image you'll want these images to be a bit taller. I make these images 1600 x 1000px or sometimes 1920 x 1200px The leaderboard is the second most served banner format on the display network; just one percentage point behind the medium rectangle. 3. Wide Skyscraper - Ad Impression Share: 13%. With an impression share of 13%, the wide skyscraper is the third most popular banner size on the display network. 4. Banner - Ad Impression Share: 3 Web Header Sizes & Web Banner Sizes Recommended Website Header Image Size For Your Site Screens are getting larger and header 1024px is still the most popular size for your header designing, and many popular websites are still designed for 1024×768 pixels resolution

Determine your blog's header size. Log in to your Blogger account and click the Options drop-down arrow on the right side of the page, between the orange Pencil icon and the View blog button... A full-width banner with an image is a great way to add some color to your web page and make the user experience pop. There are two methods to add this type of banner to your templates, and we'll walk through both. The two methods for adding banner to your pages are: Adding an image directly into the pag Make Blogger Header, Navigation and Footer Full Width. hello admin your size is super cool as i am a new can you plz help me i want to resize my post i want to make it small so that i can put side drop down menu bar so how can i resize plz help www.10yearsquestionpaper.com Set it to 1000 x 300. Click on the banner icon and type in your tagline. Center the banner on the page. Then click on the TEXT button and type out your blog title Visit your blog in your browser. Right-click on the header image and choose View Image Info or the equivalent in your browser. Note the size of the header image, and then create or order a custom..

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For example, if you are using the Divi theme, the default size is 93px X 43 px. When uploading, go for a 250px X 45px to 250px X 55px size for a horizontal logo. This way, there will be enough white space around the logo making it look crisp. Squarespace. On Squarespace, the logo size is really determined by the image size that you upload From here, all you have to do is upload your new header to your blog post. Tip: Remember that the ideal size for header graphics on the Odysys blog is 800×450. This will ensure that your image is bright, crisp, and legible for all visitors

The first is a simple and minimalist design, these kinds of headers are very trendy at the moment. I chose the custom dimensions option, this header is 960 x 200px. How I created this blog header: I entered my custom dimensions (960px x 200px) Minimum image size: 200 by 200 pixels; Maximum file size: 2MB; Twitter image size for header photos: 1500 x 500 pixels (recommended) Tips: To future-proof the image, it's best to use the maximum size. Header images are cropped to an aspect ratio of 3:1 The size of the text in my blog setting is small so just want to increase it , As the heading and article's content shows no difference in size so It creates many problems but while changing the size I am facing a problem when I change the font size in HTML, (see the image below) then the size is increased but when I see the preview or Publish it then no change is taken there, Why this occurs. Adding Text to your banner is super important, as this is your Blog's name and possibly a tagline. To find the text tool, click on the P in the left hand column of your PicMonkey screen. Choose a font and try out different sizes and colors

The maximum accepted image size is 1024×512 pixels. The best dimensions for a default sized messenger (650×680) would be around 630-640 pixels in width and 96 pixels in height. The exact values may vary depending on the browser and the window theme you choose For more banner best practices, check out: 10 tips for picking & resizing images for your Squarespace site. Squarespace Background image SizE tips. Similar to a banner section, this guy usually stretches the whole width of your page as a way to create a new section and break up the content on your page

Your header photo on Twitter should be 1500 x 500 pixels. Make sure to choose an image that represents your brand/business. When sharing a link, Twitter will generate a Twitter Card to display the image associated. This image will appear at 1200 x 628 pixels. When Tweeting a single image, the photo will appear at 1200 x 675 pixels The Best WordPress Featured Image Size The most ideal WordPress featured image size is 1200 x 628 pixels and these dimensions generally satisfy most WP blog themes. Different blogs (and more specifically, different themes) may have featured images with different sizes often also the source image (.ai or.psd) can be downloaded, all images are clickable and lead to the full-size image of the header, full-size images have the resolution of 850×200 px, and you can also download graphics together with source files using corresponding links in the description Image size. Measurement. Pixels. Measurement. Min width. Min height. Safe search. On. Off. Shutterstock's safe search will exclude restricted content from your search results. blog header images. 23,118 blog header stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See blog header stock video clips Banner: 560 x 260 px Maximum file size of 5MB. JPG, GIF, or PNG. The square-shaped contest preview displays at 288 x 288 pixels in the sidebar of the account's main blog page and full size at 640 x 640 pixels on the dedicated contest page. This image can be uploaded independently of the long form contest poster

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  1. Designing the perfect banner in 4 simple steps. 1. Open Fotor Design, choosing a banner size and template or creating your own from scratch. 2. Choose from preset designs and add you photos. 3. Modify and design, remember to manage your overlays to maximize your cover's visual impact. 4. Preview and save your cover, choosing the format and size.
  2. We assume all publication homepage logos are retina-ready, meaning that the logo is uploaded at twice the size it will be displayed. If you upload a 2000 px wide and 1000 px high logo, Medium..
  3. Adding Amazon Banners to Blogspot. Whether you run a company blog or are interested in monetizing your website, Amazon affiliate banners can be a great addition to your site, especially if you post often about products that Amazon sells. When readers click on your banner and subsequently purchase something from the.
  4. When creating a banner image, it should be the total width of the blog less 30 pixels (15 pixels on either side). For this example, the banner image you create should be 870 pixels wide. The height of your banner image can vary based on your preference. However, we do not recommend banner images that are taller than 200 - 250 pixels
  5. Use the Header tweak in the Blog: Item section to adjust the banner size. Five. Use the Banner Area Height or Banner Area Spacing tweaks. (Banner Area Height doesn't affect mobile.) Montauk. Fixed height, set by the original image. Page banners always display at the width of the site content. They don't crop vertically
  6. Although other resolutions can be uploaded, subject to Shopify's file size limitations, uploading higher resolution images will not improve image quality. On all of the latest versions of Out of the Sandbox themes, high resolution devices such as iPhones and MacBook Airs, the theme code will load 2x resolution images automatically
  7. All our web page header images are in 1920×1080 pixels, 1920×720 pixels, 1280×375 pixels, 1024×300 pixels and 800×200 pixels, useful for site owners, bloggers, and web designers, all for FREE to download and use for personal and business websites

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To get going on your own blog header, you'll need to gather some design tools and image size information. Design tools. The essential design tools for making your own custom blog header don't have to be hard to use or expensive. Try a few out and see what you're comfortable with, then go for it! Don't worry if they feel awkward at first. Just make sure that when you're cropping the image is still large enough to fit within your set WordPress header dimensions. To adjust the size of your image click on Image, Canvas Size, then adjust the width to your header dimensions. For this photo, the dimensions were changed to 1200 × 280

When you're creating a photo blog or website a photo banner lets you showcase a range of your work. You can create a collage of photos for a banner in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements very easily. Here's how to make one. Step 1. Start with a new image the size of your banner or a multiple of it. So, for example, if your banner is going to be. Hello, What is the ideal size of the blog header image in Empire theme? Default blog header gets lopped off and image gets stretched, with final image quality being very poor. Thanks Aparn Designing the perfect header is a more bespoke process than you might think. As you create your website, keep in mind the header is the first thing visitors will encounter when they land on your homepage.Like all aspects of your site, it needs to reflect your brand, and involves equal amounts of strategic and creative thinking font-size: 18px; line-height: 25px; border-radius: 4px;} /* Style the logo link (notice that we set the same value of line-height and font-size to prevent the header to increase when the font gets bigger */.header a.logo { font-size: 25px; font-weight: bold;} /* Change the background color on mouse-over */.header a:hove

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File size. We recommend using image files of less than 500 KB for best results, though the limit for an individual image upload is 20 MB. When it comes to image size, bigger isn't always better, as uploading multiple large images can affect site performance. If you're adding multiple images to a page, keep your overall page size in mind. Image. This blog will explore everything you need to know about YouTube channel art, YouTube banner size, dimensions and the latest must-know tips from Clipchamp: YouTube Banners - Why do they matter for YouTube channel page? - How to use YouTube banners to build your brand. The perfect YouTube banner size - YouTube banner dimensions 202 Facebook profile photo size: For desktop: More than or equal to 180 x 180 pixels For mobile: More than or equal to 140 x 140 pixels ; Facebook banner dimensions: 1200 x 630 pixels; Link/ Update image size: 1200 x 628 pixels; For best results upload JPG file less than 100 KB; Images with text (for instance, brand logo) must be a PNG fil

The Leaderboard (728×90) The leaderboard is a traditional banner ad size that is perfect for website header. It supports both text and image ad formats but doesn't support mobile ads. Since the leaderboard is ideal to be placed on top (inside or immediately after the website header), it gets more ads which means better ads for your website We assume all publication homepage logos are retina-ready, meaning that the logo is uploaded at twice the size it will be displayed. If you upload a 2000px wide and 1000px high logo, Medium.. Size does matter — especially if you want to tease a products/services section; Don't use a rotating banner unless you're at an Apple-level of brand understanding; With this article and our navigation and header design blog, we've done a complete overview of how your website should look above the fold. But that's only a small portion. Get the size right! They say size doesn't matter. But somehow you can sometimes spend endless hours trying to get it right. Right? Well, no more. Just choose the type of banner you want, be it a Facebook banner, a YouTube banner or any kind of banner. We'll make sure it is pixel perfect. One less thing to worry about The Size Calculator Tool helps you visualize how big your banner will look when compared to common objects. Help FAQ Size Calculator More Resources Get Started Select your product and customize it Banners Banner Stands Posters Poster Boards Sign Displays Yard Signs Magnets Canvas Sail Signs Back li

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Blogger tips pro is devoted to giving you the best tips and tricks on how to make a free blog, how to optimize Google Blogger, use a website optimization strategy to be successful, make a passive income blog, and find tools and techniques that allow you to increase your blog traffic Then just add that id before your CSS for the banner image and you can make the banner whatever size you need on each page. For example: #collection-54c3d841e4b0f7f4ab5d68c1 .view-list .banner-thumbnail-wrapper, .collection-type-page .banner-thumbnail-wrapper, .collection-type-index .banner-thumbnail-wrapper {min-height: 100px; Using this responsive banner animation maker, you can able to animate banner and banner elements with CSS3. You can use the generated code generated by a responsive banner animation maker in your website or blog Although device screens come in larger sizes, the most recommended header size is still 1024px ×768px. Most successful and popular websites use the same size for their header design. If you do want to know more, check the table below

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  1. Nearly Impossible to Achieve - Let's say you want to print a banner that is 96 (8 feet) wide and 64 (5 feet, 4 inches) tall. If you were to print that banner at 300ppi, then you would need to use an image that is 28,800 pixels wide and 19,200 pixels tall (a whopping 553 megapixels in size)
  2. I find trying to size the header photos for the new webpages a nightmare. There is a long lean space for the photos and none of the stock and other images I have tried to use fits the space. What I need is an exact size and a recommended dpi so I can edit the pics in Photoshop first and then put the precise size pic needed in the header
  3. The header is likely the first thing a new visitor sees on a blog, so it is the first impression — but why is a blog header so much more important, or at least different, than the header of a basic website?. Blog headers need more functionality. Other web designs may differ in terms of their use and therefore, what's included in the website header and how it's presented can vary greatly
  4. 320×100: These are exclusive to mobile devices and known as the large mobile banner ad, offering twice the amount of height of the standard mobile leaderboard; Display Ad Maximum File Sizes. When choosing or designing graphics for your ads, make sure that they are no larger than 150 KB in file size
  5. .) Pinterest profile picture size: 165px x 165px; LinkedIn profile picture size: 400px x 400px, 300px x 300px (company logo), 60px x 60px (square logo
  6. A custom banner helps your brand stand out from the crowd. Designhill's banner generator allows people with or without design skills to create stunning banners for free. The drag and drop feature enables even a novice to make beautiful banners in almost no time

The ideal Pinterest image size is 1000 x 1500px and an aspect ratio of 2:3. These Pinterest dimensions are recommended by the platform for standard size Pins, to guarantee the best Pin image quality possible! Photo sizes should be a minimum of 600 x 900 Navigation Bar Logo Size. The navigation bar or header of your website will be home to your logo - probably the full, standard one. Typically, the logo will sit on the left side of the navigation bar. While the exact sizing will depend on your specific website builder, it's likely that the size options will be approximately as follows In this case, it's almost always safe to start with an image size of 500 x 500 pixels in your file manager. This allows for the image to be resized as necessary, while retaining its dimensions, even when being inserted into a circle frame. Blog Featured Image. Blog featured images largely depend on the type of blog listing template you're using Set a global default image for all your blog posts. Go to Appearance > Theme Settings in the main menu; On the Theme Settings page go to Posts > Blog tab and under the Posts Header section you'll find the option to upload an image that will be displayed in the header for all your blog categories and blog posts. For a perfect fit the header image needs to be 1920px x 434px

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  1. The new image dimensions are 2120×1192. Get the details and download the template ! Selecting the banner option on your G+ profile After reading a few articles about the new Google+ design update today I was immediately interested in the new banner option for our profile
  2. Sora Blogging Tips August 22, 2019 The ideal logo size will be 136x50 but you can increase the width from 136px to any greater number, but don't increase the height from 50px. Unknown September 09, 2019 if i buy the premium theme can i change to any resolution i want {any hight and width}
  3. CommunityBlog Forum Artists Cameras. Size . Larger than. × px Color . Transparent Black and white. 7,502 Free images of Banner. Related Images: frame header design background ribbon scroll abstract flag pattern banner. 1102 216 Colorful Rainbow. multicolored background. 668 15
  4. Another interesting point here is that the 125x125 square button format, which is now quite popular among the blogger community, seems to attract lower clicks than even the 468x60 banner of the geocities era so your advertisers may not be feeling very happy about this
  5. Blog Item Banner. In a blog post's Item View, the post's thumbnail will automatically be placed into a banner at the top of the page, along with the post's title and your chosen meta info. Logo Container Width - Set the width of the logo container, effectively changing the size of the logo. If the logo container is smaller than the.
  6. The company profile picture is generally your logo on the company page you create, the recommended size given by LinkedIn is 400 x 400px (PNG, JPG or GIF format)

Header. Customize Site Logo, Site Icon, Site Title and Tagline; Header Media; Customize the Date in Header; Customize the News Ticker in Header; Customize Primary Menu; Header Layout and Style; Sticky Header; Content. Blog / Archive Layout; Breadcrumb in ColorMag; Add Caption to Featured Image; Display Full Content or Excerpt in Blog and. HOW TO: Make a Blog Header Graphic. This one's a quick & dirty guide for the people that asked me how I created my header graphics. Header graphics mark a blog as unique and can lure a reader in from the get-go. Create several of them, make them rotate and your blog will give off a dynamic appearance. My image editor of choice is currently.

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On my advanced sidebar in 7.1 I only get options for Header and Newsletter Block. I can't find anything specific to styling fonts for blog content. Any other ideas where we can get the CSS to target, the title, paragraph, meta, etc. in 7.1. Thanks Links & Banners It's easy to advertise Amazon products by building links and banners. When you add these links and banners to your web page and visitors click on them from your page, you can earn up to 10% on all purchases made during their shopping session The final way you can change font size on your WordPress blog, is by using a plugin that's designed specifically for this purpose. The best (free) plugin on the market for accomplishing that today is TinyMCE , and they make it pretty dang easy to adjust font sizes on the go within an individual post or page during the editing/writing process Hey, We have just started putting out blog posts on our website and found out that blog & website fonts are intertwined. How can we change only blog font and possibly make it bigger as the current selection, which you can see here , is too small. All your help is appreciated, Andre

Banners 468x60 - Banner 728x90 - Leaderboard Squares 180x180 - Square 1 250x250 - Square 2 300x300 - Square 3 Custom size x: Skyscrapers 120x600 - Skyscraper 160x600 - Wide skyscraper 180x730 - Extra wide skyscraper 1 250x730 - Extra wide skyscraper 2 300x730 - Extra wide skyscraper 3: Buttons 120x60 - Small button 125x60 - Small button 2. set_post_thumbnail_size( 50, 50 ); // 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall, resize mode. you can also choose to resize the image by cropping it with this code: set_post_thumbnail_size( 50, 50, true ); // 50 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall, crop mode. This sets the default size of featured images. Adding Additional Image Sizes Whether you have a personal blog or eCommerce store, our cookie consent banner will work anywhere. Lightweight At just 4kb in size, your visitors won't notice any difference in performance when visiting your website The photo size is usually displayed as either a square or rectangle with an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5 ratio. For portrait (4:5) photos, the recommended dimensions are 1,080x1,350 px. Smaller featured header images will appear as 204x204 px and larger featured header images will appear as 409x409 px. Instagram Stories Image size

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Display up to 3 eye-catching linked images under header area, which could be a Custom Page Links or Banners(ads). Pro Version: You can have 6 Featured Links. Nice list tyle layout, perfect for the Food based websites 1. Go to Marketing › Banners and click Create a Banner.. 2. Enter a Banner Name.This is for internal purposes only, and will not be visible to your customers. 3. Use the WYSIWYG Editor to add the content for your banner. Content can include images, video, text, and scripts With Desygner's large collection of Web Banner Templates you can easily complement your website content with the right visuals. Edit everything from text and colours to logos and images. Design online from any device using millions of royalty-free design resources Soracart is responsive and premium blogger template for eCommerce sites. Best in class and loaded with tons of features, it takes your blog to the next level. Soracart is equipped with various of widgets which will help you to publish your blog more professionally

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Locate and open the image file you want as your banner. Click Upload Image. Once the image is uploaded, you'll see a thumbnail of the image in the Images sidebar. Drag the image from the sidebar and drop it onto the banner area. You'll be prompted to add a link to your banner image. It's highly recommended that you make your banner clickable About This Digital Collection: 95+ Facebook covers & vintage web banners: Back in 2008-2013 the Cottage Blogging Community had exploded and created and what seems like in a blink of an eye a tight-knit community of sweet ladies all around the world that share the same love of vintage images.That is around the time in Jan of 2010 when Free Pretty Things For You was born and launched a series of. A blog by Zazzle's own team of designers, makers, and merchandisers, written with love for the designer, maker, or merchandiser in us all. Happy reading. Happier making! Learn a bit more about us. MOST POPULAR. 1. Maker Moment: Custom Pillows. 2. The Dogs of Zazzle: Snoopy. 3. 7 Ways to Increase Your Zazzle Referrals. Blog Talk Radio is the world's largest online talk radio hosting platform. Create your own internet radio show, listen to content from thousands of radio hosts live each day This heading style is used in the Blog posts section. Sample code to increase the size: /* -- code to modify h2 heading font size -- */ .template-index h3.h3 {font-size: 1.8em;} /* - end - */ The default size is 1.5em. To increase use a larger number and to decrease use a value lower than 1.5em

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