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Kodak Brownie 127 Camera Using 35mm Film - YouTube http://www.robnunnphoto.com/ The Kodak Brownie 127 is a simple camera from the 1950's - it's got one shutter speed, one aperture and no.. Loading the 35mm film into the Brownie 127 is super easy and I am sure anyone can give it a try. Once you have the back off, or outer case of the camera as is the case with the Brownie, you can see on the right as you look at it that a 35mm film fits neatly (albeit slightly loosely) into the gap where a 127 spool should go As you can see in the video at the top of the post, putting a 35mm film cartridge into the back of a Kodak Brownie 127 is a simple matter. Just add a tap washer under the film to keep it running across the centre of the frame, and cut the film leader so that you can slide it through the middle of the spool and then tape it into position 127 film roll with Baby Brownie in the background 127 film (center, with spindle) sits between 35 mm (left) and 120 roll film (right) formats in terms of size. 127 is a roll film format for still photography introduced by Kodak in 1912. The film itself is 46 mm wide, placing it between 35 mm and 120 medium format films in terms of size

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For a camera of such proportion to work, the company developed a new film format: 127 roll film. Initially nicknamed vest pocket film after the camera it accompanied, the paperbacked film was 4.6 centimeters wide, placing it between medium format and 35mm film in terms of potential image area I have two Kodak Brownie cameras (120 Brownie N0.2 and Target 620).On the Brownie camera website theres an article that would show you how to put 35mm film in a Brownie.Unfortunetly the article is no longer working.I want to try to put 35mm in one of my Brownies but need to know how to do it and modify the camera to work with it.If anyone knows how to do it I would greatly appreciate it The Brownie was a long-running popular series of simple and inexpensive cameras made by Eastman Kodak.Introduced in 1900, it introduced the snapshot to the masses. It was a basic cardboard box camera with a simple meniscus lens that took 2 1/4-inch square pictures on 117 roll film.It was conceived and marketed for sales of Kodak roll films. Because of its simple controls and initial price of. Kodak stopped producing 127 film in 1995. 828 Film Introduced in 1935, this was unperforated 35mm film, wound on a spool with a paper backing. It was used with Kodak's Bantam and Pony series, marketed as inexpensive snapshot cameras The Brownie 127 has a moulded smooth plastic body with broad horizontal steps and an optical direct vision finder

Great film selection including 127 and 620 film. Thanks to Glen Rea for the info! Snaps Photo Services Bournemouth Processing for 35mm and 120 - B&W - C-41(color print) - E6(color transparency) Thanks to Mathew D for the info! Speed Graphic Online Only A good selection of analog materials. Thanks to Mathew D for the info The closest film we have today is 120 film, which is not quite as wide as 116 film, which was a whopping 70mm wide. I picked up a 3d printed adapter that allowed me to use 120 film rolls in my camera, but I ran into a problem that might be unique to the Autographic. The key on the mechanism that winds the film goes quite some distance into the. A list of cameras produced by Eastman Kodak that use 127 film. The Kodak Camera List. Kodak | Nikon. Cameras > Film: 127. List of cameras that use the following film: 127. 127. Name Year Released Off the Market Film Size Price Owned. Baby BROWNIE Camera [photo] 1934: 127: $6: BROWNIE FIESTA Camera (Two-tone gray and silver) [photo] 1962. The Kodak Brownie 127 is a plastic box camera for eight 4x6 cm pictures on 127 film, made in England by Kodak Ltd. It was an extremely popular snapshot camera in Britain. From its introduction in 1952, over a million had been made by August 1954, and the series continued to sell many more millions 127 film was introduced in 1913 by Eastman Kodak, along with their Vest Pocket Kodak camera. Kodak discontinued 127 in 1995, and the other major manufacturers soon followed. 127 film is 46mm wide, carrying a 4cm square, or 4x6cm image, depending on the camera

Kodak GOLD 200 Color Negative Film (35mm Roll Film, 24 Exposures, 3-Pack) shop35mmfilm. 5 out of 5 stars (6) $ 24.00. Favorite Add Kodak Brownie 127 Film Bakelite Camera with case - Classic snapshot from the 1950's - Very good condition and tested PatternCameras. 5 out of 5 stars (538) $ 29.58. Kodak Brownie 127 Cameras are super simple point and shoot cameras with nothing to adjust...just compose your subject and shoot! All of these Brownie 127 mod..

Because I don't want to only shoot ISO 100 B&W film with my new camera and a normal 35mm film canister wouldn't fit (like in most 127 cameras), I decided to make my own 127 film. Which is really easy to do.: You would need: an old roll of 127 film; 35mm film; darkroom/changing bag; So what you do is that you just stick the 35mm film onto the inner face of the 127 roll where the normal 127. Kodak and Kodak Brownie user manuals from the collection. Brownie 127 camera with Dakon lens 5/69/14TF270861. Brownie Reflex 20 camera 5/84/1CC30260. Brownie Reflex 20 camera. Brownie Twin 20 camera 5/86/1CC231259. Brownie Twin 20 camera 1-59-C-BEX. Brownie Flashmite 20 Camera Pt No. 165444/3-65-C.AXX Kodak Brownie 127: A new lease of life with 35mm film I attempted to load 35mm film in my Brownie Starflex camera per this document. It was not possible. this may work in some of the larger Brownies, but not the smaller ones like mine. These Brownies are not cameras you want to use for everyday shooting If you really want to use your Brownie--and frankly, I can't see a good reason, unless it is a family mememto or something--then probably you need to either find a community darkroom where you cant print B&W yourself, or shoot transparency film and make super slides (4x4 frames on 127 film that fit in regular 35mm slide trays), or else be. Cameras accommodating 127 film were generally affordable and designed for everyday, casual use. Used for family snapshots or holiday pictures, they consisted of plastic—earlier models featured Bakelite and metal—and were hardwearing, making them ideal for a day at the beach or park

Kodak brownie 127 film camera 6x4cm kodak brownie 127 medium format still kodak 127 cameras page 1 line 17qq kodak 127 Film. The 127 film is a paper-backed rollfilm, 4.6cm wide, originally designed to store eight pictures in 4×6.5cm format.It was created by Kodak for their Vest Pocket model - hence 127 was often called Vest Pocket film.Many of the first generation of 127 film cameras were similar folders, and frequently inherited Vest Pocket or VP in their names - for example the Dolly Vest Pocket It is a rebadged Brownie 127 made for export to America. There is absolutely nothing to this camera, point, shoot, fire. It has one shutter speed, 1/50th and one aperture, f14. Which means you need to use it on a nice, sunny day which I did with the first film. Here are the result of the film I got with the camera

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  1. Camera Name On the market film size original price category image from to No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC Kodak 1917 Model Camera: 1917: 1924: 116: 21: Kodak No. 1A Autographic cameras
  2. Vintage Kodak Brownie camera which takes 127mm film. This fun, retro camera makes a great addition to any vintage camera collection. In great condition, some light scratching due to age and use, and a little rust on the flash attachment. See photos for details. Please note this camera has note bee
  3. 124 Brownie camera (original model) 125 Brownie Camera 126 Brownie Camera 127 No.1 Brownie Camera model B 128 No.0 Brownie camera model A 129 No.0 Brownie camera model A 130 No.0 Brownie camera model A 131 No.2 Brownie camera 132 No.2 Brownie camera model B 133 No.2 Brownie camera model C 134 No.2 Brownie camera model D - with Palmer Cox box 135 No.2 Brownie camera model D model 1915-191
  4. Kodak Baby Brownie. for 127 film. This small bakelite box camera for 127 film was made from 1934 to 1941. The designer was the master of Art Deco, Walter Dorwin Teague. My camera works fine and has no cracks, no chips. The United States Postal service issued a stamp in 2010 of this camera. I will include on in this auction. I accept payment.
  5. Hi as some of you may know or not as the case may be I recently picked up a Kodak Brownie 127 (1963) at a bootsale. I did a little research and found that I could load it with 35mm film, so just to check it worked before I used expensive 127 film, thats exactly what I did! Once finished I..
  6. With the film loaded up it was time to take the camera out and give it a try and as usual headed to one of my favourite haunts, Happisburgh. Seeing as the 127 film is larger than the 35mm film I managed to get just 11 shots from a 36 exposure roll and they came out (as expected) as wide, panoramic shots
  7. The initial Brownie cameras were simple box-type constructions, and the No.2 Brownie introduced 120 medium format rollfilm still in use today; 127 format rollfilm accompanied the Vest Pocket Kodak just over a decade later, and a Brownie No.0 for 127 film followed a couple of years later. Several 127 format Brownies were produced during the.

This is a Brownie Starmatic made by the Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, NY between the years of 1959 and 1963. It was the first Brownie camera to have both an exposure meter and automatic exposure. It is a simple, mostly plastic camera that used 127 roll film and took twelve 4cm x 4cm images per roll Vinage film camera with strap. Good condition. I tapedthe rear window in order to use it with 35mm film but never got around to it. Please, confirm your e-mail Kodak brownie 127 film camera Update TopAd. Limassol district, Agios Athanasios. Posted: 25.02.2021 17:20 Ad ID: 2900682.

127 Cameras This list is a work in progress (mostly from camera-wiki.org, Second Model and Brownie 127, Third Model) Kodak Brownie 44A Kodak Brownie 44B Kodak Brownie 127 Kodak Brownie Auto 27 and information about 127-format film photography, created and maintained by J. M. Golding The author holding his 1960s-era Kodak Brownie Hawkeye film camera. All photos ©Michael Chiusano Today's digital cameras have become so adept at almost any shooting situation that, paradoxically, they can inhibit creativity by always delivering a technically perfect result. With little effort, a photographer can produce a sharp, clear, well-exposed image, color balanced and, well, a bit too. Some Kodak and Brownie folding cameras made from 1914 to the 1930's have a little door on the back which is marked use Autographic film A-(number). A-116 film, for example, was for the same size pictures as 116 film but instead of red and black duplex paper, the film was wound with a sheet of carbon paper and thin red paper

KODAK BROWNIE 127 Camera with DAKON LENS - Deep Black - Clean Glass Seller 99.4% positive. Kodak Vintage Retro M35 35mm Reusable Flash Film Camera Reusable UltraMax 400. AU $52.00 + shipping. Seller 97.9% positive. KODAK INSTAMATIC 104 FILM CAMERA WITH ACCESSORIES MADE IN ENGLAND FREE POSTAGE Seller 99.8% positive. KODAK Film Camera. I suspect the age of the camera and working through this mechanism, also contriuted to some debry on my film during expsosures. Note, that in the picture above right, the 127 film spool is the second from the left, to give you a sense of size if you aren't familiar with it. From the left, 35mm canister, 127, 620, 120 spools This vintage Kodak Brownie (Startlet in USA) suitable for conversion to Lomo type 35mm film photography c. 1954. A classic 1950's Bakelite simple box camera designed for 127 film stock that is almost extinct

Kodak Brownie Starlite 127 roll film camera In reply to greygonads2 • Jul 4, 2006 Started with the Brownie (had used my Dad's Argus TLR before having my own camera). 1957 Voigtlander Vito B 35mm camera . Jay Siegel. Jul 3, 2006 Re: what was your first camera . scott kirkpatrick. Jul 3, 2006. This is due to Kodak's tendency to vary roll film formats in the early days and predilection for 127 film later on. This pretty much means you're stuck with the variants of the Brownie No. 2 (120) or the later 110 Brownies. The only other exceptions are the British made Brownie Cresta series of 120 cameras The Brownie 127 was, in the UK, an extremely popular plastic snapshot viewfinder model for 127 film made in England by Kodak Ltd. From introduction in 1952, over a million had been made by August 1954, and the series continued to sell many more millions History of 127 film; Kodak launch the Vest Pocket camera; How 127 film shapes up against other film formats; 127 cameras through the 1930s, 40s and 50s; The decline of 127 film; Where you can buy 127 film in the USA, UK and Australia; Images I shot with the Kodak Brownie Starlet and ReraPan 127 black and white film and ReraChrome 127 colour. Kodak Brownie Holiday 127 Film Box Camera Vintage Bakelite. C $14.95. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now +C $14.00 shipping. Kodak Brownie Camera Pin. Gift for the 35mm Film Photographer. C $17.87. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States +C $17.25 shipping

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Mar 30, 2016 - Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Vintage Cameras. Shop with confidence on eBay Larger than 35mm but slightly smaller than standard 120 roll film, the 127 size is still considered Medium Format. B&H Photo and The Frugal Photographer are the best resources for acquiring 127 black and white film for reasonable prices, about $4.95 per roll The small 127 film roll, just slightly taller than a 35mm cartridge, fits into one side and is pulled horizontally over the film plane by a small plastic knob, yielding 4x6cm negatives. The shutter button is white plastic and trips the simple, one-speed, metal, rotary shutter when depressed. North Star Camera Collection Kodak Brownie 127 Most would agree that folding cameras, although often slightly larger (usually due to using 120 rather than 35mm film - with exceptions of course) would have been considered compact cameras when they were made. But in general when people say compact camera most would imagine a small, pocketable, say hand sized camera

127 film is like 120 but smaller, it also has a backing paper. With the camera I used, a Kodak Brownie 127 I get 8 4×6 photos per roll. I chose Rera Pan 400 basically as it was the only 127 film easily available, now some companies respool 120 film on 127 so you can choose more but it's quite expensive Kodak ceased production of 120 rollfilm cameras in the mid 1930's, with the introduction of the 620 size, which is the same film on a slimmer spindle, and the only subsequent 120-film cameras from Kodak were manufactured in the UK in the 1950's and '60's. The last 120-rollfilm camera from Kodak was probably the UK-made Brownie Cresta 3 The Kodak Baby Brownie is an art deco styled bakelite camera that was made from 1934 to 1941 in the United States. It's a simple camera that has a flip up viewfinder with an f/11 meniscus lens, and a rotary shutter that's approximately 1/40th sec. The following images were created with the Kodak Baby Brownie He thought that a simple, low-cost, easy-to-use camera would do the trick, and so Eastman Kodak started tinkering. By the turn of the century, Eastman Kodak had invented and introduced the Brownie, a one-dollar camera with fifteen-cent film and forty-cent developing costs - perfectly priced for the budgets of working families and children As reported by Kosmo Foto, Film Ferrania cofounder Nicola Baldini indicated, in a response to a March 6 post on the Facebook 127 Film Shooters Group that the company intends to begin production of 127 film!. In a July 7, 2020 blog post, Film Ferrania announced that their P30 film was in production in 120 format.. In 2015, Ferrania spokesperson Dave Bias indicated that the company has the.

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The Kodak Baby Brownie Special is a tiny Bakelite medium format film box camera made by Kodak in Rochester, NY, USA. It was produced between September 1938 and 1954. This was largely a replacement for the Kodak Baby Brownie, adding an optical viewfinder. Images were 4x6.5cm on 127 film This book is helpful and informative, but it is very specific to the Brownie 127 camera. Most of the other Brownie's that take 127 film are much smaller as a roll of 127 film is thinner than a roll of 35mm. That being said, the book gives general advice on what it promises it will - that is, how to use 35mm in a Brownie 127 1940's Kodak Brownie Reflex, Top view, 127 film bakelite camera (London) Noted the crack on the left top side, but doesn't distract from the overall appearance Size: 120mm x 90mm x 55m Plus, for only 15 cents, a Brownie camera owner could buy a six-exposure film cartridge that could be loaded in daylight. For an extra 10 cents a photo plus 40 cents for developing and postage, users could send their film to Kodak for development, eliminating the need to invest in a darkroom and special equipment and materials—much less learn. However, I certainly have enough 120 and 35mm cameras to use, and 127 remains a rarely-used format. At one time, it was quite popular, and pretty much died out as a consumer film once Kodak brought out the Instamatic cartridge in 1963

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KODAK BROWNIE 127Film , HALINDAR ROY , KODAK FUN FLASH II , KODAK RETINETTE IB , KODAK MOTORMATIC 35 35mm Film in your 127 Film Camera - Duration: 10:54. FilmPhotographyTube 9,419 views. 10:54 From Kodak around 1956, this is a Brownie Holiday Flash 127 roll film camera set. Still with its original box and still fully functional. The set comes with flashbulbs, the detachable flash unit, strap, and the Midget Flashguard (vinyl shield) for the flash. Made in the USA from rugged Bakelite and designed to last a lifetime

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  1. Short but simple booklet that tells you all you need to know about using 35mm film in a Kodak Brownie 127 camera. Some diagrams or a few more pictures showing the loading of the film would be helpful but the booklet is clear enough in its own right to merit five stars
  2. Mar 19, 2019 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 35mm to 127 Film Adapters Kodak Brownie 127 Film Camera Adaprer 3d Printed at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products
  3. Kodak Brownie Starlet 127 Film Camera DaytonaVintage $ 14.45 USD. Kodak Baby Brownie Special Old Film Camera Vintage 35mm Film Camera. Yashica Electro 35 was introduced in 1966. 35mm Film Camera Specials. Loading... Cameras. Vintage Cameras QRC. USGS Multimedia Gallery: Latest Photos & Images
  4. For another example, the Kodak Bantam Camera of 1935 introduced #828 roll film as a more efficient alternative to 35mm cassettes. Designed to use more of the space available on raw 35mm stock, it was a well conceived format, but an otherwise ill advised marketing scheme
  5. The Brownie Bantam. 35mm film, originally developed for cinematic use, was adapted in the mid teens for still photography by several camera makers, especially the Leica (Leitz Camera). When Kodak saw the success of the Leica, it developed a method to make 35 mm photography affordable
  6. General Kodak Brownie 127 Information The Kodak Brownie 127 is a plastic box camera for eight 4x6 cm pictures on 127 film, made in England by Kodak Ltd. It was an extremely popular snapshot camera in Britain. From its introduction in 1952, over a million had been made by August 1954, and the series continued to sell many more millions
  7. Kodak Brownie 127 Mk3 Original Vintage 1960's 127. Kodak brownie 127 mk3 original vintage 1960's 127. Camera in fair condition although not tested, and case in fair condition but has a name written in ink inside and could do with a clean. vintage camera bundle, as shown in photos

A list of cameras produced by Eastman Kodak that use 116 film. The Kodak Camera List. Kodak Cameras > Film: 116. List of cameras that use the following film: 116. 116. Name Year Released Off the Market Film Size Price Owned. No. 1A AUTOGRAPHIC KODAK 1917 No. 2A Folding AUTOGRAPHIC BROWNIE Camera (Changed from square to round ends in. Kodak Brownie 127 Camera 35mm Film Vintage 1952-19 . Vintage Kodak Brownie 127 Camera 1952- 1955Type: this burgundy red 2a model is complete with the carrying strap. Details: kodak, brownie, camera, film, vintage, type, case, solid, black, plastic. Melton Mowbray. See complete description. Kodak Brownie cameras Brownie '127' - 50s. Remember the Brownie '127'? This is the camera that everyone's Mum had. It took '127' roll film backed with yellow paper. This model is the first version. It was made between 1952 and 1959. Kodak changed the style of these cameras regularly to keep up with current fashion

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  1. Another irritant for Hawkeye Flash users is the fact that the camera was designed to use now-obsolete 620 film. Some of the Kodak post-war medium format cameras simply cannot be adapted to using the still-available 120 film rolls without extraordinary modifications, or re-rolling of the film onto 620 reels
  2. KODAK Brownie 127 camera case and strap vintage film Bakelite old school; Description; Reviews (0) All in good working order. Write a review Please or register to review . KODAK Brownie 127 camera case and strap vintage film Bakelite old school. Brand: Kodak; Product Code: 1002; Availability: 1; R 499.00.
  3. By the way, I visited a local car boot sale today. I managed to avoid buying two vintage film cameras. First, a Kodak Brownie 127 (I think it was the 120 film model rather than 127) - beautiful condition in its case for £6. He wouldn't knock down to my offer of two quid. Second, a Halina 6-4
  4. Kodak Brownie 127 Film Camera, Used Film Cameras For Sale in Ballyphehane, Cork, Ireland for 7.00 euros on Adverts.ie

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  1. Patented in 1909, an early Kodak Bakelite camera was the Baby Brownie. This small device was released in 1934 and used 127 film. Like the box Brownie, the mechanism of the shutter, lens, and film advance was very simple. Kodak got creative with their iconic plastic cameras of the Mid-Century period
  2. Kodak Brownie 127 Camera With Dakon Lens For 127 film In good vintage condition with signs of use, camera body shows some light scuffs, scratches and age related wear marks, some light rust on metal parts
  3. Currently Kodak manufactures a lot of digital equipment, cameras, printers, etc. In 2012 the company filed for the bankruptcy protection. To get a better understanding of the Kodak film sizes you may want to check the Kodak film size classification. Also you might like to visit a site by Chuck Baker with many articles about Kodak cameras and films
  4. Probably this one, the Box Brownie. This camera was in use around 1901-1935. There were five different models and was the first camera EVER to use 120 film. Mine seems to be model F which is from the very end of the production cycle. I have found the balcony at the top of my stairs makes a perfect light box for taking photos of cameras
  5. Film: Kodak T-Max 400. Location: Croft-an-Righ, Edinburgh. This is from the first film I ran through my Kodak No.2 Autographic Brownie, and this frame (frame 4 as it happens) was the only one that really came out as I was hoping. All the others are severely fogged to one degree or another. I am at a loss to say what I did differently for this one

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  1. Jul 11, 2016 - Kodak Baby Brownie Vintage 1930's Art Deco Bakelite 127 Film Camera | eBa
  2. t condition. Take the spools out of the reloadable 35mm film canisters and tape the protruding ends together with insulation tape. Go round.
  3. This 127 roll film fixed focus twin aperture setting built in AG-1 flash compact plastic eye level viewfinder camera is like the rest of the 127 roll film line, the red-headed-step-child of the..
  4. Ilford is another film manufacturer; they now produce the only C-41 B&W film and traditional ISO 3200 B&W film now that Kodak has dropped BW400CN and TMAX3200. I still shoot film with my Canon A-1.
  5. 127 film was introduced by Kodak in 1912 for using with one of their earliest folding cameras, and it was only discontinued in 1992. Millions of cameras were made using this format across the intervening decades. With an image height of 4cm, the 127 roll film sat nicely between medium format and 35mm, and therefore brought a compromise between image quality and convenience that neither of.
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The Brownie No. 2 Model F is a box roll film camera that was manufactured by Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY. The Kodak Brownie No. 2 was made between 1901-1933, and the Model F was introduced in 1924. The Brownie name was derived from a series of popular cartoons called The Brownies created by Palmer Cox The 127 film is a paper-backed roll film, 4.6cm wide, originally designed to store eight pictures in 4×6.5cm format.It was created by Kodak for their Vest Pocket model - hence 127 was often called Vest Pocket film.Many of the first generation of 127 film cameras were similar folders, and frequently inherited Vest Pocket or VP. in their names - for example the Dolly Vest Pocket Kodak Brownie 127 From England, the Brownie 127 model 2 is a black, brittle plastic eye level simple camera, taking 127 film. It is from the late 50's. This one has white (discoloured) plastic controls( they also come with grey knobs!) Not an uncommon camera. ~ Camera is in fair condition. Asking Price $25.0 A continuation of the Folding Brownie Camera series, but with the addition of the Autographic feature. About 1916, when the 3A size was introduced, they were all given the new rounded ends. Year: 1916 - 1926: Film Size: 122: Value: $12 - $20 - Original list price - $18: Acquired: April 1, 2000

Kodak Brownie 44A | Kodak camera, Classic camera, Best camerarespooling 35mm into a 127 rollsowing the seeds | my first attempt at developing colorCameras - RW Jemmett Photography

Kodak Brownie 127 camera, excellent condition with original box. The Kodak Brownie 127 was, in the UK, an extremely popular plastic snapshot viewfinder model for 127 film made in England by Kodak Ltd. From the introduction in 1952. The box has seen Oct 1959-Dec 1961: Coca-Cola Motif For Promotional Use. This camera was also supplied in an outfit for close-up photography as the Kodak Startech Camera. Fun Facts: The Brownie Starflash Camera was a truly all-in-one imaging device in it's day. The built-in flashgun and small size made this camera extremely portable and easy-to-use Kodak Brownie Century of Progress Box Camera Made special for the Chicago World's Fair 1933 Metal Box Brownie camera for 120 film 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 cm photos This is a Brownie Special No.2 with a very special faceplate for the Chicago World's Fair in 1933 *I've read there were only 2000 of these made* Of the few I have seen, most of the faceplates are barely recognizable


This Original Kodak camera, introduced by George Eastman, placed the power of photography in the hands of anyone who could press a button. Unlike earlier cameras that used a glass-plate negative for each exposure, the Kodak came preloaded with a 100-exposure roll of flexible film. After finishing the roll, the consumer mailed the camera back to the factory to have the prints made Kodak Brownie Bullet - 1957-1964, uses 127 film. The Brownie Bullet is the same camera as the Brownie Holiday, except that it was given out as a promotional item, often in conjunction with purchases made from other companies. Purchased on eBay. - Photos of the camera: front view - (Photos made with the camera) - Camera manual. Kodak.

While promoting the viability of vintage cameras and film. The Film Photography Project informs, engages and inspires film enthusiasts of all levels. While promoting the viability of vintage cameras and film. 35mm BW Film - Eastman Kodak 5302 Fine Grain (Expired) Regular price $5 99 $5.99. 35mm BW Film - Mz3 Fine Grain (1 Roll Which film is better for Brownie 2 Model F; camera worth; How much is my Kodak Brownie Holiday no 179 camera worth? how much would my No 2 folding brownie worth? bulb for Brownie Movie Projector f/1.6 Lens Model 1; brownie hawkeye (sorta off topic ansco 6X9 box camera F-stop? shutter speed? Baby Brownie Special - Tips/Tricks; where can i find. Buy and sell used Kodak film cameras at KEH Camera. Save up to 40% off retail price and get a 180-day warranty! Kodak Retina Reflex III 35mm Camera With 50mm F/2.8 Xenar (Early) Lens . $78.78. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Kodak Baby Brownie Special Camera (Bakelite) $15.27. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details This camera's single-use nature makes it ideal for vacations and more. It can be used both indoors and outside for convenience. The film provides clear, colorful photos with superb clarity. Kodak Fun Saver 35mm Single-Use Camera with Flash: The easy way to capture memories; The film that is a camera; Built-in 35mm Kodak Max film; 27 exposure. Pre-Order your Used Kodak Brownie 127 Camera now Be amongst the first in the UK to own this exciting new product. As initial stocks are likely to be small, by completing an order for the product, you will be placed on our Premium Customer list which is fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis

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