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The lightest combination of red dot and magnifier (that works) ends up being a mix of the Holosun HS503R and Vortex Micro 3X magnifier. The simplistic but effective HS503R weighs a mere 3.74-ounces. Holosun HS503R Red Dot 25 The VMX-3T Magnifier will work with any of our red dots but it is not recommended for use with the prism scopes. Allows for lower 1/3 or absolute co-witness mounting heights and is ideal for shooters who want to increase the effective range of their red dot sight A red dot with a magnifier is a perfect setup for people who only occasionally need to shoot at longer distances or have excellent vision. However, I have terrible long distance vision and a low powered variable optic like the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 1-6×24 SFP is what I have on most of my modern sporting rifles A red dot with magnifier combo is an easier solution There is little doubt that purchasing one of the best red dot magnifier combo units to suit your use is a good way to go. Firstly, compatibility issues are not a concern. Secondly, such units are combined to work together as one piece of kit

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Feyachi M37 1.5X - 5X Red Dot Magnifier with RS-30 Reflex Sight Combo Kit, Multiple Reticle System Red Dot Sight & Magnifier Built-in Flip Mount Combo 4.5 out of 5 stars 17 $144.99 $ 144 . 9 We carry Vortex Red Dot Magnifiers and EOTech Red Dot Magnifiers, and there are also AR15 red dot magnifier combo packages that give you a magnified red dot scope at a better value. Don't forget to check out our red dot magnifier mounts to securely equip the magnifier to your firearm FN-15 DMR II with EOTech Red Dot and Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier Buying a magnifier to use in co-witness with another optical system means you're adding another entity to the marriage between your rifle and it's current optics Overall, the Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier, along with its flip-up mount, is a versatile choice that can work with virtually any AR-height red dot sight. It weighs 11.9 ounces, gives you a linear field of view of 38.2 feet at 100 yards, and it's waterproof. Lastly, you get an unlimited lifetime warranty. See on Opticsplanet - $198.4

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Buy Vortex Sparc Red Dot & VMX-3 Magnifier Combo! No CC Fees: GunBroker is the largest seller of Red Dots Sights Scopes, Sights & Optics All: 89395515 Best Red Dot Magnifier Combo For The Money in 2019 1. Vortex VMX-3T Red Dot Magnifier. Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier with Built-in Flip Mount , Black, Size 37-40. Price: $199.00: You Save: $50.99 (20%) Price Disclaimer. If you want a proper red dot and magnifier combo for a decent price, this Vortex VMX-3 could be a perfect choice. It is. Red dot magnifiers have many vortex naming magnifiers but what makes vortex optics micro 3x Magnifier distinct is its binoculars that have high ranged scopes. It upholds top-notch magnifying glass with the most prestigious lens range, for the matter of the fact that price range is the essential feature that every buyer places in the first place Browse products in our Vortex Red Dot category. THE DEAD CENTER OF PRECISION™ LaRue is known world-wide for sniper targets, quick-detachable mounting solutions and hyper-accurate 7.62mm and 5.56mm rifle systems

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Top 10 Best Red Dot Magnifier Combo: You Cannot Miss In 2021 by Have you been in the forests to map your goal and ask why you skip buying your rifle's red dot with a magnifier EVERY GUN OWNER SHOULD CLICK THIS LINK!! http://www.usccapartners.com/thedailyshooterThis is a review of the Vortex Crossfire red dot and the new Micro 3x ma.. Link to EOTech 512: http://amzn.to/2zmqJgR Link to Vortex VMX 3x Magnifier: http://amzn.to/2A3csJ3 I've been using this setup for a couple weeks now and have.. Vortex VMX-3T 3x Red Dot Magnifier . 4.6 out of 5 star rating (101 reviews) Non-Member $199.99 Club Pricing Applied at Checkout! Add to Cart. Big Savings. Free Shipping. Every Day. Save up to 10% every day. Free Standard Shipping on all orders of $49+ Pay Interest-free with 4-Pay. Members-onl The Vortex VMX-3T features windage and elevation correction that allows the shooter to align the magnifier with the red dot without affecting the impact point of the primary optic. When the extra 3x magnification is not required, an integrated quick-release flip mount allows the Reflex Sight Magnifier to be shifted aside so only the primary.

Vortex Sparc AR and Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier Combo Review

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Best Red Dot Magnifier Reviews 01. Vortex Optics VMX-3T Red Dot Magnifier. Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier is our top pick for quality red dot magnifier and comes with a built-in flip mount. You can use this magnifier with any of the vortex's red dots but it is recommended to avoid the prism scopes Vortex Viper Red Dot 6 MOA. The Vortex Viper Red Dot gives shooters the simplicity and speed advantage of a dot sight, while co-witnessing with suppressor height iron sights. The 6 MOA dot diameter gets shooters on target fast. Fully multi-coated, ultra-clear lens offers a wide, unobstructed field of view Vortex VMX 3T Magnifier Review. Image is three times (3x) larger than without the magnifier. The red dot magnifier measures 4.3-inches (10.75cm), extending your sight by the same length. In the end the whole setup is not nearly as compact as a single-piece sight. Withstanding recoil with a modular setup can be a bit problematic Vortex Red Dot Magnifier Review. Vortex red dot magnifiers are some of the best on the market, they are known for their compactness, Anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces, wider field of view, better eye relief, brighter images,Integrated quick-release mount and weatherproof performance. This Vortex Red Dot Magnifier Review comprehensively covers the best on the market The best red dot magnifier combo inbuilt flip out design that provides better magnification as compared to the rifle red dot sight. For the middle and large distance this is the perfect device but within the range of the 10 yards, flip it and use only the red dot for the best results

If the red dot alone doesn't do it for my weak eyes at 100 yds, there are some 3x magnifier options that are cheap (UTG) to reasonable (Vortex) and won't break the bank to at least try! Can't wait to get my Romeo5 and start testing it out Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot / Green Dot Sight Red or Green 4 MOA Dot, Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Cantilever Mount Item: SF-RG-501 In Stock $199.0 The SIG Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot & Juliet3 Magnifier Combo, comes with one Romeo5 2 MOA red-dot and one Juliet3 3x Magnifier. The Romeo5 is a robust 1x aiming solution for any situation. Ultra-low parallax so point-of-aim is point-of-impact and the red dot remains parallel to the bore of your firearm, no matter what your viewing angle is relative. Vortex Sparc II AR Red Dot Multi-Height Mount System $274.99 $199.99; In Stock Brand: Vortex; Item Sig Sauer Romeo-MSR Red Dot and Juliet 3x22mm Micro Magnifier Combo Kit $269.99; In Stock Brand: Sig Sauer; Item Number: SORJ72001; Vortex Strikefire II Red Dot (4 MOA) $199.99; In Stock.


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  1. Description. The Vortex VMX-3T gives users the option of magnified and unmagnified shooting at the push of a button. For close range shots, simply hit the push button to disengage the lock and the VMX-3T flips off to the side. For longer ranges, the VMX-3T can be quickly engaged and provides 3x magnification with amble light transmission
  2. g in at around a third or less of the price of some of the more expensive magnifiers, the Vortex holds the ground well. The optics are multi-coated which should help you to get the.
  3. Sig Sauer ROMEO Red Dot & Reflex Sights for sale at EuroOptic.com or call 570-368-3920 to place your order today
  4. micro3x magnifier The new Micro3X magnifier delivers all the versatility serious shooters need to take their red dot or holographic sight to the next level. Optically crisp, ultracompact, incredibly lightweight, and built on a camlock that engages and disengages the magnifier with direct pressure, the Micro3X allows for right or left-handed use.
  5. The Vortex Micro3x Magnifier gives you the 3x magnification versatility when you need it for your red dot or holographic sight in an ultra-compact, lightweight, and optically crisp package. Integrated quick-release mount allows fast attach/detach from your rail and a patented camlock design quickly engages/disengages magnifier with direct pressure
  6. The Vortex Optics Micro 3x Magnifier with Flip Mount provides the next level 3x magnification as well as versatility when you need it for your red dot or holographic sight in an ultra compact, lightweight, and optically crisp package. Integrated quick-release mount allows fast attach/detach from your rail and a patented camlock design quickly engages/disengages magnifier with direct pressure

The VMX-3T Red Dot Sight Magnifier from Vortex is an optical accessory used to magnify the image transmitted by an unmagnified red dot sight. This secondary optic mounts directly behind the weapon's primary optic, allowing the shooter to co-witness standard AR-style iron sights. Additionally, the VMX-3T features windage and elevation correction. New Listing VORTEX VIPER Red Dot 3MOA Or 6MOA 10 Levels Auto-Brightness COMPLETE 8 PIECE KIT. Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars. SPARC 1X22 Red Dot Sight + MICRO 3X Magnifier Combo Holographic Optical Scope. Brand New. C $190.73. Was: Previous Price C $211.92. I bought this magnifier 6 month ago before being deployed abroad in a desert environment. The intent was to pair it with an EoTech 552. Both make a good duo and I'm glad I had the VMX 3T. I especially like the durability and the clearness of the glass. Plus, the flip system survived the sand and was always reliable. Thanks Vortex for this. Sig Sauer Romeo4H Red Dot Sight with Juliet4 4x Magnifier Combo $889.99 $679.99 Save 24% Free 2 Day Shipping Vortex OPMOD Viper 1x24mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight $349.99 $249.00 Save 29% Free 2 Day Shippin A complementary piece of equipment meant the extend the range of the unmagnified red-dot, Vortex created the VMX3, a 3X magnifier equipped with a nifty and dead-simple flip-to-side (FTS) mount

The Holosun HS510C 2MOA Red Dot Reflex Optic and the Holosun HM3X Magnifier are now available in an excellent combo package. The HS510C Open Reflex Circle Dot Sight has an open frame for a wide sight picture. It is powered by solar cell under normal usage, and a back-up battery to supplement power requirements in low light conditions So now I have the Vortex PST 2.5-10x32 on my AR-15 and the Vortex sparc2 red dot on a 45 deg offset. I put the Vortex 3x magnifier and another Vortex red dot (sparcII) on my Ruger 10/22 Charger takedown which I pink away for fun. Fits in my range bag, works perfectly since I can take the 10/22 into the pistol range.. Magnifier is nitrogen purged and securely sealed. Magnifier could perfectly fit all red dots with 1-inch riser, focus distance between magnifier and red dot may vary. Balanced Weight Magnifier is designed to mount at the very last slot of your rail, no meaning to be too heavy. The weight of this whole combo set is nicely controlled under 1 lb

Vortex Sparc AR Red Dot. SIG Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot & Juliet3 Magnifier Combo $ 359.99 $ 389.99. SIG Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot & Juliet3 Magnifier Combo $ 359.99 $ 389.99-9%. Add to cart. Add to wishlist Compare. SIG Sauer Whiskey5 3-15X44 Scope $ 1,000.00 $ 1,099.99. SIG Sauer Whiskey5 3-15X44 Scope. Adjustment screws allow you to center the magnifier precisely with your red dot sight. The lightweight and tough Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier is CNC machined from solid block aluminum, and finished with an anodized hard coat. Nitrogen gas purging with O-ring-seals provide fog proof and waterproof performance. The VMX-3T Magnifier effectively.

Aligning the red dot and the magnifier can be hectic; Verdict In this AT3 Tactical Rd 50 with magnifier review, I have outlined the best features of this red dot and magnifier combo, the pros and cons. I would recommend AT3 Tactical Rd 50 with magnifier to any shooter looking for a reliable mid budget red dot that comes with a magnifier The vmx-3t magnifier and flip mount combo adds a 3x magnification to your rifle's red dot sight. Simple, and effective, fast, the push button design engages and disengages the flip mount allowing the magnifier to lock in at your desired position Another entry in the best magnifier for Eotechs is this 3x offering from Bushnell. Built to the same quality as other Bushnell products, this is a great all around wallet-friendly magnifier. This comes paired with a pivoting base, which means you have the the utility of a magnified red dot when you want it--and when you don't

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  1. The daylight bright red dot is easy to see and paints targets regardless of lighting conditions or background. Fast and accurate, clear, compact, durable and dependable—the Razor red dot is a sight worthy of the Razor name. The Razor comes with a picatinny mount—weighs 2.5 ounces with mount. Vortex Razor Red Dot 3 MOA MFR#: RZR-200
  2. Having a good red dot magnifier can help improve your long-range accuracy tremendously. When shooting with a red dot or holographic weapon sight, you can tell the difference. We offer a wide variety of optic magnifiers with different mounting options that allow you to quickly engage or disengage the magnifier by quickly flipping it side-to-side
  3. I think it's happening right now, and at an ever increasing rate of speed. More and more high quality low-powered scopes are finding their way into the market at prices that hitherto were unthinkable. I don't think the dot/holos are going away, at..
  4. The Vortex Optics Micro 3X Magnifier increases the range at which you can use your red dot or holographic sight without adding a ton of bulk to your rifle like other magnifiers on the market. The lightweight, compact, and crisp red dot magnifier comes with a quick detach flip to side mount that allows you to switch between 1x and 3x in a matter.
  5. Vortex Crossfire Red Dot 2 MOA. SIG Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot & Juliet3 Magnifier Combo $ 359.99 $ 389.99. SIG Sauer Romeo5 Red Dot & Juliet3 Magnifier Combo $ 359.99 $ 389.99-6%. Add to cart. Add to wishlist Compare. Vortex Strike Fire II Bright Red $ 169.99 $ 179.99.

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  1. Save big on a premium optic and a magnifier that enhances your vision capabilities by purchasing this Sig Sauer Romeo4H Red Dot Sight with Juliet4 4x Magnifier Combo.Both items included with these Red Dot Sights from Sig Sauer are waterproof to outlast the outdoor elements. The Sig Sauer Romeo4H Sight w/ Juliet4 4x Magnifier Package will greatly improve your aim and potential in the field, and.
  2. The UTG Leapers 6″ Red Dot Sight and 3x Flip to Side Magnifier Combo is an all in one package where both the red dot and magnifier are truly made for each other. Instead of having to match up two separate purchases and make sure they'll work together you'll save the headache
  3. COMBO DEAL $338.30 Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier and Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot - MUST ADD TOGETHER The Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier features O-ring seals that prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the tube for reliable performance in all environments. Simple, fast, and effective, th
  4. Swing Mount and magnifier combo is ideal for use with Vortex's StrikeFire and SPARC red dot sights. Swing Mount is 100% Made in the USA. Request More Informatio
  5. This is actually a red dot and magnifier combo that combines the G33 magnifier above with the EOTech EXPS-2 holosight. This is a great option if you're looking for a magnifier solution that is ready to go out of the box, without any tinkering or worrying about getting the right height mounts
  6. Objectively, the Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier performs as advertised, and adds value to any rifle or carbine currently set up with a red dot sight. Useful in most scenarios, and easy to completely remove when going for a super-lightweight build, adding a magnifier only gives the shooter more options, and asks very little in return
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The best red dot magnifiers that we've reviewed are Aimpoint 3xMag, EOTech G33 and Vortex Optics VMX-3T. First two are compatible only with sights made by the same manufacturer, while VMX-3T is universal, being compatible with most sights out there Vortex Micro 3X magnifier will work with any of our red dots but may magnify any existing parallax. The Micro3X will not work with prism scopes. Vortex 45 Degree Red Dot Mount $ 109.00. Vortex Micro QD Mount 3x Magnifier $ 429.00. Model Number: V3XM EOTech HHS III 518 with G33 STS 3x Magnifier Combo with QD Mounts $ 1,299.00. Out of. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective. Check Price on Amazon. Price Range: Under $200 I believe this is still one of the best red dot and red dot magnifier packages on the market today. By the way, the HHS II is also a great combo package as well, however, it does not have night vision compatibility like the HHS I package does. I. It actually has to do with the design of the red dot. (03:44:15 PM) Graham: The MRO has a short focal length and when paired with a magnifier will induce vertical parallax and cause you to see a slash. This is why we don't recommend pairing the VMX-3T magnifier with some of our tubular red dots that have short focal lengths This red dot magnifier truly is recommended by not only us but also many customers who have bought the sight for target shooting and hunting. Check Price On Amazon. Go to top. 2 - Trijicon RMR 3.25 MOA Red Dot Sight - Versatile. The Trijicon manufacturer has a massive following since the origin. They have received an enormous amount of.

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And with the advantage vs LPVO of the plain red dot up close, and possibly quite a bit lighter weight. I mean, the entire combined weight of the Vortez Razor red dot, mount, and this magnifier and mount, is only 12oz and change. Versus say a Razor 1-6 with a typical 7-8 oz QD mount, you are at like 28-29oz. Higher cost, much higher weight DetailsThe Crossfire II Red Dot Sight is the compact, versatile optic you've been looking for. Just like it's predecessor, the Crossfire II features 11 brightness settings and a crisp 2 MOA reticle that is as fast in close quarters as it is precise at extended ranges, along with a rugged aluminum body that's well suited for even the harshest of recoiling firearms. Unlike the older generation. The Red Dot Sights will only take you so far; our Falcon V1 Magnifier will take you 3x closer. This magnifier has taken no short cuts in the process and has been engineered with German glass to give you the best optic we could possibly deliver for a price that costs a third of what our nearest competitor offers The EOTech HHS III package combines the company's 518-2 holographic sight with its 3X G33 magnifier. The combo retails for about a grand and weighs about 25 ounces. Vortex offers the 3X VMX-3T magnifier, and it can be paired with the company's SPARC AR red-dot sight. Together they weigh about 19 ounces and retail for around $500. I have that magnifier and a similar but different model red dot on one of my 1022s. They work fine and hold zero. I'd call them serviceable budget items. Compared to something like the Vortex stuff they are rough, and not as clear, but they do work. I find the flip mechanism on the magnifier to be quite stiff, even after the 2+ years I've had it

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Because red dot magnifier combo from an unknown brand might be cheap at first glance, but could have high-maintenance and could cost a lot in repairs. Another benefit of buying a red dot magnifier combo from a reputable brand would be warranty. Most of the red dot magnifier combo from reputable brands come with good warranty 2) Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot & Magnifier is $350. I'm liking it but for the price they really could have added a quick-detach option! 3) HOLOSUN Reflex Red Dot Sight + Magnifier Combo is nice looking and has quick-detach mount! Nice! But it's starting to get pricey at $475.. The updated Crossfire red dot is a no-nonsense sight for near any application when you need a simple point of aim. Pair with a VMX-3T to add 3x magnification by the push of a button, engaging the flip mount allowing the magnifier to lock in

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While it is great that you can augment your red dot and see further with the Aimpoint 6x magnifier, the real limitation is the Aimpoint T2. It is just a red dot and shooting past 300 yards gets a little more challenging due to bullet drop. I prefer to use a reticle with ballistic drop information in the reticle For sale a Vortex SPARC red dot sight comes with a 2x magnifier and a 1 riser, perfect height to cowittness on flat top AR's. Brand new battery, ships in original box with manual. Only selling because a got an great deal on an Eotech from Slick. $125 shipped. PM your email if you want pics

Sig Sauer ROMEO5H Red Dot Sight w/M1913 Picatinny Low Mount Riser & Juliet3 3x Magnifier - 1x20mm 2 MOA Red Dot Black Matte. ROMEO5 compact red dot sights provide civilians and armed professionals a robust 1x aiming solution for any situation. Ultra-low parallax so point-of-aim is point-of-impact and the red dot remains parallel to the bore of your firearm, no matter what your viewing angle is. Vortex Venom Red Dot 3 MOA Sight $ 249 99. 3.0 (10) Crosman 1 x 20 Small Battle Red Dot Sight EOTech Hybrid Sight III Magnifier Combo $ 999 99. 1. 2 3. Tactical Optics and Rifle Scopes. Be a marksman with the sight of a hawk. holosun hs510c / hm3x combo, 2 moa circle dot, red dot, 3x magnifier, cr1632 battery $474.95 Trijicon TRIJICON MRO, 1X25 MRO 2.0 MOA ADJ GREEN DOT, INCLUDES MRO MOUNT (AC32068

ARMSLIST - For Trade: Sig Romeo solar red dot & BurrisVortex Sparc Red Dot Sight | Doovi

The eyepiece can be set before mounting the magnifier behind your red dot sight. Mount. The PA3XLER-AD fits any industry-standard 30mm magnifier mount, whether you prefer a fixed, flip-to-side or swing-away mount type. The Advanced 3X Long Eye Relief Red Dot Magnifier also pairs with any red dot sight or holographic sight. Additional Feature Online shopping from a great selection of discounted Red Dots by Vortex at Vance Outdoors. Monthly Flyer Weekly Insert Rebates Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier with Flip Mount (37 mm | 40 mm Heights) $249.99 $199.99; In Stock Vortex EXTRA HIGH RED DOT ONLY MODEL SFBRAR15 $169.99; Brand: Vortex; Item Number:. Rely on the Vortex® Strikefire II Red Dot Scope when you need a fast target acquisition. This Strikefire II features a red or green dot reticle with 10 different brightness setting making it perfect to use from dawn until dusk. Plus, the fully multi-coated lenses allow for increased light transmission making for a clear image

Magnifier optics provide vivid clarity from a distance. Mount a paired reflex sight with an easily adjusted magnifier and maintain your zero while transitioning out of close quarters. ROMEO MSR AND JULIET3-MICRO COMBO . Sealed compact red dot sight with 20,000+ hour battery life paired with the JULIET3-MICRO magnifier. View Product. Compare. Red Dot Sights, there is no substitute for the simplicity or speed that red dot sights provide for the tactical shooter. At Sport Optics you'll find a great selection and fantastic prices on all of the best red dot sights on the market today

Happy 3/08 day! Springfield Saint Victor with a Vortex red

The Viper red dot's super low mounting height makes it the perfect solution for handguns with cutout slides. Offers the simplicity and speed advantage of a red dot, while co-witnessing with suppressor-height iron sights. Mount Type Weaver/Picatinny Magnification 1x Dot Color Bright Red Dot Size 6 MOA Eye Relief Unlimited Adjustment Graduation. Experience the latest and greatest AT3 Red Dot Magnifier, with a new Quick Detach mount and a crystal-clear 4x magnification for any AT3 Red Dot Sight. Versatile. Easy upgrade to extend the range of any red dot sight with 4X magnification; Quickly transition between short- and long-range shooting scenarios Vortex Sparc II AR Red Dot Multi-Height Mount System $274.99 $199.99; In Stock Brand: Vortex; Item Number: SPC-AR2; Sig Sauer Romeo-MSR Red Dot and Juliet 3x22mm Micro Magnifier Combo Kit $269.99; In Stock Brand: Sig Sauer; Item Number: SORJ72001; Riton Optics X3 Tactix MPRD 3 MOA Red Dot Sight $299.99.

Vortex VMX-3T MAGNIFIER Simple, fast, effective-the push-button design of the VMX-3T engages and disengages the flip-mount, allowing the magnifier to lock in place. Sig Sauer ROMEO-MSR 1x20mm Compact Red Dot/3x22mm Micro Magnifier Combo Kit. $279.99. Add to Cart Sig Sauer. Sig Sauer REMEO-MSR Red Dot Sight 2 MOA Dot SOR72001. $139.99. Add. Save big on a premium optic and a magnifier that enhances your vision capabilities by purchasing this Sig Sauer Romeo4H Red Dot Sight with Juliet4 4x Magnifier Combo. Both items included with these Red Dot Sights from Sig Sauer are waterproof to outlast the outdoor elements Combining a Holosun HS510C red dot sight with a HM3X magnifier extends your effective range significantly. Get this perfect pair all at once and forego the headache of having to buy optic, magnifier, and correct riser heights. The HS510C Open Reflex Circle Dot Sight has an open frame for a wide sight picture a red dot with a magnifier is going to leak light and not be as visible at first and last light, you are probably giving up about 10 minutes of usable daylight on each end with a magnifier vs a standard relief scope. 1-4X tend to have a small objective and a limited field of view

Vortex Optics SPARC Red Dot Rifle Scope & VMX-3T MagnifierVortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier with Built-In Flip Mount

Vortex Red Dot Scopes (2) Caliber 5.56x45mm (1) 223 Remington (1) 300 Blackout American Defense DUO, Red Dot/ Magnifier Combo, 2 MOA Spek, 3x Flik3 Magnifier, T1 Lower Third Co-Witness Mount, Titanium Levers. $663.49. Out of Stock Holosun has earned a reputation for innovation when it comes to tactical sights, and the HS510C and HM3X Magnifier Combo is the perfect red dot sight combination

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