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Notice To Appear In Court Scam: How It Works (with video below) Being called in court could be a very intimidating experience in itself, let along being present there.Needless to say, criminals know that, too. You might have received an e-mail that seems to be from an attorney or the court desk in your city. The reason could be a health code violation Sample Court Appearance or Hearing Letter Author: Darlene LaBranche Last modified by: Darlene LaBranche Created Date: 6/8/2004 5:17:00 AM Company: Self Other titles: Sample Court Appearance or Hearing Letter Instant fake legal forms at your fingertips! Most suits and arrests take mountains of legal paperwork and costly lawyer bills to produce, but not here at Nonjudicial District Court #712. Basically just type in your victim's name and their crime on the form, then print or email it... and you get revenge served quick and cold... and FREE You can address the letter to that person by using, Dear Mr. [Name] or Dear Ms. [Name]. If you weren't given a staff member's name, then simply address the letter to Dear Clerk of Court. 4 Explain why you will miss the court date

  1. The character reference for court is to provide the Judge a family member, friend, or co-worker with a written statement on the Defendant's moral or mental qualities. The letter is commonly provided in child custody and/or drunk driving (DUI) occurrences but may be used in any situation needed where the court should hear about the personality and reputation of the Defendant in order to have.
  2. Here, we are providing you with a reference template for Character Letter for Court.You can also look at some of the Sample Character Reference Letter for Court formats and examples. There is also a lot of format of Character Reference Letter for courts such as Sample Character Reference Letter for Court pdf, Sample Character Reference Letter for Court doc, and more
  3. In order to write the character reference letter for court, the following steps can be vital: The tone of the Character Reference Letter. The tone of the character reference letter should be formal; however, the author writing the letter should explain his or honest feelings about the defendant, for example, if the case is about child custody then it would be wise to include few sentences like.
  4. Download Sample Announancement of a Public Appearance By a Candidate Letter In Word Format {0 comments} Sample Request to Neighbor to Clean Up His Yard Letter. by emily on March 16, 2012. From: [Your Name, & Address here] To: [Recipient Name & address here] [Date here] Dear [name]
  5. Since fake summons never make their way to the growing collection of paperwork delivered to the court, then it makes sense why checking with the court is one of the most efficient options available. All you must do is provide the court clerk with the name of the parties listed as well as the docket number printed on the document

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  1. Character Reference Letters for Court Appearances. Do not fake anything as it may prove detrimental for the person concerned. The letter must have a tone of respect, and must be clear and concise. Make sure not to offend the addressee in any way. Never suggest the penalty to the Judge. In short, the letter must be well-thought and carefully.
  2. Inboxes are currently being hit by fake Notice to Appear in Court emails that were supposedly sent by the Clerk to the Court. The emails claim that a court notice with further details is included in an attached file. They specify a date for the appearance along with the city where the hearing is to be held
  3. If the person who received the documents relied upon the content of the documents that are fake, the person lying could subject themselves to civil action for misrepresentation of a fact. If the person prepared the document intended to make a false representation, this also cold be a crime
  4. A character reference letter is crucial as it provides the court an insight of a person's character in ways that no lawyer, no matter how good, can explain. Therefore, it is essential to get the letter appropriately done to maximize your chances at either dismiss the case or convince the court to impose a non-conviction penalty that will.
  5. Scam: Malicious code is loaded onto computers via the e-mailing of fraudulent court appearance notices
  6. It is a letter from Civil Enforcement Ltd (a private debt collectors) trying to extort money from you. It is NOT a legally binding document from a real court and it cannot be legally enforced. This should not be confused with letters from an actual court (County/Magistrates), that is entirely different
  7. According to Snopes.com, the main virus included in this bogus court document will cause your computer to flash security warnings, urging you to download fake security software. Do that and you'll.

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  1. SAMPLE LETTER OF APPEARANCE [Law Firm Letterhead] [date] RE: Bad Boy Summons 123456 Dear Judge Smith: Please be advised that the undersigned has been retained to represent Mr. Bad Boy in the above captioned matter. I have advised Mr. Bad Boy of the nature of the charges and potential penalties. I have also advised Mr. Bad Boy of his righ
  2. A notice of appearance template is a formal announcement by the attorney to a court that he/she represents one or more parties to the case proceedings or formal notification by a party to a court that it wants to take part in lawsuit proceedings
  3. [These are Sample excuse letter for the court appearance and Excuse Letter to court for Not Attending. You can also follow these formats as a letter to judge for a missing court date or failure to appear. You can change this format as your requirement.] Date The Judge, Court name Sub: Apology Letter to Court for not Attending. Dear Judge
  4. Sample form letters and more are available at U.S. Legal Forms, the original and premiere legal forms site on the Internet. Sample letter relinquishing rights to property

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This letter is a formal reference letter to request to have the court expunge the criminal record of [Name of Person]. I have known Name of Person since his birth as I attended college with his mother and was a Maid of Honor in her wedding A Character references letter for Court is important as it provides a direct view of what a person is like, often in ways that no criminal lawyer - no matter how good - can explain. In the Melbourne Magistrates' Court and Melbourne County Courts, it is a very important document. Before writing a character reference letter for Court A 23-year-old Lincoln man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to an abuse of public records charge after police say he faxed a fake court memo to jail staff in an attempt to release his friend. Justin A... Whether you are representing yourself or have an attorney, you need to look as professional as possible when you go to court. Now is the time to put aside your shorts, torn jeans, and see-through shirts. Instead, you need to imagine that..

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  1. No objection certificate from landlord - 123,070 views; Request letter for Cheque stop payment - 114,209 views; Request for relieving letter on email - 85,854 views; Application for Child Care Leave - 65,112 views; Request for Bank Loan Clearance Certificate - 58,859 views; Letter to change gas connection address - 50,123 views; Authorization letter for company legal case in court - 45,060 view
  2. Sample excuse letter for court appearance. Apology letter to court for not attending. Sample letter to judge for missing court date. Letter to judge failure to appear. Apology Letter to Court for not Attending Dear Judge, I am writing to you because I would like to apologize for failing to attend my court date. If [
  3. ated or modified by a court order. p>(1) Appearance. Lead counsel may appear in a court case in any of the following ways: p>(A) First appearance. filing and serving on behalf of a party, the party's first pleading or document in the court case. If more than one attorney is listed on.

So this started back in '09 and i was not armed with information. But through doing some research I have slowly figured a few thinks out. I think i was served a fake summons, looking at it closely, there was no date, no clerk signature and no court stamp (not sure if all of these are necessary) I found a new name for you: 'The Ugly Tyrant Clown', she wrote in the letter to Mr Trump, according to FBI charging documents filed ahead of her first court appearance in New York on Tuesday. I.. Every court has its own rules, local or state court rules of excuse letter from jury duty is different from federal. In local or state court, your excuses might be accepted if it is a work-related, family-related, or financial issue. You should also check: 40+ Donation Receipt Templates & Letters

Debt collection letter template, informing the debtor that legal actions have begun and that from this point onwards, court representatives will contact the debtor.Such letters fall under different County Court Judgment. Dear XX (name of debtor), . We regret to inform you that due to your unpaid debt amount of XX (full debt amount, additional charges and interest cost) to XX (creditor's name. A Small Claims Demand Letter is a formal written request for payment that should be sent before a case is brought to Small Claims court. Often, the demand letter will be all that it takes to resolve the dispute - but if not, it may serve as a critical piece of evidence in the eyes of the court A letter that gets to the point will show your opponent that you are serious about the lawsuit. It will also help the court clerk and the judges who are extremely busy. The less you give them to read, the better it will be for your case. Finally, make and keep several copies of the letter for yourself and to use in any future court appearances

Employers can write the letter and address it to the court when absolutely necessary. Most of the time, they would have to do this if the summons comes at a bad time, like when the business is in the middle of a huge project. In this case, the employer would have to give an explanation in the letter of how the absence of the employee would. You may avoid all court appearances by choosing to have a trial by written declaration. This means that instead of going to court to contest your case, you and the citing officer provide testimony and any evidence in writing. (See Veh. Code, § 40902.) You must post the bail amount to use this procedure Within the letter, you set out why you are entitled to the payment and demand it. You'd be surprised how often a simple demand letter can work without you having to go to court. Reasons for a Demand Letter. The simple reason that you need a demand letter is to let the other side know that you are serious in your desire for payment The letter, which is dated June 25 when justice Chauhan was still serving in the Supreme Court, is written in Hindi on a plain paper. The fake letter directs the DGP to close investigations in FIR No 282/2014 registered at Kotwali Raigarh police station under section 498A/34 of the IPC on March 28 this year

A Google search of the term comes up with a website which will generate fake court documents with a few clicks of a button that appears to be regularly used to make prank forms. Administrators said.. Ted Cruz Fake Court Summons Letters Sent To Scare Elderly Voters Into Donating (IMAGE) By. Gloria Christie - September 16, 2018. 0. 2302. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a mere three points ahead of his Democratic opponent, Representative Beto O'Rourke (TX) in the latest polls, and he has been. How to Spot Fake Debt Collectors Not everyone who calls saying that you owe a debt is a real debt collector. Some are scammers who are just trying to take your money. So how can you tell? A caller may be a fake debt collector if they. want you to repay a debt you don't recognize; refuse to give you their mailing address or phone numbe

The following court cases deal with objections to one's name being printed in capital block letters (all-caps). In every case, the court ruled that it is frivolous to argue how one's name is spelled and ruled against them. Many 'patriots (for profit) have used these court cases to prove that it does not matter how you spell a name (whether. Forms followed by (SCA) are Supreme Court Approved Forms. Please note that while we provide a number of forms for our filers, some documents are not standardized and must be created by the filer. If you do not see a particular form you are looking for under the designated section, or you are unable to access a form, please contact our office at. letter, the Court may cancel the setting and/or reschedule it upon oral or 'Mitten motion of a party or on the Court's own motion. Continuance required for prior settings. A vacation letter alone will not excuse appearance at hearings, docket or trials set prior to the filing of the vacation letter. In th

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  1. Duduzane Zuma's court appearance - the day fake news madness turned insane. Once the DDPP's letter had been flushed out in the leaks, NPA spokesman Luvuyo Mfaku defended the decision.
  2. If you include a doctor's excuse letter explaining your non-appearance along with your excuse letter, no employer will scrutinize your nonappearance. If you are using a fake doctor letter from online sources, it is best to utilize something that is believable. Court issue order through random selections, so there's nothing you can do to.
  3. Bruce Springsteen was arrested on November 14, 2020, for driving while in an intoxicated state. American singer & songwriter was at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey an
  4. gly at random. You actually should just delete that email saying you're due in a New York..
  5. What the DMV Affidavit Letter Says. The letter explains that by filling out and sending in DMV form AA-53, which is included in the mailing, a driver can skip the court appearance. Further, it emphasizes that a driver who fails to send in an affidavit or show up to the court date will have his/her license suspended

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If you wish to appear before the Court, you should arrange to appear on the return date listed on the front of the ticket. If another date is needed, you may contact the Court in writing to request a new date. If a plea of Not Guilty is entered in open court and on the record, you will be furnished a letter with your options Court news: Detroit Lakes man sentenced for fake letter, forged signature in custody case In other cases, men were sentenced for felony DWI and car theft. According to court records, at 1:11 a.

Call (541) 388-5572 and press 9 during office hours for any questions about appearances or concerns about court payments. Pleas may be entered in writing by mail or by using the 24-hour drop box. Forms are available here or at the Municipal Court entrance at 555 NE 15th St Enclosed for filing with the Court, please find the original and three copies of the notice of appearance form, docketing statement, corporate disclosure, and a certification of service upon settlement counsel and the respondents of copies those documents and this cover letter

The fake excuse letter you download must be verifiable: Thanks for HIPAA privacy laws, an employer can't call the doctor and confirm your presence in the office or the diagnosis mentioned in your medical note. However, your employer can make a call to ensure that the doctor's number recorded on the excuse letter is legitimate This post will help you identify a fake employment/job offer letter and avoid being scammed. A fake employment letter is a letter of job offer sent by scam agents across the internet, they claim to be a representative of a company. The following are some tips to identify a fake job offer letter: You don't remember applying to any job from. Common Legal Words Notice: This list of common legal words was compiled by the Connecticut Judicial Branch solely as a public service. The Judicial Branch does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained in this list nor is it responsible for any errors or omissions and assumes no liability for its use How to set out the reference Write the reference like a letter. Type it up and put it on a letterhead if you have one. See the example character reference. Tips Put the date at the top of the reference. For cases being heard in the Magistrates' Court, address the reference to 'The Presiding Magistrate, [court location]' court appearance on their delinquent traffic citation via the court's collection vendor GC Services. Two automated reminder calls are made to the defendant r to their prio scheduled court dates reminding them of their scheduledappearance. CARS contacts the defendants fourteen (14) days and four (4) days prior to their court date

Appendix 1A Cover Letter When Filing Complete Affirmative Application Appendix 1B Form G-28: Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney Appendix 1C Form I-589: Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal Appendix 1D Index of Exhibits in Support of Affirmative Asylum Applicatio Our Take on Today's NUP Court Petition; Bobi Wine's Letter to NBS TV & FAKE US-UGANDA Investors. Jovav and Andrew on today's Kimbugwe Liv Bad Santa scam lands three postal workers in court for writing fake letters They were arrested on Wednesday morning and expected to make an initial court appearance later in the day

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File the Notice of Appearance of Counsel or Substitution of Counsel document filing type in the Court's CM/ECF system, which does not require a form or other attachment. After you file a Notice of Appearance or Substitution of Counsel, the Clerk's office will complete the steps required to enter you as an attorney and authorized filer in the case In General: Appearance Required Sending Someone to Request the Adjournment Writing a Letter to Request an Adjournment. In General: Appearance Required. An adjournment may only be granted by the judge presiding at the time of the hearing. You cannot call the court clerk for this purpose because the clerk is not permitted to grant adjournments Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes appeared in a federal courtroom in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday for the first time in more than a year, attending arguments between her lawyers and prosecutors.

He's figured it out Court Letter format Beautiful Character Reference Letters for Court Appearances one of Peterainsworth - Simple Template for Resume Cover Letter Ads and Work Design ideas, to explore this Court Letter format Beautiful Character Reference Letters for Court Appearances idea you can browse by and . We hope your happy with this Court Letter format Beautiful Character Reference Letters for Court. The Constitution of the State of Nebraska distributes the judicial power of the state among the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, ­district courts, and county courts. All state courts operate under the administrative direction of the Supreme Court Example Character Reference Letter for Court Format. A character reference letter is a business document - very serious business indeed - and should be formatted as one. The most widely accepted format is the block style. The block style takes its name from the way the text is structured. All of the text is aligned to the left margin of the. Character Reference Letter Format For Court. should know of few things before writing a reference letter in court: charges on a guilty person: -before writing a letter you should know which kind of charges are applied on accused, like reference letter for drink and drive will be very different from the sexual harassment

The notice of appearance lets the court know that the defendant will be active in the credit card lawsuit, and he or she will appear in court. It helps the defendant gain the right to receive every single document, motion and order filed by the plaintiff and the court. The notice of appearance informs the collection agency's attorney that the consumer will actively participate in the debt. Sample Character Reference Letter for Court. September 1, 20XX John Smith 123 Main Street Anytown, MA 12345 555 555-5555 [email protected] To The Presiding Judge: I have known Jim Morrison in a variety of capacities for many years. He has been my daughter's softball coach for the past 3 years. He and his wife have been personal friends of my. [LETTER 4A - TEMPLATE LETTER TO PARENT - CONFIRMING BAN ON ENTERING SCHOOL PREMISES (FOLLOWING FURTHER REVIEW)] BY RECORDED DELIVERY [INSERT NAME] [INSERT ADDRESS] [INSERT DATE] Dear I wrote to you on [DATE] confirming the decision to withdraw permission for you to enter and be on the premises of [Avanti Court Primary School] A Summons letter, on the other hand, is a written notice which is usually attached to the complaint letter. It notifies the defendant and the court that the complaint has been brought forth to the attention of all concerned parties. The first date of appearance is also listed in the Summons letter Was the court summons delivered by a sheriff, or was it sent to a business address? Is there verifiable contact information on the court summons? Can the sending court verify the summons over the phone or in-person? Answering these three questions can help prevent any unnecessary stress over a fake court summons

In politics and economics, a Potemkin village is any construction (literal or figurative) whose sole purpose is to provide an external façade to a country which is faring poorly, making people believe that the country is faring better. The term comes from stories of a fake portable village built solely to impress Empress Catherine II by her former lover Grigory Potemkin, during her journey to. A jury duty excuse letter aims at explaining to the court officials why you would rather not attend the duties altogether. Given the divergence among the various states with regards to this subject matter, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the prevailing rules before setting out. Jury Duty Excuse Letter Format The appearance notice or summons will tell you the date of the first appearance in court. Go to court at the required time. If you don't go (or have a representative go on your behalf), a warrant may be issued for your arrest, and you could be charged with failing to appear in court

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If you wish to enter a plea by letter because you can't attend court, contact the court clerk as soon as possible to find out more information. Avoid lies, obscene language, and irrelevance in the content being written. The judge can use all those factors against you in the court of law IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE TWENTY-SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT McHENRY COUNTY, ILLINOIS Probate Division Estate of ) ) ) _____ ) Case Number_____ Deceased ) APPEARANCE FOR LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION We, heirs of _____, deceased, of legal age and under no legal disability, appear, waive notice, and consent to immediate appointment of _____.

Sometimes they call officers and sometimes they don't. You will receive a letter probably in about 4 to 6 weeks with a court date on it. Depending on the amount of theft you can fight your case with the right attorney. Try to appear in court (your first appearance) with an attorney Sample Character Reference Letter for Court. Dear {Sir / Madam}, First of all my cordial greeting. I am here at this moment writing in reference to {Name}, who is before your court because of {reason for court appearance}. {Name} asked me kindly if I could write a reference letter, but the truth is that I was already planning on doing so before. Letters seeking excusal from jury service or a court appearance as a witness - sometimes known as 'soul and conscience' letters - are slightly different. Certain criteria may allow exemption, such as ill health or physical disability, but this is often not straightforward As far as we know, Richards did not offer any sort of testimony in a court appearance related to his comedy club outburst. He was invited to attend a mock trial held at Loyola Law School in. Pre-trial Court Appearances in a Criminal Case. It's especially difficult to generalize about this subject, since so much depends on a particular state's procedures, whether it typically uses a grand jury to bring charges, etc. Here's the procedure used with some variations in many states in which a prosecutor files charges without a.

Herod Antipas letter to the Roman Senate about Jesus & John the Baptist Following is from documents of records of the Roman Senate. After many complaints/charges were apparently made about his behavior regarding the deaths of both John the Baptist and Jesus, the below document shows Herod Antipas, aware of his own tenuous situation, defending. Your Honor, I am writing this letter to speak on the behalf of {Name}, who is due to appear before you in Court on {date}.. I have been {Name}'s employer at {Company} since {date}, and in that time {Name} has always been a model employee and a sincere, hardworking individual.{He/she} is also a staple in our community, frequently volunteering for {volunteer activities} and training new. Writing a letter of support for court may help provide support for requesting a favorable disposition, such as a lighter sentence or probation. Support letters are also used in legal proceedings for the determination of child custody and related matters where a parent's fitness may be in question

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Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Fraud Scheme Involving Fake Letters of Credit and Bank Documents A Texas man pleaded guilty today to defrauding victims around the United States by selling them fake standby letters of credit and other forged and fraudulent bank documents Character letters can provide a judge and custody evaluator with evidence of a parent's morality character and ability to care and provide for their child's daily needs. In divorce cases where child custody is a contested issue, character letters can assist the court in making an informed decision about what type of custody to award 9 This Court finds that the offense for which the DEFENDANT is charged is not a criminal offense that may result in the loss of liberty or incarceration. 9 This Court finds, having conducted an individualized assessment of the DEFENDANT'S total financial situation, that the DEFENDANT has the financial ability to retain counse ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Thursday accepted an application of former president Asif Ali Zardari seeking exemption from his personal appearance before the court in a matter pertaining to laundering of billions of rupees through fake bank accounts Appearance for Substitution, Additional, or Amicus Counsel form provided on the Court's website. Counsel of record must be admitted to the bar of this Court or be otherwise eligible to argue an appeal. The Court requires written pro hac vice motions filed before filing the notice of appearance

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The docket number will usually begin with 3 letters, such as HHD, followed by a dash. These letters identify the Court where the case is filed. Next there will be 2 letters and 2 numbers. For example, CV12, followed by another dash. The letters are the type of case, CV means civil, and the numbers are the year the case was filed, in this case 2012 39 Such assistance shall not be deemed appearance of record in the action, and no 40 notice of limited appearance is required. 41 (F) If an attorney prepares papers for submission 42 to a court by a pro se party the attorney shall be 43 identified on the papers by name and contact 44 information with a notation that the attorney has 45 assisted in their preparation

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In an extreme emergency, where neither you nor anyone else can appear on your behalf, you may write a letter to the court. You must explain your reason for making the request and be sure to include the case number and year of your case, and the scheduled date of the hearing you will not be able to attend The letter can be firm, but polite with no angry expressions or insults aimed at the borrower. These could act as a deterrent for the borrower to repay the loan. The appearance of the letter ought to be formal but personal and not resemble an official document in any way. If the lender has personal stationery, that should be used Warning issued for fake letters that appear to come from an Idaho court. The advertisement inside includes a second reference to Ada County District Court and two images of the Idaho flag. The. Scientist jailed for sending fake poison to Theresa May. Christopher Doyle, 54, enclosed a cartoon poster showing the former PM decapitated along with white powder in 2018

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The Planning and Environment Court (P and E Court) may allow out-of-town lawyers, agents and parties to appear at reviews by phone. Appearance by phone in Brisbane If you need to appear by phone, contact the Associate of the presiding judge no later than 12pm the day before the review so appropriate bookings can be made News. Watch out for scam callers collecting fake court fines, Dallas sheriff's office warns During the calls, scammers attempt to collect a fine to ward off arrest for failing to report for jury. MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. — A letter that appears to come from the Mecklenburg County Courthouse has recently shown up in mailboxes in neighborhoods in Huntersville. The State Bureau of.. The Apex Court has also given directions on taking effective measures to check circulation of the fake news. In view of aforesaid directions made by the Apex Court all the State Governments/Union Territory Administrations are requested to take necessary action and also to comply with the Directives/Advisories/Orders issued by the Centra Pretrial Release and Appearance Bond Forms : AO 199C : Advice of Penalties/Acknowledgment: Pretrial Release and Appearance Bond Forms : AO 467 : Order Requiring a Defendant to Appear in the District Where Charges are Pending and Transferring Bail: Pretrial Release and Appearance Bond Forms : AO 9

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There is a fourth way is to request the extension for appearance date on a traffic ticket by a letter. If you decide to use this method, make sure that you mail the letter to the traffic court by certified or registered mail with a return receipt requested. We have drafted a sample letter on this page to request an extension The fundraising letter inside the envelope is more or less standard fare but gone are any references to Travis County. Still, the document continues to play up the faux court paper motif. The top header reads, 2018 Campaign Summons and goes on to repeat that language a few times over. YES, Senator Cruz This letter should look like the first sample letter in Witness Testimony by Letter, below, except the witness should add: Mr. Swift has asked me to testify on his behalf, and normally I would be happy to do so. However, I will be in New York City on business during the months of October, November, and December 20xx and cannot be present — A letter being shared on social media claims to show that businesses in Michigan can no longer require masks to be worn by customers following last week's ruling by the state Supreme Court Inglessis told the High Court that when she saw Heard before the Corden appearance, she had a missing chunk of hair at the top of the crown of her head. Her statement read: When I saw Amber, I immediately noticed that she had a split lip and a bruise near her eye. I also saw that there was a chunk of hair missing from her head

Assignment Checklist or similar document into the Engagement Letter. Once the attorney has completed the representation, the attorney should send a Closing Letter to the client. The Court Forms have been approved by the Nebraska Supreme Court and should be used when an attorney provides court-based assistance by making a limited scope appearance December 20, 2019 Cárdenas, Correa, Escobar Call for Investigation into Reports of CBP Officials Issuing Fake Court Notices to Asylees. WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Tony Cárdenas?CA-29), along with Representatives J. Luis Correa (CA-46) and Veronica Escobar (TX-16), led a coalition of more than 50 House Members in calling on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of. Our socialist media won't use the S-word. Pictured: Joe Biden, then a candidate for president, speaks to reporters April 5, 2019, at an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers conference.

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