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The average hourly labour cost in the UK is £58.66, according to data across our 9,000 garages nationwide. As a clutch replacement usually takes between 3 and 5 hours, this equates to between £175.98 and £293.30 on average. This can be even higher depending on where you live in the UK The current average clutch replacement cost across the UK is £454.55, according to research done on the hundreds of thousands of clutch jobs posted to WhoCanFixMyCar.com in 2020. You can use WhoCanFixMyCar.com to get instant personal quotes from trusted local garages by simply entering your registration! Get Clutch Replacement Quote How much does it cost to replace a clutch kit? A clutch kit replacement costs, on average, £475. Typical prices can range anywhere between £300 and £700. Like the engine, the clutch is an essential part of your car BMW 3 Series Flywheel Replacement cost. Check out the ClickMechanic price for a BMW 3 Series Flywheel replacement in the UK. You can book online and the mobile mechanics on our network will come and do the work on your doorstep, one way to make your life a little easier

Clutch job takes about 5 hours, they always replace the dual mass flywheel as well as the clutch and thrust bearing parts. My local Fiat Professional garage quoted £500 for labour and £760 parts including VAT. The dual mass flywheel costs £430 plus VAT, twice as much as the clutch kit. Edited by StuartO 2014-11-13 3:23 P If you replace it with a normal single mass flywheel then you will put the full torque load through the transmission, potentially blowing the gearbox, diff' or driveshafts to pieces. A clutch replacement I can have done for around £200. if the warranty has expired it is down to cost imho Trust. 19 Aug 2011 at 12:13 #19. Ultra_Extreme As mentioned, the average clutch replacement cost will be $1,200 to $1,400. Of this figure, the parts usually cost $700 to $750, with labor accounting for $500 to $650. Depending on where you live, however, the average clutch replacement cost may drop to closer to $800. In some autos, you may only have to pay $400 or so for the materials

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  1. I received a quote of £1310 to replace the DMF which included a new clutch. Warranty Direct would pay for everything but the clutch parts so their contribution was £690. Allowing for about £60 because the dealer charged £7.50 per hour more that my £60 labour limit, this suggested that the clutch parts cost an eye-watering £560
  2. Anyone have an idea on what's the cost in labor only? I got a quote from a shop and it seems a bit high but I'm no expert. Quote: -flywheel + clutch pressure plate + Clutch release bearing remove & replace = $786 -Resurface flywheel = $130 Total: $91
  3. Replacing your clutch can be costly. At MyCarNeedsA.com, we've been doing a bit of research and found that the average cost for clutch replacement in 2019 across the UK is anywhere between £250-£600. (Please note, this is for clutch replacement only and does not include the price of a new flywheel.
  4. How much does a flywheel replacement cost? The cost of a flywheel replacement will depend on your car and what parts the manufacturer recommends as being required for the replacement. In almost all occasions mechanics will advise to change the clutch at the same time. You could save up to 50% on your flywheel replacement versus franchise.
  5. Clutch replacement can be an expensive job to have undertaken on your vehicle, with the cost varying depending on the make and model of your vehicle and what the specific clutch issue is. On some vehicles, clutch replacement also requires the flywheel to be replaced which can add a significant extra cost
  6. Repairing a clutch is actually quite affordable, and in most instances, the only components that need to be replaced are the throw-out bearing, clutch disc, and pressure plate. The average retail cost of these parts together is usually between $80 and $450 depending on the type of car that you're dealing with
  7. Clutch and flywheel replacement cost. So what about the repair? Why does a new clutch cost so much? It's largely because of where the clutch is located, which is in the bellhousing - the space between your engine and gearbox. So to change the clutch, you have to separate the two, which is a fairly big job

Total cost including OEM clutch and OEM DMF was £900 at Mr. Clutch. £400 was the extra for the flywheel once they'd got it apart. For a laugh I went and got a quote from the local dealer, for just the clutch, no flywheel, £1100! Clutch Warranty; We pioneered the two year or 20,000 mile nationwide warranty and this is offered as standard at all of our branches across the UK on every clutch except vehicles for commercial use i.e. Taxis, Driving Schools, Light Commercials which carry a warranty period of 1 year or 12,000 miles If the clutch in your Volkswagen vehicle is needing replaced, the price estimator at Autobutler features the recent average price for Volkswagen vehicle clutch replacements undertaken at Autobutler.. Established in 1935 in Germany, Volkswagen has grown to become the worlds largest automaker with global sales in 2013 of 9.7 million vehicles. Their Golf and Polo models are popular throughout. That came to just over £400 and fitting was around £500 with new drop links and roll bar bushes. Best to get these done now whilst the sub frame is dropped, otherwise it has to be dropped again to fit them later, and they're not expensive. Dont forget to get a clutch slave cylinder as wel

Clutch and Flywheel Replacement Cost The expenses to fix a flywheel will significantly depend upon the mechanic/dealer you employ, your geographical location, and the make/model of your automobile. After doing our own research we can say that the parts can considerably differ, varying anywhere from just $40 to more than $300 If that's the going rate then does £105 sound right for labour, plus cost of the replacement at around £50? That depends on labour in your area, the car you want the work doing on and possibly a number of other things Cost of replacement: starting from 150 Euros So the final price begins from roughly 500 Euros and goes up from there. Have in mind that clutch kits and dual mass flywheels are sold separately. In some cases only one part suffers malfunction On the other hand, should it be a solid flywheel, the Mr Clutch expert might advise a skim. Mr Clutch Autocentres are equipped with the necessary high-tech machinery to effect such repairs, which can be completed speedily and cost-effectively. The bottom-line is that a clutch replacement is a first-line task for Mr Clutch

Clutch replacement costs are also added to by the need for the flywheel to be examined, and if necessary resurfaced or even replaced as part of the process to ensure that the whole system operates smoothly. It's also always advisable to replace several other parts, as described earlier, when carrying out a clutch replacement - so bearing this. Ford Mondeo - cost of renewing a dual mass flywheel. i am having probs with my ford mondeo and have been told that the dual mass flywheel/clutch needs replacing. Garage has quoted me £600. Is this a fair price? I have a Mondeo 04 plate 1.9 DTI. Also another garage told me to just leave it as it is but not sure if this is safe

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  1. The reported flywheel replacement costs. The costs to repair a flywheel will greatly depend on the mechanic/dealer you use, your geographical location and the make/model of your vehicle. From our research, the parts can greatly vary, ranging anywhere from as little as $40 to more than $300
  2. The replacement cost of a flywheel will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. You may get lucky and find the cost of a new flywheel to be only $40 or so. However, there are some flywheels which will cost up to $400 or more which are made up of stronger and lighter materials than just steel
  3. If you do need clutch repairs, we'll always give you a full quote before we start work. We'll even show you the problem part before we fix it. We only use top-quality, original-spec parts, backed up by a 24-month, 24,000-mile guarantee
  4. i lol, their is one i have see for a good price, its taxed and MOT'd but needs a new clutch buying and fitting, therefore i was jst wondering how much it would cost for a new clutch and the labour to have it fitted?
  5. The clutch may need complete replacement or perhaps just a rebuild. That could save you lots too. Labor will cost more than the parts so figure at least 500.00 at a reputable certified repair plac

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  1. Vauxhall Vectra 2005 1.9 Diesel cost £730 to replace clutch and dual mass flywheel. Vauxhall quoted £1180. Ouch!! £730: item/job: Slough: 2012-11-09: Clutch and flywheel replacement at VW main dealer. £449 labour, £583 flywheel, clutch £185. Total £1531 - no typo! Broke down without any warning whatsoever, so no choice! £1,531: item/job.
  2. T4 Clutch T4 Clutch and dual mass flywheel replacement T4 2.4d 2.5TDi AJT/ACV/ 1996-2003 £660 (Including parts and labour) (ACV engine 102TDi requires concentric slave cylinder add £55) Replacement of clutch on 1.9TD T4 £345 (Including parts and labour) T4 1.9 Clutch 3 piece clutch replacement £49
  3. Replace clutch cover, clutch plate and slave cylinder (OEM) £649: Freelander 2 Repairs - Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement; A dual mass flywheel absorbs the vibration from the engine and rarely outlasts a clutch, we would always advise replacing both at the same time. Replace clutch cover, clutch plate, slave cylinder and flywheel.
  4. It is a terrible job to go, the biggest expense is time and the final cost of the job is around £750 including complete clutch replacement and labour but it takes days to do

If you do need clutch repairs, we'll always give you a full quote before we start work. We'll even show you the problem part before we fix it. We only use top-quality, original-spec parts, backed up by a 24-month, 24,000-mile guarantee Just replace the flywheel cover, turnning flywheel, clutch and input shaft of the transmission and I are charging $ 2,835 for 21hrs labor + $ 350 for 5 miles towing.Total $ 3085, I requested an estimated 4 or 5 times and told them not to touch the truck until I had estimated and repaired without my permission and now come with surprise

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  1. -have the flywheel machined somewhere; ask how much they took off; you need to buy a shim in that amount to place behind the flywheel to account for the material taken off (I thought with a hydraulic clutch you could skip this step as it would self adjust, but I didn't on the Ford on the first two and they didn't last long because of this.
  2. Hi, I haven't made my purchase yet. I will probably get an auto because that is what my wife wants, but I am just curious as to how much a clutch replacement would cost on a Fiat 500. Someone mentioned that Mini clutches cost about $2500 USD to replace. Are we talking the same coin for a..
  3. all fitted now and it drives similarly to the brand new octavia i had on loan - clutch is so light. Changed front shocks at the same time and a anti roll bar drop link ,Sachs clutch and flywheel kit £280 + vat slave cylinder £25 + vat shocks Skoda parts £88 for pair inc vat drop link £25 + vat

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The costs are as follows for all the clutch components listed and the DMF it cost me £1160 (vat inc) using Ford components from a non Ford garage ( friendly local garage who does decent job). Saving available if using LUK components ( decent quality non ford components but to spec) of £180, which I decided not to use If the secondary flywheel turns over 10 millimeters, replacement should be performed. Repair and replacement of the flywheel. If you are able to detect the wear of teeth on the ring gear, just replace the ring gear, and do not forget to check, adjust and possibly repair the starter and wiring. With low flywheel outrun treat the surface on a lathe Unless the flywheel is showing obvious wear then you can just replace the clutch. With a petrol there is less wear on a dmf so you will probably be ok, especially if it is only 2010 NEW Genuine Flywheel & Clutch Kit for 2.0 TDi Bi-Turbo VW Transporter This is a direct replacement for the standard Flywheel & Clutch kit found in the VW Transporter 2.0 TDI 180hp Bi-Turbo... £288.00 - £1,260.00 (Inc. VAT Expected Cost To Replace a Clutch. The material costs involved in a clutch repair are relatively modest. In the vast majority of cases, the suspect parts that need to be replaced are the pressure plate, the clutch disc, and the throw-out bearing. Taken together, these parts retail for $90-$400

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speed's need the flywheel replaced most of the time too since its dual mass and not turnable. That alone is like $1k for the oem one or like $500~ for an aftermarket one Dsg clutch and flywheel replacement cost. Thread starter MikeStrachan; Start date Apr 25, 2019; MikeStrachan S3 ALl GRUNT WITH THE SHUNT! Apr 25, 2019 #1 Hi guys and girls, My car is juddering a bit and struggles to bite on when pulling away. The gears change but it jerky Replace clutch cover, clutch plate and slave cylinder (OEM) £649: Range Rover Evoque Repairs - Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement; A dual mass flywheel absorbs the vibration from the engine and rarely outlasts a clutch, we would always advise replacing both at the same time. Replace clutch cover, clutch plate, slave cylinder and. Re: Clutch and DMF Replacement « Reply #1 on: August 15, 2017, 09:14:39 am » £800 at AKS tuning for a uprated clutch and OEM flywheel, have heard this is the one to go for and I am buying this later today, comes wit

Just had the garage call about the clutch in my Passat. new clutch slave cylinder and a new dual mass flywheel in addition to a new clutch plate that is, apparently, warped. for the cost. I got my better than stock Luk clutch and solid mass flywheel from Dial-A-Clutch was right bout $670 shipped from CA to KS. My ford dealer of preference (Honeyman Ford in Seneca, KS) charged me exactly $300 for the entire clutch and flywheel instal Clutch friction disc and cover RRP is £194.88 inc VAT and book time is 5 hours labour. If you need a new flyweel, it retails at £892.63 inc VAT plus an additional 0.2 hours labour. Clutch release bearing retails at £47.06 inc VAT plus an additional 0.3 hours labour That is 600 just in labor costs the replacement parts are probably around 500 as well. So 1100 total. No driving style can be worth that much money. Quote Originally Posted by why to put it into perspective to replace a clutch the book says 8 hours of labor. That is 600 just in labor costs the replacement parts are probably around 500 as well. That does seem very high. My tame mechanic wanted £500 inc vat to fit a clutch and new flywheel to a mk2 mondeo i had. Call round and get some more prices. About £300ish would be normal for a.

Find someone that will charge you 60 bucks an hr because they will prolly charge you up to 13hrs labor. Its a pretty extensive job. Otherwise expect to pay up to 1100+ plus cost of parts. Make sure flywheel is resurfaced or you buy new flywheel or your going to have a slipping or poor operating clutch soon after the job is done Volkswagen Clutch Replacement Cost. The cost of Clutch Replacement will likely differ greatly depending on which Volkswagen model you have. Combining the varying cost of parts and the difference in labour hours needed to complete the job, different Volkswagen models will cost different amounts for Clutch Replacement A more affordable alternative is to replace the OEM dual-mass flywheel with an aftermarket one-piece solid flywheel (which also requires a different clutch and clutch disk). In most cases, you can get a new flywheel and clutch for hundreds less than what it would cost to replace a dual-mass flywheel itself Average Cost of Clutch Replacement. A decent estimation, for the combination of every single material that comprises the clutch(i.e. the clutch disk, pilot bearing, pressure plates, flywheel, etc.), the cost of a clutch replacement would run from $550 to $2,750 Picking up my Porsche 911 997 C4S after a recent clutch service at Porsche Newport Beach

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The labor costs will vary and must take in the consideration if the car is front wheel or rear wheel drive. These cost are usually between $550.00 and $850.00 (US) depending if the dealer does it or an independent garage. There also will be a charge to resurface the flywheel, about $55.00 (US) Labor costs are estimated between $693 and $875 while parts are priced between $1608 and $1658. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Note about price: This service is typically done as part of a bigger, more expensive repair, so the estimate you see above may not represent your total cost This video shows you how to replace the clutch and flywheel on a Mini Cooper S (R56). This information will also apply to clutch replacement in general if yo..

Clutch life apparently depends on driving habits. My 360 had 17500 miles and no more than 20% clutch life when it became symptomatic (hence, was replaced). Quote from dealer was $6282 and close to $2k for flywheel. All my (steel) rotors and brake pads were worn and replaced, too, but I don't remember the price on top of my head Cost to replace VW T5 dual mass flywheel clutch. To give you an idea of a replacement dual mass flywheel clutch at a reputable garage you should expect to pay somewhere between £600 and £800. Unfortunately it is a very similar job to that on a T4 and will require the engine to be dropped from the engine bay in order to get to the clutch to. The average cost to repair a clutch normally costs anywhere from $500 to $2,500. Here are a few examples of the cost to repair the clutch for specific makes and models: Toyota Camry clutch cost is between $600 - $900 and depends on what parts need to be replaced and whether the car has a v6 engine or a 4 cylinder and some models come with 4×4 Honest, upfront quotes and savings up to 30%. A typical clutch kit replacement in the UK costs around £470.93 - £500.36.Depending on your Kia Picanto engine, and whether you live in a big city or a small one, the price of a clutch kit replacement on your vehicle can be higher or lower. We have computed prices for some of the best-selling cars in the UK in order to give you an idea of how.

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it sound like the clutch to me but i dont know cars that well but the replacement clutch and fly wheel be a lot labor is going to be the most like $400-600 in labor and a clutch kit is probably like $150 but im no expert so im basing this off of how long it would take me to replace a clutch with would take a whil The average cost for a Mini Cooper clutch replacement is between $1,577 and $1,834. Labor costs are estimated between $806 and $1018 while parts are priced between $771 and $816. Estimate does not include taxes and fees

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Mileage on a clutch is very dependent on the owner's driving style. Audi has not upgraded their clutch on the R8 V8. The flywheel on a V10 is a little bit stronger and it's a one piece. We have a Kevlar clutch that is stronger than a factory clutch and lasts 300% longer than a stock clutch. we don't use cheap chinese made kevlar material I just googled your clutch. If they are using the original type dual-mass flywheel then the replacement one I found was $955 for the flywheel alone. There is a conversion kit that comes with a different style of flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing for about $500 MAZDA 6 I GG GY Clutch replacement cost I am new to the forum (great place by the way) but I have owned my M6S for about 13 months. I was just browsing another forum and someone said that a clutch replacement on this car cost him 1700.00 is that accurate I have also been reading about the clutch issues here (low mileage replacement) and I am curious as to whether the 1700.00 was an accurate. A clutch replacement can be a little tricky on this particular model so, with some guidance from LuK, this handy technical guide should prove its worth for any UK independent aftermarket garage looking to undertake this repair. Recommended labour time: 3 hours. LuK part number installed: 619302860

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Cost to replace a flywheel on a Ford F150 V6-4.2 L 1999 - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them Warped clutch disk as a result of slippage and overheating Broken clutch springs The cost will depend on what needs to be replaced. If you are getting slippage, then you'll need a full clutch kit and flywheel most likely. The bulk of the cost is labour and I think your quote isn't all that expensive, to be honest The main reason these jobs tend to be more expensive than with typical older type clutch jobs is the price of the parts. A standard style flywheel is much more durable so does not often need to be changed. On top of that the dual mass is a much more intricate part and so costs range from a few hundred to over £1000

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Parts and labour are both pricey, though I can't give specifics having not had to replace it on my car yet. On my '99 Passat, parts were €500 for clutch and DMF kit, labour was most of a day. You're likely to be in similar territory if not higher on the Superb. I drive a zafria 1.9 cd tdi manufactured 2006, 22,000 miles on the clock and my flywheel and clutch needed replacing.Total cost £1,300. However, Vauxhall agreed to pay half of this cost as it was only 9 weeks out of its 3 year warranty, plus it had full vauxhall service history prior to this problem occurring Depending on the miles, if you have the flywheel off, you may as well replace the rear main seal (not hard to do) and the input shaft seal to the gearbox (again not hard to do). Don't forget to replace the input shaft guide sleeve at the same time and look on Youtube for Modmini as he covers clutch changes on both the R50 and R53 Very true, it can make a clutch replacement in to a very expensive job. ISTR on my 2.5D Rangie its a £1.2K job most of which is the cost of the parts, something like 500+vat for the DMF and 300+vat for the clutch kit. Unfortunately these days such figures are not unusually high for any car :(

Re: how much roughly to replace a clutch and flywheel on a 1 Post by borne » Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:32 am I seem to have the same or similar problem, although I've been advised that the clutch & flywheel need replacing a clutch will cost between £50-£100 and a heavy duty clutch fork is a good idea to replace while its out (around £10). think £300 labour is a bit pricey tho EDIT: thats for D1 but dont know about D2, D3 or D4. Which model disco you have would possibly help to I rang a trusted garage who then confused matters who said it would be £1016 for plates and flywheel (no slave cylinder change) they then rang back after talking to vauxhall themselves after some part confusion their end. And came back with £1200 to include slave cylinder...using non vauxhall parts. Or £1600 using vauxhall parts

I was wondering what Ford dealers charge to replace the clutch in a Mustang. I only have 4,900 miles on my GT Premium so replacement isn't eminent (I hope!!!), but I was curious what the cost is. I haven't had to deal with a clutch replacement since I had an MGB so I've been out of the loop for a while Allmerc.uk Site; Mercedes Gen-In I have a customers van exactly the same as that the moment! its in for clutch replacement, pretty much a set of symptoms that show a clutch at the end of its auto adjustment. All the best Steve. i will be doing my flywheel and clutch replacement on a sprinter 313cdi from 2000 (model 2000-2006) in a few. Schaeffler LUK has released a clutch feature on a 2008 Land Rover Freelander 2 TD4 featuring a clutch replacement demonstration that illustrates why this is a straight forward repair for any garage. Fitted with a 2.2 TDI engine, the vehicle has covered just over 133,000 miles and has been brought into the workshop with reported clutch slip; a. Most lighter flywheels will trip misfire CEL's...the lighter you go, the more CELs you see. generally when you buy the OEM clutch package (or have the dealer install the clutch, they will replace the flywheel as part of the deal...runs about $1200 with parts and labor for vauxhall insignia 2.0cdti 130 2008-13 clutch kit dual mass flywheel & csc 4 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings - FOR VAUXHALL INSIGNIA 2.0CDTi 130 2008-13 CLUTCH KIT DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL & CS

Hello All, I'm new to the forum and apologies if this has been answered previously. I'm about to order all parts necessary to replace the clutch and flywheel on my Jaguar X-type 2.0D. Found these under my reg number on Eurocarparts (so I hope - if anyone can assist with part numbers, would appreciate). One note on the Flywheel description is confusing me:. The genuine flywheel is pretty expensive, up to £350 plus VAT, depending where you get it from, I've seen them as low as £180. Clutch is about £110 with all parts, but that can be +- a fair bit as well. I'd not assume the flywheel has gone south, it may be just that the clutch has oil on it or plain worn out Parts - Clutch Kit New organic disc, spring hub clutch kit with diaphragm style pressure plate. Clutch flywheel is separate. 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. 1 kit: $386.95: $435.86: Parts - Clutch Flywheel New, CNC-machined, billet aluminum clutch flywheel. SFI-approved. 1 unit: $378.50: $426.34: Core Deposit - Clutch Flywheel: 1 unit: $32.

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