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A stuck secondary clutch is a common problem on some RZR's and Side By Sides, here is an easy way to remove it using simple tools like a slide hammer and a c.. secondary clutch sticking. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. zxkid and sometimes the clutch doesn't open back to it's normal postion. it makes a grindy noise untill it goes back. Or I have a buddy lift the back of the sled and one touch of the gas it snaps back. his secondary clutch wont close back up... it's stuck open Don't know what to call it exactly, but I call it a sticky clutch. After some on and off throttle riding, and then coming to a stop. I have in the last two rides experienced that the secondary clutch wont close and push the belt to the top. The belt stays about 1/4 down in the secondary, and.. locking up like you are reporting sounds much more like a piece of the roller or piece of a belt is stuck down inside the secondary clutch not allowing the two halves to close back together. you should be able to see if one of the rollers is broken, or if you have blown a belt there might be a chunk down inside the secondary that needs to be cleaned out Page 1 of 2 - SECONDARY CLUTCH STUCK OPEN? - posted in REV-GEN 4 - MXZ Performance Trail 129/ Renegade 137: Help, I took my sled out storage on Sunday and when i went to put the belt back on the secondary clutch wouldnt close up tight on the belt. I tried spinning by hand and on the stand with it running and no dice, still wouldnt close. So i am at a loss here as to what is wrong or go about.

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secondary clutch stuck open - posted in REV-XP / XS Chassis - Renegades / Freeride / Backcountry: Need some help guys! I have a 2010 renegade 800 and my secondary clutch seems to be stuck open. The belt is sitting down inside it 3/8 or so. Shouldnt it close up so the belt is sitting flush with top of the clutch? Any advise would be greatly appreciated With the clutch pedal depressed, the brakes (parking or foot pedal, it doesn't matter which) are GENTLY applied. If the rust bond between the flywheel and the clutch disc is fairly weak, the clutch disc should pop free during light to medium braking You can tip the sled on its side and spray some penetrating oil on it and allow it to sit overnight in order to let the oil work its way between the shaft and the clutch. Then you can heat it up a little and try it again. That being said, I had a stuck secondary on my Cat and couldn't get it off for the life of me

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Stuck secondary clutch. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. R. robert gleason · Registered. Joined Jul 24, 2001 · 29 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 7, 2002. my 1997 mach z's secondary has never been apart. motor has 3k miles on it, was not maintained well by previous owner, and i have noticed that my backshift is lagging.. To adjust a saggy belt on the secondary clutch, you need to raise the snowmobile off the ground and let it rest on a support. After that, you should tighten the locknut on the secondary clutch. Attempt to engage the clutch while the snowmobile is off the ground and observe whether the track can now spin Remove a stuck secondary clutch. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 1 of 1 Posts. jagori · Occam's RZR. Joined Jul 10, 2016 · 395 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 12, 2016. So I've seen some disastrous outcomes to stuck secondaries.. Well, my primary is back in business but something is wrong with the secondary. I use a oil filter wrench to take off belts. It works great, turn and the secondary opens up like a prom date. The problem is that is does NOT CLOSE.. It stays stuck open until I hit the flipper and it closes but..

Sticky secondary clutch

The Primary clutch is their own design, not a reworked Polaris primary clutch, It has two internal clutches, on on each sheave. This is what gives the very smooth starts. Idle is 1250 rpm. Give it some gas and by 1450 rpm the internal clutches are locked and the clutch is behaving like a normal CVT primary clutch in general if you have a driven clutch stuck on the shaft for me i have found the best way was to just bust off the aluminum and use a cutting wheel to split the clutch shaft. also if you have a clutch stuck on the engine remove clutch retaining bolt and fill hole with water then get a bolt that fits the threaded part of the clutch then tighten bolt the hydraulic pressure will pop the clutch. The secondary clutch is a lot like the primary clutch in how it operates but the main difference is that it does not have weights to open it but that it uses a Helix ramp for the rollers to ride on. The Helix ramp provides a way for the clutch to open and close smoothly. It still has a spring to close the sheaves when the throttle is off secondary stuck on ?? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. vtprairie03 · Premium Member . this is the second 650 brute ive had trouble with the clutches not wanting to come off. the first one was the primary clutch a few years ago and now this one..... any suggestions?.

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  1. Picking a Secondary Clutch. We are stocking the EBS style, roller style or the HD style secondary clutches, they go by many names. I will try and make this easy to understand, if I confuse you just call me. By model. XP 1000 and XP4 1000. Fits 2014-15 XP 1000 all models 2 and 4 seat, no helix or spring will be installed. 2011-2014 RZR XP 900.
  2. e was you might push the crank over a bit inside your case and it will be hard to start the first time you fire it up... But the crank will move back where it needs to be.
  3. If the clutch is the culprit, get a certified technician to replace or fix the clutch . G16 secondary clutch adjustment. If there are any problems with your G16 golf cart's clutch, follow any of the checks listed for the previous models. If there is any problem with the secondary clutch, it is best to replace it or the drive belt connected to it
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  1. 3. Remove belt then Secondary clutch bolt using an impact. If secondary is stuck on shaft thread secondary bolt back into shaft so head is ½ inch away from clutch, hit the head of the bolt squarely with a small hammer while you pull out on the clutch. The vibration will break the secondary clutch loose so you can pull it off. Remove secondary.
  2. The driven (or secondary) clutch bolts onto the input shaft of the differential. The driven clutch sheaves are spring loaded together and the belt, at rest, rides up at the outer edge. Both golf cart clutches look similar to a large pulley but each clutch has a sliding sheave that moves in & out along a central shaft as the clutch spins
  3. Secondary Clutch Nut Stuck HELP!!! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 21 Posts. 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Last. S. streets · Registered. Joined Feb 18, 2012 · 71 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 31, 2012.

I have a 2008 RZR Standard. I'm rebuilding the clutches. I removed the primary. On the secondary I removed the center bolt. From everything I've read the clutch should slide off easily. I sprayed WD-40 on the front of of shaft but it's still sticking. What am I doing wrong? Dou The clutch used on your 2016-2019 Polaris XP900 or XP1000 is a Team Boss clutch. Boss stands for built on secondary shaft, basically how we can make a cheaper clutch. This, in turn, makes for a less quality clutch that will show its ugly face a lot sooner after riding your UTV Breaking in the belt, things got worse so I took it in to the dealer. They found the secondary clutch (the driven clutch) was destroyed. The pins and parts on the clutch were falling out and the guides in the sheaves were damaged. A secondary clutch from Polaris was quoted at $589! Ouch. I talked them down to $515

Confirm Primary Clutch. Choose Secondary Clutch (Keep Stock or Upgrade to STM Billet Secondary) Answer All Vehicle Questions for Calibration* *If your vehicle runs a Big Turbo and your Wheel Horsepower exceeds 215 WHP, please call us at 715-247-3862 for a more accurate, custom order! Model Year. Primary Clutch. Secondary clutch stuck on. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. R. Rppngears · Registered. 2019 Maverick XRC Joined Oct 15, 2019 · 90 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • 10 mo. secondary clutch sticking open - posted in REV-XP / XS Chassis - Performance Trail 120-129 Inch Models: when I removed the belt off my machine the secondary clutch stuck open, I suspected one of the rollers was broken and was wedged in the helix. however after disassembling the clutch I found that all the wear parts were still in good condition. what could be causing this stuck secondary clutch will not come off jack shaft - posted in MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula : i have a stuck secondary clutch will not come off jack shaft does any one have any ideas on how to get it off things that i have try ed 1. pb blaster 2. pry bar 3. hammer lite tap'

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Most oil and grease will absorb water, and we know what water does when it gets really cold, and that ice could be sticking to your clutch and causing a problem until you get up and running. Of course belt deflection is important here too. I can also tell you from experience, that the same part number belt can somethimes be different in length Secondary clutch/driven pulley stuck in open position. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 25 of 25 Posts. Prev. 1; 2; First 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. A ///AIRDAM · Registered. Joined Jan 21, 2013 · 711 Posts #21 • Oct 11, 2019. a pin punch, drive them back in.. in general if you have a driven clutch stuck on the shaft for me i have found the best way was to just bust off the aluminum and use a cutting wheel to split the clutch shaft. also if you have a clutch stuck on the engine remove clutch retaining bolt and fill hole with water then get a bolt that fits the threaded part of the clutch then tighten bolt the hydraulic pressure will pop the clutch free few light taps with mallet may be neede I know th eprimary clutch needs a puller to get it off of the tapered shaft but the secondary is keyed on a straight shaft, right? I even took the airbox out to give me more room for a piece of wood and 3lb hammer to try to knock the secondary off

Works on all Arctic Cat 1981-2005 reverse cam secondary clutches with button or roller covers Is this what yours is? My thought if it was like a poo clutch and stuck was to put the back end up on a stand, and with the bolt out, bump the throttle to see if it would free it up, probably not the safest thing to do Looking for ideas on how to remove the secondary clutch shaft on my 2010 Renegade. I have the primary completely off (thanks to the water/teflon tape someone posted) and the secondary clutch off but the shaft that the secondary slides on will not come off so the helix remains on making it impossible to change out my backplate for the newer 13 bolt design Re: Secondary Clutch Removel Question « Reply #12 on: August 27, 2015, 03:22:51 PM » The new impact better work cause I just committed to 500-dollars worth of new tires that will require a secondary spring adjustment along with the new primary sliders Come back with a nice rubber mallet and give it some nice whacks, make sure that you are hitting it as straight on as possible to prevent damage to the secondary clutch. Then a few tuggggs, it will pop off put some penetrating oil down the hole for the secondary clutch. head for the house, cook up a steak, some taters, and a veggie. relax, enjoy a cold beverage, watch some TV. go back to the sled, add more penetrateing oil, return to the house get a good nights sleep tomorrow, set the sled back down and try to get the clutch of

The most important wether it is a spring or roller with the year of your sled do not take any chances just have your secondary clutch rebuild by a professional you will save a lot of worries.I had a roller brake and could not stop was 200KL from trailer the roller fell in secondary and was a total loss,$1000 in damage, was lucky because it was on warranty.Pay know a small bill or pay later and. Clutch Failure Symptom 4: Clutch Pedal Remains Stuck to the Floor. A clutch pedal that stays on the floor means that you have binding problems with the linkage or release bearing. In this case, check that the springs in the linkage are not over-stretched - they may need adjustment VFJ stage 3 clutch VFJ primary and secondary springs Oil cooler Custom Snorkels Relocated rad w/ custom cover 20k HID main beams Blue LED parking Extreme LED 12 light bar MUZZY super pro MSD w/ VFJ maps. Save Share. Reply. 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. Join the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google

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  1. You, screw the tool into the shaft, drive the shaft out... then side the clutch away from the sled until the tool bottoms out on the top gear. Now unthread the shaft from the tool.. Leaving the tool in the top of the chaincase supporting the topgear, spacer, and chain
  2. Polaris Secondary Clutch Due to COVID-19 some orders may be delayed a day or two to a couple weeks, please plan ahead and please be patient with us. Also due to other circumstances, demand is high and supply on some items is low which is causing delays
  3. Lube the air impact air inlet with several drops of light weight oil. Jack up the air pressure as high as you can and use the largest and shortest air hose you have. Use the shortest impact and socket you have. That along with heat should do it
  4. My husband has a 2020 Sportsman XP and got it in mode that was too deep. Now the primary clutch is constantly engaging the secondary clutch. We removed the primary clutch, but the spider is stuck and will not move
  5. 2013 rzr 900 secondary clutch stuck on shaft help! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. B. B_S · Registered. Joined Feb 11, 2013 · 72 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • May 17, 2016. so we are servicing our 2013 jagged x to fix the rear clutch rollers and we cant get the driven clutch off of the shaft.

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Al's Snowmobile Parts Warehouse Used Parts Are Us (1964 to present) 3868 Pine Hill Rd Newport, VT 05855 (802) 487-1000 • 24-hour FAX: (802) 487-101 If the clutch gets stuck in any instance, the first thing you should do is use a PB Blaster and add some of it to the clutch. Give it some time to soak. It is advised that you let the clutch rest for 2 to 3 days. After a few days of trying to get the clutch free, if it still does not budge from its place, then use a crowbar for more leverage

If your belts sitting in the secondary and you can take the belt off with ease. Sounds like your secondary clutch is stuck open. You could have broke a spring or helix. Youtube how to polaris secondary and look for the one made by isobie thats a step by step video on how to take apart the secondary if you dont know how to I have the same problem with a stuck secondary clutch on my 2000 Scrambler 400 2X4. I have removed the bolt, soaked it in Liquid Wrench, tapped it, pulled it, pryed it and no luck. I have tried fine thread bolts in 3/4, 7/8, and 1 inch. None of them work. It is a 1 inch bolt, but the threads are not normal fine thread. I cannot find the correct. R-3. Using factory clutch tool remove the belt. R-4. Remove secondary clutch center retaining bolt, and remove secondary clutch. This part of the system is on spline's and should just pull off. If you are having trouble breaking the bolt loose by hand it helps to put the car in gear to help hold the clutch in place. R-5 With many of the later model Arctic Cats fitted with the ACT (Diamond) Drive gearbox and secondary clutch, many of you have encountered difficulty when removing the secondary clutch. Some units (not all) are stuck on the shaft, and require some extra muscle to get them off

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stuck helix Has anyone had a problem removing the stock helix ? went to check out settings and preload on one clutch and had no issues. When we try to remove the other helix from another machine ( same secondary style clutch ) the unit was siezed in place To fix the problem spray penetrating oil on the primary clutch slides as shown below. This will allow the clutch to fully open up and disengage at idle. John Deere Gator XUV - Hard To Shift Fix. Next, start the Gator and again cycle the clutches by going from idle to full throttle and back to idle a couple times I picked up a 1997 ZR 440 at the end of last season. It worked well. I tried to take the secondary clutch off to put a different track on it recently and it seems to be stuck very much on the shaft. Any suggestions for removal Use this little tool to unscrew the secondary clutch. - After you complete the operation the secondary clutch should split apart.!Easy way: if your belt is loose enough, you can try to pull it out over the clutch without splitting apart the clutch. 3. Move to the primary clutch: if there is a cover over the clutch bolt you need to take it out I've never done the secondary but when something is stuck heat does wonders. Brute Force AMR 840, 13:1 pistons, 4X cams, extended rockers, Big Kev's Performance Full race port, +1.5mm exhaust valves, +1 mm intake valves, muzzy pro, 39mm carbs, programmable dynatek cdi, custom airbox, JHmachine clutch, HPD plain primary sprin

How to remove and install a primary clutch properly Hydraulic Clutch Removal ATV, UTV and sXs STM Tuner Secondary Roller Removal (for tuners without pull dowels) STM Primary Clutch Disassembly for Maintenance or Bearing Replacement . ATV UTV Helix and spring options explained . OK. 5409 Perry Drive, Waterford, MI 48329 2872085 Primary Drive Clutch Puller Tool Kit with White Zinc Plated Compatible with 2011-2017 RZR XP 1000 XP4 900 Ranger 900 1000 (Puller & Rod) 3.6 out of 5 stars 9 $16.99 $ 16 . 9 Here are some general clutching rules you should play by! Primary clutch (Drive Clutch) = Front clutch off the motor; Secondary Clutch (Driven Clutch) = Rear clutch connected to drivetrain; Peak RPM = The RPM the machine sits and holds most of the time at WOT. This needs to be in your model's peak powerband for best results

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  1. STM Secondary stuck on shaft HELP. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. S Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 22, 2012. Removed belt from secondary,and tried to pull clutch apart from spline,no go,i need to remove in order to shim it,so i can run my stock primary while adam does the retrofit to my QSC primary. Also can i remove the three.
  2. Performance upgrade item More efficient with less friction Lowers belt temperatures Quicker backshift More power to the wheels Longer belt life Can save you costly on repairs High performance aero space material 26,000 PSI compression strength vs. stock 6,000 PSI Continuous Use 350 Deg F Melting Point 450 Deg F 4x Stronger than OEM Lower cleara..
  3. The TRA-3 is 1.5 belt width. To get the TRA-3 primary to work with a TRA-2 secondary clutch, upon disassembly, observe there is one shim down in between the sheaves. To get 1.5 inches width, install a 2nd shim on top of the present shim, then re-assemble. With that 2 nd shim installed the clutch will now be 1.5 belt width

Hey Guys - First time post but love the forum! I have a 2018 Commander 800R XT...I blew a belt, and while replacing it I noticed some old belt debris that is stuck in the secondary clutch between the sheave slide, so I was going to remove the secondary clutch to make sure it's free from belt debris....any advise or pointers on removal and installation of secondary clutch would be appreciated. Team Industries Rapid Reaction Tied Driven Secondary Clutch 421515. $285.47. Polaris Clutch 1323130 1323283 1323308 Primary Clutch Replacement for Polaris RZR 900 S 900 XP New Primary Clutch 2015-2019 Primary Drive Clutch 1323130 STM Tuner Secondary Can-Am Clutch Puller (Not X3) 1/2-13 thread . $53.00. Works on STM tuner secondary long and short post clutches only. Works on Outlander, Renegade, Commander, and Maverick models with the STM secondary. Add to Cart. Quick view. XP-Turbo STM Clutch Puller for STM Primary 5/8-18 thread $59.00. This puller works on the Polaris. the clutch will stick open, and slam shut with the current torsion spring or a compression spring. countless bone stock secondary clutches have shattered rollers. i have stress tested the OEm rollers and my rollers alike, i have pulled apart hundreds of secondary clutches and i am confident on my findings of why rollers bust, and the. The secondary shaft slides over about 3 of gearbox shaft . I had warranty work done on my old mander the first year and my dealer wiped all my cooper coat off and mine rusted on very bad . I have used ever known Chemical concoction on earth and some stuff called nutcracker works the best for me , second best I found is KANO - KROI

The whole clutch? Or changing the rollers will help keeping the new belt intact for longer? That clutch you linked wont fit my bike. Do you sell a clutch for a 2015 570 midsize? Or better yet the rollers for my stock clutch. Mine secondary front looks differnt than your website. Thanks Allows you to change the clutch weights easily with clutch in car Primary clutch removal/install Dissemble/assemble primary clutch for service or to modify Remove secondary clutch Dissemble secondary clutch for service/modify The Alba Multi-tool clutch tool kit allows you to do everything you need for servicing, modifying and removing and re.. Checked the clutches and the secondary was open more then usual...not enough to change a belt but pretty close. Dropped almost a inch into the secondary sheaves. Very loose is what I'm getting at. Now being stuck 80 miles out in the country I had no choice but to give it gas and hope for the best, will it worked and they went back to normal

If it's super stuck, the puller will break the studs off the clutch. Soak it. Both sides, then Tip the sled to the right, remove bolt and spacer, add a lot of PB blaster. Then hit it with wood and hammer. If the sled was stored under cover...those upper bearings Should be fine, but ehh, it's 20 years old Gator 4x2 purchased new around 98-99 serial # W004X2X050120. started hearing a lot of noise in the clutch so I took it to the JD dealer, he started the engine right on the trailer and revved the engine, turned it off and said I needed a new secondary clutch Whichever clutch doesn't move when the problem occurs is your culprit. I've seen the most sticking issues with the primary/drive clutch though it is possible for the secondary to stick but if all the plastic buttons are intact then it's a bit doubtful When we refer to the clutch or CVT, we're referring to two components — the drive clutch (or primary clutch) and the driven clutch (or secondary). Essentially, when your golf cart clutch is working, you're assured a smooth start-up and take off, as well as a largely smooth acceleration and braking The driven clutch should slide off but they do get stuck and can be a pain to remove. Try shooting some penetrating oil on the shaft on both sides of the clutch and let it soak a hour or so. You can get a three jaw puller on the clutch if you remove the driver side rear tire

Erratic engagement is most often caused by the driver clutch that is mounted on the engine crankshaft. The flyweights in the clutch are sticking or the movable sheave is binding on the hub. Knowing how they work may help you determine why yours doesn't The other cause is failure to lube the clutch, or the use of a wet lube like WD40. These clutches should be lubed with Comet GP 730A, or one of the other brands of dry moly lube, which is a spray on dry lube that keeps belt dust from gumming the works

Second, the secondary clutch in the 2012 and prior model years is identical the the 2011-2012 Polaris RZR 800. It is the non EBS secondary, and does not contain a Helix. The good news is, with the new primary and by using the tight belt from the 2013 model, you eliminate free wheeling Drain the oil from the engine first, You should be able to remove the engine from the frame with the clutch still on. Once you get the engine off flip it upside down and spray the heck out of the end of the crank/clutch and let sit overnight, Get a longer grade 8 bolt to screw into the crank until it bottoms out The clutch was stuck engaged and I couldn't get another belt on. I used some brake cleaner and got it to disengaged. Every time I go out and ride I have to rev the engine to 5000 RPM to get the primary clutch to engage. Once it engages, it becomes stuck and the engine dies. To get it going again I have to pull start it and have the sled roll. It is normal for the stock secondary to come apart like that. Corrosion on the steel shaft and aluminum clutch will cause them to stick sometimes. Worst case you will wreck the clutch getting it off. A little dab of grease or antisieze on the shaft at install will keep it from happening again

the return spring in the pedal assembly has gotten weak or missing, you can add a secondary to the end of the pin that the clutch master yoke to the pedal and connect other end to lower dash bar My 3rd gen 4Runner was doing same thing, that is how i fixed it Blkvoodoo, Apr 3, 2017 # The screwdriver they are sliding into the back helix of the secondary it does the same job of holding the clutch so you can remove the bolt. The secondary is only torgued to about 48lbs or so,so it comes apart fairly easy If so does moving the lever forward while moving make things better, worse, or no effect? Will it maintain speed if you pull back the clutch pedal with your toes? Possibly the variator center sheave is stuck, linkage rusty, or needs lubrication. BTW, welcome to the forum! That is a very nice 110 that I would think is a '73 or '74 model The collar in the above picture is held in place by a #25 Torxhead set screw. screw out a few turns and then pull the collar off of the shaft. ifyour sled has reverse, disconnect the shift lever from the chain case and remove the 10mm bolt from the chain case cover. Remove the cover from the chain case

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If it leaks out, the clutch will weaken and eventually fail. Check fan speed. You should be able to audibly detect when the fan clutch engages, with an accompanying rush of air. At idle, as engine temperature increases, a thermal fan clutch will engage at a certain temperature. Torque-limiting fan clutches will disengage at a certain engine speed Cause 6: Broken spring in the secondary clutch If the bike does not want to take off smoothly but is jerking away, almost like it's slipping, and then act as if it's shifting gears, it may be because of a broken spring in the secondary clutch. You need to take off the belt cover and inspect the spring On my 2011 XP, the secondary clutch for the second time has started sticking open on me. when I take it down the brass bushings are packed with a blue/grey buildup and so is the shaft. I use emery cloth on the shaft to get it cleaned up good and use a scotch brite pad on the bushing. The last time I did this it ran about 200 hours and started.

The clutch on all large frame Vespas is located on the rear wheel side of the crankshaft. There is an access cover which can be removed while the engine is still in the bike. Although the pictures are all from a P200E, these instructions will be correct for all large frame bikes after the GS150 & GS160. To remove the clutch you will need If so and it won't come loose screw it in a far as you can and then take a hammer and wrap the end of the clutch pulling bolt a few times. Make sure you have that bolt as tight as you can get it. Might try a few pounds and then retighten the bolt and hit it again if it didn't come loose. Might have some rust on shaft 11 product ratings - Dalton Pro Secondary Clutch Spring For Can-Am Outlander / Renegade 1000 12-14. C $39.03. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. List price: Previous Price C $43.36. I had a similar thing happen on my 800 xxc outlander . It was a small spring clip behind the bearing on the front primary clutch that let go . Front bearing moved out of position and tore up the belt . And kept pressure on the belt ( stuck in gear feeling ) .had to shut it off the change gears In both cases the secondary springs, help fight the upshift, and help backshift. In dry clutch setups a helix is involved to aid in the back shift setup Here is a general breakdown of quads that use each clutch stock. Dry Clutch: Can-am Last gen Popos Kawi Wet Clutch: Suzuki KQ Yami Polaris XP models AC (same as the KQs really

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  1. Yeah it sounds like a good clutch adjustment will solve your problem. That or the weights themselves are sticking. Do what callen suggested, and if it's not smooth, you may want to pull the primary clutch and disassemble it and clean it, be sure everything is moving freely and smoothly
  2. What would cause a my grizz to kill instantly when placed in gear. It seems as though something is not right with my new EPI clutch kit. It was installed like a month ago and worked great; now it has a growl sound (faintly) when in neutral and when you put it in gear, it kills everytime. Help..
  3. Secondary Clutch Disassembly for the HD design Secondary (XP 900,XP 1000 LE 570 and select RZR 800 with EBS) Secondary Clutch Disassembly for the Rapid Reaction Secondary (Ranger, select RZR 800, Std 570) RZR 800 and S model Primary and Secondary Removal and Reinstallation. XP 900 and XP 1000 Dalton Clutch kit. RZR 800 Dalton Clutch Kit Install
  4. The belt makes the secondary (driven) clutch spin, which creates tension between the gears inside the gearbox. This is how a CVT transmission works: But when the transmission is not tuned correctly or has a mechanical issue, it may be engaging and spinning the secondary clutch even at idle
  5. Secondary Drive Clutch Puller Designed to remove the secondary drive clutches on Polaris ATV's & UTV's 1985-up. Constructed of heat treated carbon steel with a 1 - 12 rolled thread, 5-1/2 total length. Replaces OEM # 2870913. There are no reviews for this product. Write a revie
  6. So, your John Deere Gator is getting hard to shift. It sticks in gear and you can't get it out of gear. Well, it's not the transmission, it's the AM144323 CVT clutch. The fingers on the clutch basket warp and make the clutch spider stick in the slides, causing the clutch not to release all the way when the engine is idling
  7. CLUTCH 6.1 SPECIAL SERVICE TOOLS AND SUPPLIES PART NUMBER TOOL DESCRIPTION 2870506 Clutch Puller 9314177 Clutch Holding Wrench 2871358 Clutch Holding Fixture 2870341 Drive Clutch Spider Removal and Install Tool 2870654 Clutch Offset Alignment Tool 2870913 Driven Clutch Puller 2870910 Roller Pin Tool 2871226 Clutch Bushing Replacement Tool Kit 2870386 Piston Pin Puller.
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EPI Performance Red Secondary Clutch Spring - KSS4 Part #: 382564 Mfg Part #: KSS4 $ 41.36 (3) Haynes Kawasaki ATV Repair Manual - 2351 Part #: 361148 Mfg Part #: 2351. Reviews & Questions. Select a Ride ×. EPI Performance Sizing Information. Clutch plates will actually start to create indentations on a stock cast part, and dimples on a billet basket. In turn, the plates can't slide smoothly across the width of the tab as you pull in the clutch lever to disengage the clutch. A forged clutch basket's resistance to impact means that it will not develop notches in the tangs Clutch for Columbia ParCar, Taylor-Dunn, Melex, Cushman and other golf carts golf carts. Login; Open an Account Parts & Accessories. Electric Power Parts Motors & motor parts Speed controllers Motor & controller kits Chargers & charger parts Battery accessories. Zinger ATV Secondary Drive Clutch Removal Puller Tool for Polaris Motorcycle 1985-2009,Replaces OEM NO.#2870903. 4.7 out of 5 stars 34. $15.99 $ 15. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, May 6. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 11 left in stock - order soon hi, I have a honda cbr 600rr 2005 model and it wont change into any gear or neutral!, it seems to be stuck in a gear, even when I pull the clutch in it wont free roll its like its still in gear and if

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