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Percentage = Grade Point Average x 9.5 Just enter the grade point average in the input box and click on calculate this online Grade Point Average (GPA) to Percentage Calculator 10.0 Scale will show you the converted result in no time. GPA: Your Grade Point Average may range from 0.0 to a maximum of 10.0 scale GPA to Percentage Calculator on 10.0 Scale The conversion formulas for different universities differ broadly, in the case of India the US GPA is a 4 point scale. 100% is taken to be 100 points hence, 25 points in percentage are equal to 1 GPA in the GPA system. Divide your percentage with 100 and then multiply it by 4

SGPA to Percentage Conversion Formula. Percentage Formula = (SGPA - 0.75) x 10. Subtracting 0.75 from SGPA and multiplying it the resultant with number 10. Grade Point Average (GPA) to Percentage (10.0 Scale) Formula. Percentage = Grade Point Average x 9.5 . Percentage to Grade Point Average (10.0) Scale Formula. Grade Points Average (GPA. Easily convert your letter grade or percentage grade to a 4-point system with our easy to use GPA converter and handy GPA scale. GPA Converter Letter A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F Percent 97-100 93-96 90-92 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 73-76 70-72 67-69 65-66 65 or belo This GPA calculator finds your grade point average with the use of either a 4.33 or 4.0 scale. The grade point average scales can be found here: 4.0 GPA Scale and 4.33 GPA Scale. Input Type To convert CGPA to percentage and vice versa, different universities follow different methods and one of the followed methods is: Equivalent % = (CGPA/10) * 90 And CGPA = (Percentage/90) * 10 In order to convert Percentage to CGPA (out of 10), divide your percentage by 9.5 and the result will be your CGPA Convert your percentage to GPA Are you confused about how to calculate your percentage to GPA score? Are you worried that you may miscalculate your score and lose an opportunity at an esteemed university?Grad - Dreams understands students' worries and has come up with a solution. Grad - Dreams brings to you an application that will allow you calculate your percentage to GPA score just at a.

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  1. Use this Online Percentage To GPA calculator to convert the percentage of marks you have obtained into GPA. Enter the percentage of marks and select the name of your country to know your grade and grade point. Percentage To Grade Point Average Conversion Calculator Code to add this calci to your websit
  2. Just multiply your CGPA with 9.5 and result will be your percentage. For example, to convert 9.2 CGPA to percentage, we multiply it with 9.5 and the resulting number 90.3 is the percentage. Was this answer helpful to you? How to calculate percentage from CGPA
  3. First you must know the maximum GPA to ceate the ratio you're wanting to convert into a percentage. Then make the GPA ratio equal to the percentage ratio and solve for x. 3.5/4 = x/100 Multiply through by 100 to isolate x
  4. GPA to letter grade conversion. GPA to letter grade conversion calculator and conversion table. GPA to letter grade conversion calculator
  5. Colleges report GPA (grade point average) on a 4.0 scale. The top grade is an A, which equals 4.0. You calculate your overall GPA by averaging the scores of all your classes. This is the standard scale at most colleges, and many high schools use it

Hence, 100 percent is taken as 100 points, 25 percentage points equals 1 GPA in the GPA system. Split the number to 100, then multiply it by 4. For examples-80/100 * 4 = 3.2 GPA The percentage can be converted out of 10, there are ways to convert a percentage to GPA out of 10, the process is as follows: 25 points in percentage are equal to 1 point in GPA. Many universities across the globe like Universities in Europe follow the 10 point GPA pattern. Students need to multiply or divide their percentage marks with 9.5 Below are some tables I was able to find while searching the web. I hope you find these useful. Alberta Percentage Letter 4.0 GPA 85 - 100 A+, A 4 80 - 84 A- 3.7 76 - 79 B+ 3.3 73 - 75 B 3 70 - 72 B- 2.7 67 - 69 C+ · The conversion formulas for different universities differ broadly, in the case of India the US GPA is a 4 point scale. 100% is taken to be 100 points hence, 25 points in percentage are equal to 1 GPA in the GPA system

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This type of conversion is less accurate because A- and B+ are rarely considered the same grade. A+ is sometimes converted to 4.3 (or 4.33) points, but many universities do not have an A+. It is also common for high schools to give an extra point for AP (Advanced Placement) classes, so the GPA can be as high as 5.0 How to convert Indian Percentage/CGPA to German GPA Calculator There are thousands of candidates today from India who dream to pursue higher education in Germany . Popular reasons are - Firstly, Lower Tuition Fees secondly, Technical Education Quality, thirdly, Job Opportunities, and lastly Explore New World, Etc Here is the formula for converting percent to GPA on a 4-scale: GPA on 4.0 scale = (Percentage / 100) * 4 For converting percentage to GPA on a 10.0 scale, one must divide the percent by 9.5, i.e., GPA on 10.0 scale = Percentage / 9.

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How to convert Percentage to CGPA? While it is common practice to calculate GPA and CGPA, there are times when you might want to know the percentage of your CGPA score. In fact, some educational institutions look for percentages of your score rather than Cumulative Grade Point Average. In such a situation, knowing how to convert percentage to CGPA can be useful Now, the percentage for the GPA in an individual subject is 81.25%. Also, there are a few more ways for the conversion of Percentage to GPA. Conversion of One percentage into a 4.0 GPA. The formulae for this method is: GPA = (x/20) - 1, where x is the percentage score of the student. For example, X = 75%, then GPA = (75/20) - 1 = 2.7 The best way to estimate GPA is by using a calculator. First divide 11.54/20 and multiply by 100 to get the percentage, which would be 57.7%. Then divide 57.7 by 20, which is 2.885. Now subtract 1 from 2.885, which is 1.885 (5-point system) or 0.885 (4-point system) (D-)

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Percentage 10 point CGPA Classification US Grade Equivalent Equivalent GPA 60-100 6-10 First Class/ Distinction A 4 50-59 5-6 Second Class B+ 3.5 40-49 4-5 Pass B 3 <40 <4 Fail C 2 GPA Calculator The Ultimate Guide on GPA To Calculate Aggregate Percentage of all semesters from CGPI for both direct entry and Diploma entry students in engineering, Download our Android Application: Our android application MU - CGPI to Percentage (Mumbai University) is similar to the online CGPA converter. It converts the CGPA to percentage similarly How to convert a percentage to GPA. In the United States, the 4-grade point system is widely followed. Candidates wanting to calculate their percentage to 4-grade point GPA only need to divide their percentage by 100 and multiply it by 4 GPA & Indian Grading System. As compared to the GPA grading system used in the US and various other countries around the globe, the grading system in India corresponds to two main approaches, i.e. percentage system or a 10-point GPA method. It is important to understand these two methods in order to familiarise yourself with how to convert percentage to GPA out of 10 Convert CGPA To Percentage Mumbai University Calculator Mumbai University has also recently released its Percentage calculation scheme in 2018. It specifies a different scheme for varied programs. 7 point scale is used in arts, pure science, commerce, and related programs

If you are applying internationally, chances are, you will need to convert your Percentage or CGPA to GPA. This video gives you a quick method of making the. To convert a 87% cumulative GPA on a 100% grading scale, determine the lowest percent for an A (including A-) and enter that number in the lowest A field. Then enter 87 in the GPA field and 100 in the grading scale field Percentage = CGPA x 9.5 Click here to visit our CGPA Calculator CGPA to Percentage Converter Although our conventional system of education has moved from percentage-based results to CGPA, many of us still find it inherent to use percentages Even after reading this, if you still want to convert your percentage on your own, here is a simple GPA calculator: 80 -100 = 4.0 (A) 70 to 79 = 3.5 (A-) 60 to 69 = 3.0 (B

Convert Your GPA to a 4.0 Grading Scale. Marian University uses the 4.0 grading scale to evaluate candidates for admission and academic scholarships. If your high school does not use the 4.0 grading scale, use the GPA converter below. You will need your cumulative high school GPA and most recent high school transcript to use the GPA converter GPA (Grade Point Average) Hint -- If your school does not use credits, simply input 1 in the credits section for each course. Note -- The conversion scales used in this GPA calculator are accepted by most institutions CGPA to Percentage: CGPA (Cumulative Grade Points Average) is the average of grade points obtained in all the subjects, excluding the sixth additional subject.CBSE and many other education boards release the result for 10th/12th class in CGPA format and not in percentage. To get the value in percentage, there is a simple formula which we will discuss here

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This type of conversion is less accurate because A- and B+ are rarely considered the same grade. A+ is sometimes converted to 4.3 (or 4.33) points, but many universities do not have an A+. It is also common for high schools to give an extra point for AP (Advanced Placement) classes, so the GPA can be as high as 5.0 CGPA To Percentage Total CGPA 4 Total CGPA 5 if Formula if Formula cgpa>=3.63 (cgpa-0.3)/0.037 cgpa>=4.63 (cgpa-1.3)/0.03 CGPA to Percentage Conversion Formula for 7 Point Grade For 7 point grade, the CGPA to Percentage shall be calculated on the percentage of ACTUAL MARKS obtained by the candidate. We have used following formula above calculation. Percentage (%) = (Marks Obtained/Total Max Percentage Calculator is a free online tool to calculate percentages. What is % of ? % is what percent of ? % What is the percentage increase/decrease from to ? % Tips: Use tab to move to the next field. Use shift-tab to move to the previous field. Press enter to calculate

SGPA to percentage: It can be converted by just subtracting the 0.75 from SGPA and multiplying its resultant with number 10. The students may have difficulties in converting SGPA to percentage for that make they can use of this online SGPA to percentage calculator to ease their work College GPA calculator is a CGPA calculator. It helps you to calculate overall and semester vice final GPA score in a single click. Binary to Octal Converter Binary to Hex Converter Date to roman numerals converter Decimal to Fraction converter Decimal to Percent converter Decimal to Binary converter Decimal to Octal converter Decimal to. GPA or Grade point average can be calculated on a 4-point, 7-point or 10-point scale. U.S. universities usually adopt a 4- point GPA scale. Guidelines for conversion including GPA calculators are usually provided on the concerned university website so students need not stress themselves out on how to handle this aspect How to Convert Your GPA to a 4.0 Scale . Converting your college GPA to a 4.0 scale is not necessarily as simple as saying a 95 on a 100-point scale is a 4.0. You also need to take into account the credits each course is worth and the rigor of the courses. Follow these steps to convert your GPA using a traditional college GPA scale: 1

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How to Convert GPA to Percentage? GPA to a percentage calculated based on the individual GPA of a subject. The GPA formula will be GPA is equal to the sum of grade points divided by the sum of gradable credits Step 1: Divide your GPA with the maximum GPA CONVERSION OF GRADES INTO PERCENTAGE: Conversion formula for the conversion of GPA into Percentage is [CGPA Earned - 0.75] x 10= Percentage of marks scored. Illustration: [CGPA Earned 8.2 - 0.75]x 10 = 74.5% . ALSO READ: 1.VTU :How grade will be CALCULATED For promoted students with exampl German Grade Calculator: Here you can convert your home country grade to German grade using the Modified Bavarian Formula Tip: Unless the university explicitly asks for your grades in the German system, don't mention what your equivalent GPA or percentage would be in the foreign system. Explanation: Maximum score: 100% or 10 CGPA Minimum score: German Grade Calculator Read More Universities in the U.S. convert academic percentages to GPA in order to calculate the academic capability of a student. Applications are rejected when the minimum GPA requirements aren't met. How is Percentage Calculated? Percentage calculation is simple. There are no credit hours involved. Course X: 88%; Course Y: 89%; Course Z: 87 CBSE has provided the following formula to calculate the approximate percentage marks in each subject and overall result: Subject wise indicative percentage of marks = 9.5 X GP of the subject. Overall indicative percentage of marks = 9.5 X CGPA. The CGPA calculator is a quick way to access percentage by converting grades into marks

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To convert CGPA into percentage, you can simply multiply your CGPA by 9.5 Some colleges in India grade/score very stringently, since the min. percentage required to graduate is 50%. So, if you were an average student at a such a college, your CGPA/ Percentage would be 7.0 or 70%. Using above conversion table, your GPA on German scale would be 2.80 How to Calculate GPA. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. You can calculate grade point average by dividing the total amount of grade points you earn in a class by the total amount of credit hours you applied for the class. This chart shows how to convert letter grade or percentage points to GPA: A = 90-100%: GPA = 4. B = 80-89%: GPA = Following are the steps on how to calculate GPA from percentage. Following are the steps on how to calculate GPA from percentage. Skip to content. Percentage to GPA - How to calculate GPA from Percentage. Following are the steps to convert Percentage to GPA score. Percentage: GPA : 85 - 100: 4: 80 - 84: 3.7: 75 - 79: 3.3: 70 - 74: 3: 65.

3. How to convert CGPA to Percentage? Ans. You just have to multiply the CGPA by 9.5 and the result will be your percentage. Suppose, to convert 8.6 CGPA into a percentage, simply multiply it by 9.5 and the resulting number will be 81.7 your percentage. 4. How To convert Percentage to CGPA? Ans Calculate your canadian GPA, percentage, 12-point system grade, and 9 point system grade. Supports GPA conversion for over 50 Candian universities, including University of Waterloo, University of York, University of Toronto (UFT) and more CGPA Stands For Cumulative Grade Point.Steps To convert CGPA into a percentage, multiply the CGPA by 9.5 to get the overall indicative percentage. for this, we need basically CGPA to Percentage converter Online Free calculator to check-in percentage. It is applicable for students studying in schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) CGPA is different from GPA as CGPA is the grades obtained by the student over the course or an entire year. Though GPA and CGPA both evaluate the measure of abilities of a student, CBSE has the curriculum which determines the CGPA only but not the GPA. While the colleges which use the CGPA system calculate the GPA of the students too Calculate GPA for Indian Students: Converting percentage to GPA on a 4.0 scale. In India, most of the colleges have a percentage grading system which is out of 100%. To Calculate GPA from percentage is simple as 100% is nothing but 100 points. Thus, 25 points in percentage are equivalent to 1 point in GPA System

I have made an AMIE GPA calculator and AMIE CGPA Calculator in Excel and in C Language Programme. You can check Grade Point Average (GPA), Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and Total marks obtained in Percentage also. The rules mentioned by IEI in the Rules book Volume I are correctly incorporated in this calculator. Its tested and working. High school students are usually graded with letters (A, B, etc.) or percent (out of 100). GPA helps to convert those letters/percent into numbers and then to calculate your average, summing those numbers. GPA is made up of all the grades you receive, which makes this mark one of the most important factors of college admissions

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Our Website GTU CGPA to Percentage Converter is easy to use and much Beautiful than any other cgpa to percentage converter website. We hope you enjoy using our website and that you can easily convert your cgpa to percentage, gtu .If You like this website , then share your friends For Convert CGPA to PERCENTAGE GTU .This will give us a lot of. GPA Calculator. Use this calculator to calculate grade point average (GPA) and generate a GPA report. If you use percentage grades, have grades on a different scale or in high school with AP/IB classes, please change the Settings to input specific values. Also use the settings to group courses into semesters or to include past GPA GPA on the other hand is the abbreviation for Grade Point Average. In estimating the grade point average, the schools assign a range of scores (percentages) in an examination to a particular point. For instance, some schools assign any marks within 80 - 100 as 4 points

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CGPA to percentage calculator for Anna university PG and UG Engineering Students can convert CGPA to percentage using our Simple customized CGPA calculator. Online Customized simple CGPA to percentage calculator tool for regulations 2008,2010,2013 for all UG PG degree Try using this online calculator. iGPA Calculator - WES.or Step 1: Add the grade points i.e 9+8+7+8+6 = 38 Step 2: Divide the sum by 5 i.e 38/5 = 7.6 Thus, your CGPA is 7.6; CGPA Calculator Online | Grading in preparing is the route toward applying standardized assessments of fluctuating levels of achievement in a course GPA Score CGPA Score 4 >8.5 3.7 8.0 - 8.4 3.3 7.5 - 7.9 3 7.0 - 7.4 2.7 6.5 - 6.9 2.3 6.0 - 6.4 2 5.5 - 5.9 1.7 5.0 - 5.4 1.3 4.5 - 4.9 1 4.0 - 4.4. Percentage is Popular method in India. Few schools in India will use CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) System of academic evaluation. Let me give you a simple formula to convert Percentage into GPA. Convert Percentage to GPA - Method 1 (India) Calculating GPA from percentage is very simple. US GPA is 4 point scale

To solve this quest we have developed a simple gpa to percentage and vice versa calculator. News १५ वैशाख २०७८, बुधवार / 28 Apr 2021, We • To convert the course credit hours, the first step remains the same. Each grade or percentage of the individual subject needs to be converted to their individual GPA scores of each subject. • The next step would be to find what are known as 'Quality Points' We will let you know that if you have a scale of 4.00 then what percentage you can have and if you have the scale of 5.00 then what percentage you can have: Scale of 4.00. Here is the formula for the conversion of CGPA into percentage of marks if you have the scale of 4.00. If it is 3.63-4.00 then your % will be 90-100 Therefore, students need to convert the range of percentage which is quite obviously out of 100, to a GPA scale of 4.0. The math for that is pretty simple actually. There are 4 points in the GPA scale and you need to set a value to each point

Nepal GPA calculator Grading Scales: Most Common. Scale Grade Description Division US Grade 80.00 - 100.00 Distinction Division I A+ 60.00 - 79.99 Division I A 46.00 - 59.99 Merit. German GPA Calculator - How to Convert CGPA in to GPA/Indian Percentage? German GPA Calculator: Germany has become one of the top Destination Country for Higher Education for International students because of the main reason that Most of the Universities in Germany offer Free Education as they are Government funded 4.33 GPA Scale. Wrong scale? Then check out the 4.0 GPA Scale The GPA is based on the Just enter the grade point average in the input box and click on calculate this online Grade Point Average (GPA) to Percentage Calculator 10.0 Scale will show you the converted result in no time.GPA: Your Grade Point

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Calculate GPA : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_r9ph_7wtI&t=211s Easiest way to convert GPA/CGPA into percentage and percentage into GPA/CGPA with formul You need to convert your CGPA to German GPA. Most of the schools and colleges in India make use of a 10-point scale or percentages. This is known as the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). So, for example, if you have achieved 85%, this would convert to a CGPI of 8.5. Let us understand more about how you can obtain a German GPA About the Grade to Percentage and Grade to CGPA Calculator. Online converter to find Total Percentage and CGPA/GPA by All Grades in CBSE Exams. CBSE Grades are generally A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D, E1 and E2. Grade, Grade Point(GP) and Percentage Conversion Tabl

GPA Conversion Chart How to Convert Your Letter Grade to the 4.0 GPA Scale. As there are no universal guidelines for reporting grades throughout the educational system it has been left to the individual institutions to come up with a way of measuring a student's academic performance for each semester and to calculate their cumulative gpa score Quickly calculate your cumulative GPA with our easy to use cumulative GPA calculator! Understand the differences between term, semester, year and overall GPA, and how each affects your high school or college career. Enter a current GPA to jump start your calculations, and get tips on how to bring up a mid or low GPA Calculate Your HSC Grade Point Average Online. Calculate Now. BUET Subject list and Faculties. Last Updated: May 3, 2020 by Hasan. BUET is a public university in Bangladesh and founded in 1912. BUET stands for Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. [] Continue Reading

Tags: JNTU JNTUK JNTUA B.Tech Percentage & GPA calculator Excel Record your marks. R05 R07 2005 2006 2007 2009 ECE Mech Civil EEE CSE IT All Branches JNTU B.tech Percentage GPA Calculator This tool will help you quickly convert marks between different grading systems. Enter mark in the From field, select grading systems, and then click Convert . This is the undergraduate Grading Scale table used by the University of Western Ontario (UWO) with the addition of the equivalent 4.0 scale as per OMSAS 2016 Conversion Table Take the guesswork out of percent calculations. Welcome to OnlineConversion.com. Percent Calculator First, check how to convert degrees from your country in to the United States scale. Then use a simple calculator that will help you calculate the average GPA. If you want to see how the grades shall be converted between countries select the country from the list and click View

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Scholaro is an international GPA calculator that allows you to convert grades or points from any country to the U.S. grades and calculate GPA. Choose the country and grading scale, type your grades and find out your GPA. The tool also allows you to save the GPA report From the example of 5 point grading above, assuming final CGPA on a 5 point scale is 4.0, converting to percentage; we use this formula (CGPA-1.36)/0.036 because CGPA >=3.88 (4.0-1.36)/0.036 = 73.3% For some reasons you might want to convert your cummulative grade point average to percentage Thusly to figure the rate out of CGPA all you need to do is copy the CGPA by 9.5 and the relating will be your result. The proper reaction and change of 9.9 CGPA into rate will be 94.05%. The condition for finding the Percentage from CGPA is 9.5×CGPA This section offers step-by-step instructions on how to calculate GPA's for fellowships and admissions purposes. It also offers information on how to convert grades from foreign transcripts, allowing international degrees to be evaluated using the same GPA process and spreadsheet. The information featured in this section is also available in a PDF document, with examples

Your grade point average, or GPA, is the average of the grades you've earned in all of your courses. In order to calculate your GPA, each letter grade is assigned a point value and each course a credit value. Use the GPA calculator below to calculate your grade point average To find out the approximate percentage, multiply the CGPA with 9.5. that is, 9.7 x 9.5 = 82.65%. So, the approximate percentage obtained by a student is 82.65%. How to Convert CGPA to Percentage? So an indicative equivalent percentage of the grade point can be calculated as: Subject wise percentage = Grade point (GP) obtained by the student x 9. Now if we convert into the corresponding marks range, the guy with GPA 10 might get 550 aggregate marks while the guy with 9.8 might be getting 591 marks. That is the former has got 92 in each of 5 subjects and 90 in hindi and just managed to get a 10 while the latter got full in every subject and got a 91 in maths/social German Grade Calculator This simple German grade calculator converts the grades in GPA, percentage or american grading system (1.0-4.0) into German grading system (4.0-1.0) using Modified Bavarian Formula. Your score in percentage (1-100) or GPA (1-10) or American grading system (1-4) Best possible grade in your grading syste Anna University Online Cgpa calculator. Generally CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average.. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. Anna university follows grade point calculation(GPA) from 2008 regulation batch students instead of calculating percentage.. Calculate GPA manually is difficult and thus annauniversitycgpacalc.com has developed Anna university GPA calculator for all semesters

The GPA calculator computes an overall GPA score on a scale from 1 to 9 based on the actual grades that you have achieved for the papers/courses/subjects and their respective credit values. 2. You should enter data for relevant courses only The grade point average of all the courses taken during your career at UTSC. This includes failed Grade Grade Point Value Percentage Equivalent Definition A+ A A- 4.0 4.0 3.7 90-100 85-89 80-84 Excellent B+ B B- 3.3 3.0 How Do I Calculate a GPA? Below is an example worksheet that calculates Grade Point Average (GPA).. This tool will help you quickly convert marks between different grading systems. Enter mark in the From field, select grading systems, and then click Convert . The following table shows undergraduate grading system used by the University of Ottawa, ON, CA with the addition of the equivalent 4.0 scale as per OMSAS 2016 Conversion Table

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Calculator Use. Input the percent value that you would like to convert to a decimal. This calculator divides by 100 to convert percents to decimal values. How to Convert a Percent to a Decimal. Divide a percent by 100 and remove the percent sign to convert from a percent to a decimal. Example: 10% becomes 10/100 = 0.10; Example: 67.5% becomes. Comparing, say an A- average to a 93% average to a 3.5 GPA is much more difficult than converting the grades and percentages to the 4.0 scale and having three numbers that are easily comparable. Going through grades one by one: probably like sorting these noodles in order of height and width GPA Calculator; Use this GPA converter tool if your school does not use a 4.0 Grade point scale. Enter your current GPA. Select your GPA scale. Click on Convert to see your 4.0 scale GPA..

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Note: When a percentage is provided on the transcript, always use it instead of the grade point. Doing so will give you a more precise result. For example, a 91 or a 99 are both a 4.3, but there is a substantial difference between the two grades. By keeping the percentage score until the final conversion, the result will be as accurate as possible This article discusses the methodology for converting your percentage into a 4-point GPA as well as a 10-point GPA. How to Convert Percentage to GPA? Percentage to GPA Out of 4. The conversion table given below represents the GPA on a 4-point scale for a given category of percentages College GPA Calculator is an online web application that helps you to calculate your college, high school, or cumulative grade point average. Also, it's a free and easy-to-use tool. Just select the grades and enter credit hours and get the results within a second The academic results you use to calculate your GPA must be from AUT or other New Zealand universities. Your calculated GPA is an unofficial indication, and intended as a guideline for scholarship applications only. On this page: Before you use the calculator: information you need; Use the GPA calculator; How your GPA is calculate To convert your percentage of mark into the correct GPA value; there is a multitude of online calculators that do just that. By simply searching for a percentage to GPA calculator online. You will be able to convert your marks and get the GPA that you would have received if you were in a foreign university in the first place Convert your SGPI to CGPA and Percentage Converter - Mumbai University. Semester 1. Semester 2. Semester 3. Semester 4. Semester 5. Semester 6. Semester 7. Semester 8. Convert to Percentage.

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