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If your YouTube videos are not playing, don't hesitate to try the solutions mentioned in this article to get rid of the issue. No matter you are using a computer or a phone, you can always find a suitable method here. Should you have any questions when you deal with the issue,. To find out if it is a browser-specific problem or not, you should try playing YouTube videos on a different browser. Almost everyone has at least two browsers on his/her Mac. If not, download one and check. You can always uninstall it later if you don't clutter

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I cannot play youtube video in any internet browser after I upgraded to windows 10, and the display driver update and additional features notification keep on remind me to restart the computer even I already did. Can anyone help? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread If you're experiencing an issue with the YouTube TV app on your supported smart TV, media player, or game console - it may be a manufacturer issue. We recommend you check by opening another app on.. Problems with Browsers: YouTube videos may not play because of the browser's issues playing the videos. Although the problem is fixed more often than not by refreshing the page, it could still repeat itself as long as the browser is outdated or stocked with cache and cookies. (Fix YouTube not working on Chrome In this short video tutorial we will show you how to fix the YouTube videos won't play issue.Article link: https://www.easypcmod.com/how-to-fix-youtube-video.. If you encounter the YouTube not working on Xbox One issue on your computer, the first method you can try to fix it is to launch your YouTube app again. Here is a quick guide on how to do so. Step 1: If YouTube is available on the Home screen, just highlight that tile with your controller but don't select it

In most cases, the Problem of YouTube Videos not playing in Microsoft Edge browser can be fixed by clearing the browser cache. Open Microsoft Edge browser > click on 3-dots menu icon and select Settings in the drop-down menu. On the Settings screen, select Privacy, Search, and services tab in the left-pane Causes of YouTube Not Working in Chrome To get YouTube working again in the Chrome browser, you need to address the underlying problem. Issues that could prevent YouTube from playing videos include: Corrupted local data in the web browser So videos won't play in Firefox, but only when I'm signed into youtube, and work fine in Safari and Chrome, whether I'm signed in or not. This problem just started today, prior to this I've had no problems with youtube I. YouTube Video Stuck While Playing This is when your video starts playing smoothly, but along the way, it begins to stutter or stops buffering entirely, stuck. The major cause of your video getting stuck (playback error) in this way is most likely as a result of a broken internet connection

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  1. It shows all the contents but when playing it is only giving loading animation followed by a black screen. Done reset YouTube app 4 times as well as the TV. But no use. TV model Samsung UA43KU6470. My internet connection is 25 Mbps and there is no problem there. Even YouTube kids app not playing any videos. Amazon prime working fine
  2. For some time now, I am not able to play YouTube videos on any of my Roku players. Whenever i play a video, I see a message saying The video is restricted. Try signing in with a Google Apps account. Here are some details: 1) This is not adult content, these are just regular videos my kids are t..
  3. If your windows 10 won't play YouTube videos, in the first place, you should consider that whether your graphics card driver is out of date or not. If the YouTube video playback failure is caused by this problem, then what you need to do is to update your graphics card driver

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  1. Youtube and other websites don't work. Not even downloading the videos and playing them with the default player doesn't work. Installing VLC fixed the problem with downloaded videos but videos in Firefox / Chrome still don't work
  2. my dell inspiron 5559 stutters while playing video on youtube. I use other friends internet it plays fine. What is going on? Solved! YouTube does not work: Problem with Youtube on TV via WiFi: Solved! How to do is YouTube is not working in tcl tv 55 inch: Solved! YouTube 4k not working, only shows 1080p on Vizio 4k tv: Something wrong with Sony.
  3. Check if the YouTube videos not playing on Android issue still occurs. Make sure the phone has a Wi-Fi connection There are instances when the problem is caused by poor or no internet connectivity
  4. g Videos. Post by vlc_lover » Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:12 am . I'm on VLC 3.0.8 Vetinari. If I open a youtube link in the open network stream option, there's just a 2sec flicker of the play-progress bar and that's it. Occasionally it'll play 1 frame and stop. This used to work for many years and suddenly stopped in.
  5. If you have smartphone or computer that is not playing youtube videos, we have covered in this article step by step guide to fix the issue. Sometimes, when you open YouTube to play and watch videos, you may face different kinds of issues like YouTube black screen, Not Playing Youtube video, YouTube won't play, YouTube green screen and YouTube videos not loading, etc; these issues will stop.
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I've right clicked over the video to bring up the help menu, but it only allows me to check a box for video echo. Private videos does not play at all. These problems exist universally across the internet as most websites use YouTube as their video source. I can't even play the first video in the Let's get started info of Windows 10 Every time I try to watch a Youtube video off of Google Chrome, Youtube would crash and only show up a black screen with a white line across the top. Why You..

If your iPhone still won't play YouTube videos, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network if you can. If YouTube is not working one Wi-Fi network but does playf on another other, then there's probably a problem with the malfunctioning Wi-Fi network, not your iPhone Video streaming issues are often caused by network conditions or your internet connection. Check the following: Close the YouTube app, then re-open it and try again. Close other apps that may be running, such as Netflix® streaming series. Make sure your TV is connected to the internet If you are playing a downloaded YouTube video, try play the video on other devices to make sure the video is not damaged, and then check the user's manual to see whether the video format is supported by your TV. If not, you can convert YouTube video format with a video converting application on PC UPDATED: YouTube users in multiple regions around the world encountered issues in playing videos on the site Wednesday for more than an hour. The platform's TeamYouTube account acknowledged

Here we have discussed some easy to follow solutions to fix YouTube videos not playing issue. Reasons for YouTube videos not playing. The problem could be because of the YouTube server. It is also possible that an internet connections issue at your end is causing the problem. YouTube uses HTML5 video player to stream videos The scan only takes a few minutes, but it's worth doing to make sure there isn't any harmful software on your system that could be causing conflicts with playing YouTube videos. Other Fixes When YouTube Is Not Working. If all else fails, the YouTube video you're trying to view may be restricted in your region. A good workaround for this. I come up with this detailed guide, including causes and various solutions to the YouTube videos not playing in Chrome problem. Part 1. Chrome Doesn't Play YouTube Videos: The Possible Scenarios; Part 2. How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Chrome; Part 3. Best Free YouTube Video Player You Should Never Miss; Part 4 Youtube videos will not play; What could be causing Youtube to stop working in Firefox, giving just a black box instead of a video? Multimedia keys not working while Firefox is focused; Reporting extensions and themes for abuse; Fix video and audio playback problems on Firefox for Windows; Trackers and scripts Firefox blocks in Enhanced.

If YouTube videos won't play on your iPhone in Safari or in YouTube App, follow the tips in this part to fix the issue. Tip 1: Reset Network Settings In most of the cases, a poor network connection is the cause of the YouTube won't play on iPhone/iPad issue My tv is not playing videos on YouTube, everything is working fine when I search for something it displays the results, I can browse through videos but when I try to play it just shows loading and nothing happens I never had any issue like this before, I checked my internet connection, tried rein.. Hi all, hoping you can help me with an issue. My son is trying to watch a YouTube video on his Fire 10 tablet, and every video we click play on goes straight to a black video screen (rest of youtube functions fine), with a greyish circle with a black square in the middle broken a zig zag line in the square Method 1: Check Network Signal. When you meet the problems such as Windows 10 YouTube videos not playing or YouTube videos freeze resulted from the weak network connection, you can simply change or reconnect the network to fix the windows 10 videos not playing issue. As you know, YouTube provides many high-definition videos (8k, 4k, 2k, 1080P, etc.), which demands more bandwidth @Shashid22650411 @YouTube Hi Youtube i recently subscribe to premium through sheerID and i m trying to contact youtube recarding my account i am not getting support from either your teams. Each of you guys play blame games. please solve my issue Thankyou Shash

Watching YouTube videos on your iPhone is quite convenient and enjoyable. However, there may be times you have found yourself in a situation when YouTube videos not playing on your iPhone YouTube videos not playing suddenly Follow. sledmass November 11, 2013 22:40. Suddenly YouTube videos will not play in my household. The YouTube website loads but videos won't play. Oddly enough, the ads will play at the start of the videos. I added YouTube to my whitelist but still nothing PS4 YouTube Not Working March 2021 As you can see from Down Detector, PS4 YouTube functionality is currently experiencing problems in the sense that folk are unable to watch videos at all This is the most common cause of videos not playing on iPods. Luckily, it is also the easiest problem to fix. To stream a video and watch it live through YouTube requires strong and steady internet connection This should get rid of the freezing issue with almost all browsers and you should be able to play your Youtube videos normally. Solution 9: Using Workarounds. Apparently, restarting the Graphics Driver fixes the issue but most users report that it only does so for a short period of time. This, however, fixes the issue and many users are able to.

There is a huge lot of problems with YouTube videos playing in the Windows 10 system. You must have done everything you could with your computer to let the YouTube Videos play on Windows 10, but it won't. You must have visited the website of YouTube, clicked on the video you want to watch and waited forever to wait, and it did not play Or else, you are trying to play 4K high-resolution videos of the VP9 format in Safari which only supports H.265 videos. Sometimes it can be just the faulty network connection that leads to online videos not playing on MacBook Pro. How to Fix the Problem of YouTube Videos Not Playing on MacBook Pro Fix: YouTube Videos Not Playing on Android If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption I know YouTube has its fare number of issues, but a video platform not displaying video is just unacceptable (unless you want to play audio only).If you are currently just seeing a black screen on YouTube while the sound plays (or not even that), then you are not alone The problem lies with your youtube account that's spread across multiple devices. If you're on xbox you'll have a black screen where the video just won't play. To fix this you'll need to open youtube on another device, play the video and move the playback navigator all the way to the end of the video

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But, YouTube videos won't play, such as YouTube black screen problem, burrly videos, videos not loading, if your selected video quality is higher than its original upload quality. To be specific, some videos were recorded based on the standard definition so that they are not available in the high definition So playing Youtube video on Amazon Kindle Fire is becoming a hot topic. Most Youtube video is FLV video formats, obviously, this video format is not supported by Amazon Kindle Fire. Share our secret with you: We have found the ways to play Youtube video on Amazon Kindle Fire at below, hope they are helpful for you @pianogirl1,. Welcome to the HP Forums I would like to take a moment and thank you for using this forum, it is a great place to find answers. For you to have the best experience on the HP forum, you could also visit our HP Forums Guide for First Time Here?Learn How to Post and More.I see from your post that you are having issues while watching videos online on your HP notebook Trouble playing youtube videos Okay so I have recently bought an Inspiron 15 i3 laptop and I've started having a few problems playing videos on both google chrome and microsoft edge. I downloaded the latest adobe flash and that didnt help, the video appears to load but just never starts playing

ACER aspire ES 15 Internet and youtube video problems. DPC Watchdog Violation crash every time I watch a youtube video for more than 5 mins. Choppy video 1080p .mkv file with vlc (no audio problems; no issues playing 1080p YouTube videos) Using Chrome: YouTube Videos and other video websites AUDIO garbled. Solved! Youtube Horizontal Tearin PS3 YouTube App freezes - the app functions fine up until you try to play a video, and it freezes after a few seconds while some videos will not play at all. Solution: The fix is fairly simple. From the PS3 menu, delete YouTube profile data and reconnect to account using the app Youtube videos are not playing I am having a issue with youtube videos not playing after the latest software update 05CD. trying to find out what is wrong and fix the problem I went to check parental control and found out web videos were blocked. so i unblocked them. and they are still not working Here are a few ways to fix YouTube video not playing on Android: 1. Clear YouTube App Cache. This way should most probably work if you are facing any errors while playing videos in the YouTube app. To clear the YouTube app's cache, head to Settings->Apps->YouTube and in the YouTube app info page, tap on Storage YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform. It is not new that people are complaining about the problem YouTube wont play on iPad.Here, you can try different solutions to fix this problem in different cases

Youtube videos in windows 8.1 will not play. If I google something for you tube it usually will not play. The you tube screen appears but it refuses to play. I found that if I go and sign in to you tube and do a search, sometimes it will play. It seems nobody here has the answer. I am running windows 8.1 and internet explorer 11 There's nothing more annoying than watching a video on YouTube, and expecting more similar videos to play afterwards, only to find that the room goes silent and that nothing happens. If autoplay is not working for you the next time you're trying to watch videos on YouTube, then try one of the methods that follow Why are Youtube videos not playing properly on chrome? 4. Youtube videos are slow? 2. YouTube not playing. Hot Network Questions How close could a RADAR/radio telescope be constructed near a town? Why the p-value of t.test() is not statistically significant when mean values look really different Making friends in academia and building. Step 1. Import the Videos to the Kindle Fire Video Formats Converter. To solve the Kindle Fire won't play videos problem, firstly, launch the easy-to-use video formats converter on your computer, then select Converter, click Add Files to add your desired videos to the program, or you can just drag and drop them to the Video Converter interface We have a TCL roku TV that we got in November 2019. All of a sudden about a month ago it stopped playing YouTube. We've reset the TV, deleted YouTube and added it back, did a complete reset from the back of the TV etc. It keeps displaying the message The channel did not launch, please try again lat..

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Question: Q: Videos will not play on Macbook, solution? I've had my Macbook Pro for about 2 years now and videos simply will not play on my computer. Youtube videos are just a black box, and when I use VLC it simply is blank with sound coming out I had the same issue on my Mac the past couple of months, videos not playing on chrome, YouTube. I found your on google and follow the given methods to fix my problem. It works. Thanks for the wonderful information sharing! Reply. Sumona Chatterjee June 28, 2019 Note: The YouTube app may not work on some of our older models. For more information visit, YouTube App No Longer Works. Note: Please make sure your firmware is up to date. For assistance updating your firmware, visit Updating Your Firmware.. Most YouTube related issues can be solved by a few common troubleshooting steps

If your Xbox One shows a black screen when it begins playing a Blu-ray disc, changing its video mode to disable Allow 24Hz option may fix it. Here's what you must do: -Press the Xbox button to. It's only started happening in the last 2-3 days max, and strangely not for all youtube videos, about 20% play fine. That's a nifty little trick, but I use youtube quite a bit so probably not ideal. Plus I do require an ad blocker for general use, and it seems as if the problem remains even if I exempt YT from ad blocking

When YouTube videos not playing on your iPhone/iPad/iPod or computer, and you are looking for a method to fix it, hope you could find this article. From this post, you can get an clear understanding why YouTube video not playing and find a suitable way to fix video buffering issue on YouTube Another reason why you can't watch YouTube videos on any browser in Windows 10 is an outdated or corrupted graphics card driver. To update your device driver: Press Windows + X and choose Device Manager from the menu. Expand Display adapters and select the name of your graphics card

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  1. Possible Reasons For Youtube Videos Not Playing Bad internet connection: The reason may seem basic, but sometimes there are instances when we do not notice how the connection speed drops. It is possible that it has dropped to such a value that videos could not be obtained in your system memory
  2. You wanted to watch a video on YouTube. You clicked the video on YouTube and a video player popped up. You were waiting for the video to load and play. But after a while you found that there was nothing playing on your screen. The YouTube video player was black! In fact, this is a quite common problem — many YouTube users have got this.
  3. If you're having trouble watching videos on YouTube right now, you're not alone - our team is aware of the issue and working on a fix. We'll follow up here with any updates. — TeamYouTube..
  4. Some of the most common problems found on YouTube includes, the video doesn't start (load),video loads slowly,video gets stuck,video player is blank with no video. So why YouTube Videos not playing in Ubuntu

Try install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package. It installs all the non-free media codecs that allows you to play videos or music. Search for that in the software center, and then install it. You can install Flash and ubuntu-restricted-extras together if you want 1 Right-click in the middle of the video below (or on the on the video you're having issues with) 2 Click Settings 3 Click the left-most tab 4 Uncheck the 'Enable hardware acceleration' checkbox to disable hardware acceleration

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  1. Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Windows PC. July 27, 2018 By karan. The importance of Youtube needn't be discussed in this text. It has answers to almost all of our problems, the entertainment part apart. However, users report that they are unable to play Youtube videos on their system. While the issue is specifically with one website, once.
  2. utes)...
  3. One has to distinguish between recommendations that are displayed at the end of the video, when it is not playing anymore, and recommendations that are displayed while the video is still playing. A click on a suggested video plays a recommended video right away on YouTube
  4. Some YouTube videos are streamed by Adobe Flash Player. If the Adobe or Flash player on PS3 browser is outdated, it will not be able to play the videos correctly. If your PS3 has not installed the flash program, you will have to download from the website and install it on your PS3. 3
  5. Change the quality of the video Once you see your connection speed, you'll want to make sure it matches up to YouTube's recommended sustained speed for acceptable video playback. For example, if..
  6. Go back to the video tab and search for whatever it is you want to watch. Now when you see the thumbnail of the video you want, click on the thumbnail NOT the link underneath. The thumbnail should..

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  1. If your video is too large or too small; you may have zoomed in or zoomed out accidentally. As the video plays, click on the gear icon, then go to video settings. You must look for the Zoom amount option - in case it's anything other than 1.0, it's what's causing the issue. Also, ensure that the View mode is set to Normal
  2. A couple years ago youtube.com informed us that the youtube icon on our first gen Ipad would no longer be functional. However we could still access youtube videos by going there via Safari and youtube videos sent to us as an email link would work fine
  3. I cannot connect the YouTube app on my Amazon fire TV: Here is the solution Step by Step:1. youtube not working on firestick 20202. firestick settings not lo..
  4. g quality for both Android and iOS users. Even the videos that are uploaded in 4K resolutions can on
  5. BSOD when playing YouTube videos Hi All, thanks in advance for your help :D I have a brand new pc, Haven't had any issues with it even playing new higher end games like Thief. But I have got a BSOD twice now, and they both occurred under the same circumstances. When watching a video on youtube (this dosnt happen 99.9% of... BSOD Help and.
  6. (QuickTime videos play fine.) I have had my internet connections checked by my provider, and the speed is very good, and the configuration is OK, so they do not understand why I am having trouble. When I try to play YouTube videos, I get a slideshow, with a new frame every 2 or 3 seconds

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The page loads on YouTube but the video doesn't play. I know I started a topic on this a few days ago, but it's back. Sometimes it can take several minutes before the video plays. Running v1.6.689.40 Very confused The most common YouTube problems include videos not loading, videos not playing, black screen, etc. understanding the said problems would help you to reach a solution and fix the issue. 1. YouTube Videos Not Playing on iPhone/iPad. There can be various reasons why YouTube videos are not playing on your iPhone/iPad

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An unstable or slow Internet connection can keep high-quality YouTube videos, such as live events, TV series, and flicks, from playing smoothly. But again, your Internet speed should not be a big problem because you can always choose to watch videos at a lower quality. To do it, follow these steps: Launch Safari. Open the video you want to watch Yahoo Answers is shutting down on May 4th, 2021 (Eastern Time) and the Yahoo Answers website is now in read-only mode. There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account After that, select All Applications from the drop-down menu and then tap on Video. After that, tap Force Stop and then, finally, Clear Data. Your Kindle Fire may be trying to play multiple videos at the same time so clearing all data in the video application will eliminate any logjams preventing you from streaming Video Pins will play on your desktop when they're halfway on the screen. Sound may play when the video is in close up based on your browser settings. To stop videos from playing automatically on your desktop, you can edit your settings

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'Recovered video files not playing' is a common problem discussed in most of the forums. There are other video issues as well that are quite frequent such as 'videos not playing on Windows PC or Mac', 'videos won't play on Android phone, YouTube or Facebook', etc. This function loads the specified video's thumbnail and prepares the player to play the video. The player does not request the FLV until playVideo() or seekTo() is called.. The required videoId parameter specifies the YouTube Video ID of the video to be played. In the YouTube Data API, a video resource's id property specifies the ID.; The optional startSeconds parameter accepts a float/integer. Youtube released an update (v11.16.62) which is causing Playback issues for some Youtube videos inside Mobile Roadie's Android apps. Affected devices will display 'There was a problem while playing' the video when attempting playback inside the Mobile Roadie App . Resolving Youtube Video Playback Issue on Androi

Fix: YouTube Videos Not Playing in Microsoft Edg

Sometimes it's the Chrome who is incompatible to play videos that are imported from Google Drive whereas sometimes it's the video itself causing the issue. Whatever be the reason, we need to fix the issue in order to get our presentation issue sorted The video may just show a blank window, a white window, or a black window, even though the sound plays correctly. Some systems may experience hesitation problems with the video, where it continually starts and stops instead of playing smoothly. Videos only play in the large or expanded mode. The normal mode videos do not play. CAUS Before solving the VLC not playing YouTube videos from URL issue, let us see why people prefer VLC to play videos from YouTube. Some of the advantages are; Play YouTube videos without annoying ads. Watch videos while you are doing something else on your computer by putting VLC always on top. Take screenshot from videos. Better viewing pleasure

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