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All iPhone 4S have a side slot for the SIM Card Tray. iPhone 4 CDMA (Verizon and Sprint) do not have a SIM Tray. If no SIM location then the iPhone is CDMA only iPhone 4. Was this answer helpful From the right edge of the device, remove the SIM card tray. Utilize the SIM eject tool (or paperclip) to unlock the tray by inserting it into the provided slot. Remove the SIM card from the SIM card tray. If applicable, refer to Insert the SIM Card Every iPhone has a SIM card slot on its right side. That slot houses a tray that holds your iPhone's SIM card. That SIM card lets your phone connect to your carrier so that you can make and get mobile data. You might never need to access your SIM card if you bought your iPhone with one pre-installed from the carrier If the iPhone 4 is from Verizon it DOES NOT have a sim card tray. What the sales person told your sister is accurate, the iPhone does not have a slot for an SD card which is an storage card mainly used to store all sorts of data such as pictures, videos and more Place a new SIM card in the tray. Align the cut corner of the SIM card with the cut corner of the outline in the tray. Make sure the metal part of the SIM card is facing down.

The entry titled ICCID is your SIM card number. If your iPhone will not power on, you can eject the side SIM tray using a SIM tool or a push pin to get your SIM card number (ICCID). Simply push the pin or tool into the small hole next to the tray and it should eject, revealing the SIM. You can check your phone's compatibility here The iPhone 4s uses a micro-sim, the iPhone 8 uses a nano-sim. Your SIM card from the 4s will not physically fit into the 8. You will either need to get a new SIM card, or have the existing one trimmed by either your carrier or by the shop where.

nano-SIM: The nano-SIM debuted in the iPhone 5 in 2012. The nano-SIM is about 12% smaller than the micro-SIM. The nano-SIM is about 12% smaller than the micro-SIM. eSIM: This SIM card is built into a phone and can be programmed for uses, including as a secondary SIM to let one phone have two phone numbers or phone companies After the iPhone 4S was announced, it was considered by some media to be a disappointment, due to the expected release of an iPhone 5. There were no external differences between the iPhone 4 CDMA model and the iPhone 4S, with the exception of a SIM card slot on the iPhone 4S Hold your iPhone upright with the screen facing you. Use this method to remove the SIM card from the iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 (all models), iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and 5s, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4

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  1. If you cut or modify your SIM card to fit a different device model, you might not be able to connect to cellular networks or access certain features using that device. If you get a new iPhone and your old SIM card won't fit, contact your carrier to move your account to the SIM card that came with your iPhone. Or ask how to get a new SIM card if.
  2. If you would like to use the PIN in APPLE iPhone 4S, then stay with us and learn how to use settings to activate SIM lock protection in APPLE iPhone 4S. Follow our tutorial and lock SIM card easily. At the very beginning, unlock your APPLE iPhone 4S and get into Settings. In the second step, select Security & privacy
  3. Which iPhones Can Use International SIM Cards. The ease of using an international SIM card on your iPhone on a trip outside North America can be particularly useful whether it is a business trip or a retreat with your family and friends for a few days. However, in order for you to use an international SIM card on your iPhone, it must be equipped with a SIM card slot

Global usage is one of the added capabilities found on the new iPhone 4S that was released in October. Based on the information that you have provided, the iPhone that you have is the original iPhone 4. The easiest way to visually confirm is the SIM tray located on the right side of the device. If there is not a SIM tray then it's the iPhone 4 First turn the power off on your Apple iPhone 4S. Locate the SIM card slot located on the righthand side of the phone opposite the volume buttons and mute switch. Next press a paperclip, pin or a SIM-ejection tool which was supplied with the iPhone 4S in the small hole next to the SIM card tray. Pop open the SIM card tray iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS: Look between the sleep/wake button and the headphone jack at the top of the phone for a slot with a tiny hole in it. This is the tray that holds the SIM card. iPhone 4 and newer: On the iPhone 4 and newer, the SIM tray is on the right side of the phone, near the sleep/wake (or Side) button.The iPhone 4 and 4S use a microSIM Sim Card Ejector - LeBeila Sim Card Removal Tool Sim Card Tray Open Eject Pin Remover for Most Smartphone, Huawei, Samsung, iPhone 3G 3GS 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 6 Plus 6S 6S 7 8 Plus (12PCS-Stainless Steel) 4.2 out of 5 stars 1 Apple® iPhone® 4s - Remove SIM Card heading Removing/Inseting a SIM is helpful when receiving activation errors (SIM not detected/Not valid/failure/not recognized/misaligned), having trouble with the browser or have a blank/frozen screen

Update your shipping location Lebara Micro Sim-Card for iPhone 4/4S, Galaxy S3/S4 - PAYG - Cheap Int'l Calls. Brand New. C $1.71. or Best Offer 378 product ratings - NYturbo iPhone Unlock Sim Card For iPhone 11 Max XS X 8 7 6S SE iOS 14 R Lot. C $6.94 to C $194.58. Buy It No Your iPhone's SIM number is technically called the ICCID, which stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. It usually consists of 19 or 20 characters, and is both printed on your SIM card and.

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  1. g whether or not it's SIM locked and if they'd be willing to unlock it for me
  2. IPhone 4 Sim Card, iPhone 5 Sim Card, iPhone 4S Sim Card, iPhone 5S Sim Card, iPhone 3GS Sim Card, Nano Micro Sim Card, Apple Sim Card, Metro PCS Sim Card, iPhone Sim Card Size, iPhone 4 Sim Card Slot, iPhone Sim Card Tray, iPhone X Sim Card, Sim Card Number, iPhone 4 Sim Card Verizon, Insert Sim Card iPhone, iPhone 8 Sim Card, Sim Card for iPhone, iPhone Sim Card Removal, Nano Sim Card.
  3. Thank you so much for reaching out to us. The iPhone 4s will only work on the 3G network. It is not compatible on our 4G LTE network. The sim card slot in the 4S is for global travels. I hope this is able to answer your questions. Please keep us posted if you have any other questions or concerns. KevinR_VZW Follow us on Twitter @VZWSuppor
  4. How to Insert and Remove the SIM Card in an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S uses a micro-SIM card. To insert and remove a SIM card on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, do these: 1. Locate the micro-SIM card tray placed on the right side of your device. 2

Every iPhone has a SIM card slot on its right side. That slot houses a tray that holds your iPhone's SIM card. That SIM card lets your phone connect to your carrier so that you can make and get mobile data. Every iPhone has a SIM card slot on its right side. That slot houses a tray that holds your iPhone's SIM card The SIM card in the iPhone is removable, but it's hidden. To remove the SIM card, you need a paper clip. To remove the iPhone 4 SIM card, scroll down to the bottom for instructions Reset Location Warnings; Confirm selection.. Memory and SIM cards . SIM card. This device supports a micro size SIM card. Take a simple paper clip and make it straight. Check the right side of your phone to locate the SIM tray. Insert the pin into the small hole and push it slightly until the tray pops-out. Now pull out the SIM card tray with.

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  1. How to Open the SIM Tray on iPhone. This wikiHow teaches you how to open the SIM card tray on an iPhone. You will need the SIM extractor tool that came in the box with your iPhone or paper clip to eject the SIM card tray. Power off the..
  2. Locate your SIM card slot: For most smartphones and Moxee Mobile Hotspot: remove the back panel and battery from your phone and you should see a SIM card slot. For iPhones and some other phones: look for the slide-out SIM tray on the top or side of your phone. Insert the tip of a SIM tray tool or a small paper clip to open it
  3. Now, accessing the SIM card applications is an easy task if you have an Android device - an icon depicting a SIM card appears in the app drawer, and the user just needs to tap it. But on an iPhone, these apps are accessible in a different way
  4. As you were told by razmee209, the iPhone does not store any contact data on the SIM card as other phones use to. This is by design. Contacts are saved in the Contact application on the phone, and can be synced to Address book, or Windows Contacts, or Outlook on the computer
  5. Just turn it over, and it should be visible below the Apple logo. If you have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM model), or an iPhone 4S, then this number can be found on the SIM tray rather than the SIM card itself. Pop it open, just as you would if you were trying to look at the card. The number should be visible, engraved on the tray
  6. The SIM slot is gone. According to Apple, the SIM card and SIM tray were the only user-serviceable parts in the AT&T iPhone 4. Apple now says iPhone does not contain any user-serviceable parts. We believe you have the right to repair your own hardware, and we'll have a repair guide available right away
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Using iPhone GPS without a sim card . GPS function works without a SIM card installed, but only the GPS apps from the app store that display location as latitude/longitude/altitude will work without the SIM. It will take longer to find the satellite signal and it will only work out in the open because without the SIM the GPS must function. There's a SIM tray on the right side that holds a third form factor (3FF) micro-SIM card. See the tech specs for iPhone 4s. iPhone 4. Year introduced: 2010 (GSM), 2011 (CDMA) Capacity: 8, 16, 32 GB Colors: Black and white Model number on the back cover: A1349, A1332 The original iPhone changed the smartphone game and when the iPhone 4 debuted, it changed the SIM card game. There was now something called a MicroSIM. It was smaller and slimmer, and it had people everywhere asking about iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s SIM card size. Then the iPhone 5 came along with the even more bite-sized NanoSIM Removing the iPhone 4 SIM card is a simple procedure with the right tool. A paper clip. Follow our directions below to remove the iPhone 4 SIM card

There is a small size programme of less than 2Mb called 'Tinyumbrella'. Download it and run, it has a row for IMEI and it will show you. Besides it saves your SHSH just in case you have installed a newer version of Apple's IOS and you want to go back to the previous version, and the most interesting thing about it is that it does not install anything on your system Use a tool to remove the SIM tray on your iPhone and simply see the IMEI and the serial number displayed on the iPhone SIM tray. This method works for iPhone 7 Plus, 7, 8, 8 Plus, X, 6S, 6S Plus, 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G. iPhone IMEI on SIM tray. If you own another device or your SIM tray was replaced, we recommend you to try the next method to find.

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  1. How to Hide Number / My Caller ID in APPLE iPhone 4S? How to Add / Remove / Edit Icons in the Control Centre in APPLE iPhone 4S? How to Enable / Change / Disable Location Settings in APPLE iPhone 4S? How to Import Contacts from SIM Card to APPLE iPhone 4S? How to Record Screen in APPLE iPhone 4S; How to Manage Notification Settings in APPLE.
  2. The third generation iPhone design known as iPhone 4 came with a micro SIM card. It is easy to modify a full size SIM card to fit in a micro SIM card tray on the iPhone 4 but not the opposite. You can buy some full size SIM card trays that can hold a micro SIM for the new iPhone 4 SIM design
  3. Apple iPhone 4s smartphone. Announced Oct 2011. Features 3.5″ display, Apple A5 chipset, 8 MP primary camera, 1432 mAh battery, 64 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass
  4. During opening iPhone 4 of resetting SIM card to the new mobile phone, make sure the gold surface to the ground. Press with little pressure to lock it perfectly. When you are in emergence with iPhone passcode forgotten situations, you can pull the SIM card to another mobile phone. 3. Open iPhone 4 Totally to Handle Display. If you have changed.
  5. Okay I've read so much here's the easiest solution it takes a second. Okay mostly find most phones where originally at &t or tmobile in uk and it has mostly happened on the jailbroke or unlocked 3GS after the updates , even if jailbroke this will work , if you factory reset your iPhone and now it won't recognise sim all you have to do is ask a freind to let you use there tmobile or AT&T sim it.
  6. It also is worth noting that the hole to push out the SIM card is on the bottom of the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS and is on the right hand side toward the middle of the device for the GSM-equipped iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4S and all subsequent models
  7. If you cut or modify your SIM card to fit a different device model, you might not be able to connect to cellular networks or access certain features using that device. If you get a new iPhone and your old SIM card won't fit, contact your carrier to move your account to the SIM card that came with your iPhone. Or ask how to get a new SIM card if.
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All iPhones utilize the nano-SIM card size and have the SIM card in a similar location to the iPhone 5, on the right hand edge of your iPhone. There are many questions about removing the iPhone 5 SIM card because it was Apple's first ultra-slim design, but you still follow the same procedure to remove the SIM card from an iPhone 5 as you. The Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) is the best way to check for iPhone water damage conditions. On newer iPhones, the LCI is located in the same slot as the SIM card. On older models of the iPhone (4s and earlier), you'll find LCIs in the headphone jack, charging port, or both According to the support page, the iPhone 4S may have difficulty recognizing a micro-SIM card, and will subsequently display Invalid SIM and No SIM Card installed alerts or No Service and.

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According to Apple, the SIM card and SIM tray were the only user-serviceable parts in the AT&T iPhone 4. Apple now says iPhone does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Lack of SIM card slot and GSM support preclude this model from being used on majority of international cellular networks Apple designed iPhone to be incredibly simple to use. Nevertheless, there may be times that you could use a little help. iPhone Support. The iPhone Support (Opens in a new window) page contains a wealth of information to help you learn more about iPhone capabilities, including the iPhone User Guide, technical support articles, troubleshooting tips, and customer discussion forums

Unplug your old iPhone when done. Turn off your old iPhone. Take your SIM card out of your old iPhone. (If you don't have a new or separate SIM card for your new phone.) Wait for the backup to complete before proceeding. Put your SIM card into your new iPhone. (If it didn't come with a new or different SIM card.) Turn on your new iPhone 1 Take out the SIM tray from your iPhone and insert the SIM card you want to use together with the UB SIM 14 chip. It's different based on the model, please check the photos below: A) Insert UB SIM in iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS MAX & XR. B) Insert UB SIM in iPhone XS, X, 8+, 8, 7+, 7, 6S+, 6S, 6+, 6, SE. Reassemble your iPhone 4S. To reassemble your iPhone 4S you can follow all these steps in reverse order or you can watch our reassembly video guide above. We recommend using both in conjunction with each other. The reassembly video is a complete teardown from the screen down so you won't need to watch the entire thing to complete reassembly of.

An iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus typically has its own Micro SIM or Nano SIM card. These let you call friends and family members by letting you connect to your mobile network. Android models - Those who prefer Android devices for their phone calls have many other options for SIM cards IPhone 4 Cricket Sim Card, iPhone 5 Sim Card, iPhone 4S Sim Card, iPhone 5S Sim Card, iPhone 3GS Sim Card, Nano Micro Sim Card, Apple Sim Card, Metro PCS Sim Card, iPhone Sim Card Size, iPhone 4 Sim Card Slot, iPhone Sim Card Tray, iPhone X Sim Card, Sim Card Number, iPhone 4 Sim Card Verizon, Insert Sim Card iPhone, iPhone 8 Sim Card, Sim Card for iPhone, iPhone Sim Card Removal, Nano Sim. Item Location. see all. NEW Gevey Pro ICCID+MNC MODE UNLOCK SIM CARD CHIP FOR ALL IPHONES ON IOS 14.4. $11.99. Gevey Ultra S SIM For All iOS Versions. For Apple iPhone 4S. FAST FREE SHIPPING. $11.00. Free shipping. 5 Pcs Gevey Pro 13.4.1 This Works On Latest IOS 14.2 ICCID MNC Unlock R-SIM A problem with your iPhone's SIM card can stop it connecting to your carrier's cellular network. If your iPhone says No Service, remove the SIM card then put it back in again. Your iPhone should reconnect to the network. Check Your Location. Take a moment to consider your physical location

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Brand new SIM card tray for iPhone 4 or 4s. It comes with a steel SIM card tray ejector pin as it is shown in the product picture. Product information Package Dimensions 4.7 x 2.8 x 0.2 inches Item Weight 0.353 ounces ASIN B004Z4UG1U Item model number 1387-1332-SIM Customer Reviews New leaks of alleged iPhone 7 components reveal a variety of updates coming to the next generation handset. A collection of images have been leaked from repair company Rock Fix, including components that point to dual-SIM card support.The capability to install two separate SIM cards is a popular feature in some Asian markets If you are looking to copy just a few contacts from your iPhone to your SIM card, you can email them to an Android phone and then export them to the SIM. The steps below should help: Step 1: In your iPhone Contacts app, locate the contacts you want to copy to SIM card. Select Share Contact. Share them via email

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You can return the iPhone 4S AND get a brand new iPhone 4 if you have not used more the 30 mins nd ur are under the 15 day policy. If you are going to sell it to someone and get a brand new iPhone 4 from someone else then no you will NOT have any penalties from Rogers for that. Yes you can use the same sim card that you used with the iPhone 4S Get your prepaid sim card and your telephone number. You can have your connection almost immediately (within 10 minutes). Sim card with Turkcell costs about 30 TL. You should close your i-phone to 3G and data transfer to avoid excessive charges in Turkey. Just use the WiFi option on the phone for internet access from any free WiFi locations If iTunes does not ask you to install a SIM card, you can select Set up as a new iPhone and tap on Continue on your device. After that, the iPhone activation will start in iTunes. Step 5. When the process is done, you need to set up some options on your iPhone, including location, password, App & Data, Apple ID, etc. Step 6. Once all the. Hard reset iPhone 5S Hard reset iPhone 6 Plus Hard reset iPhone SE Hard reset iPhone 8 Plus Hard reset iPhone 11 Pro Max Hard reset iPhone Xs Max Hard reset iPhone 4S Hard reset iPhone X Hard reset iPhone 6S Hard reset iPhone 7 Plus more.. So i bought a att r225 gophone with a 50unlimited card. cause i needed a phone bad. but then the phone was too small for my fingers so, i decided to buy a iphone 3gs used. From what i saw on the internet and youtube people were able to use their iphones as gophones so i was like why not try it. i put my gophone sim card in my iphone but then it said no service

AT&T FACTORY Micro 4G LTE sim card for iphone 4 / 4s samsung galaxy S 4/5 Note 4. $3.49. Free shipping. Watch. Perfect Unlock Turbo Sim Card for iPhone XS X 8 7 6S 6 Plus 5 SE iOS 11 12 GPP. $2.20. $0.52 shipping. or Best Offer. 353 sold. Watch. Item Location. see all. Default. Withi Straight Talk Nano SIM Card for iPhone 5 5c and 5s At&t Compatible GSM PHONES. 4.7 out of 5 stars (167) Total Ratings 167, Straight Talk AT&T LTE Micro SIM Card for iPhone 4 4S Galaxy S5 S4 Note 3 4. 4.8 out of 5 stars (45) Total Ratings 45, 91% agree - Would recommend. Item Location. see all I lost my iphone , now it is switched off , i want to know the last active location of my phone or sim card. how do I unlock my straighttalk iphone 5s to activate service again using straight talk: Can i use a prepaid sim kit to activate an AT&T iPhone 6, that is on installment plan and not paid off? My iphone 5s is activated with straight talk NSA 2-Pack Conversion adapter - Nano SIM MicroSIM Conversion adapter For iPhone 5 4S 4 Nanoshimu , SIM card orMicroSIM MicroSIM , SIM card + SIM pin 4-piece set - Black Average Rating: ( 3.0 ) stars out of 5 stars 1 ratings , based on 1 review

Ordered online and picked it up at the store .I bought A phone from groupon and installed the nano sim card. I called family mobile and gave them my SIM card no. And that was it.it works great.The only bad thing was the instore pickup.3 people in line,took 35 minute Here's How to Get the Most Money for Your Old iPhone 4 or 4S How To: Remove the SIM card from an iPhone News: New Tool Makes It Easy to Check if a Phone Was Lost or Stolen News: Apple Releases iOS 13 Developer Beta 2 with Config Profile OTAs, Plus Controls & New Effect for Portrait Lighting.

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All new model iPhone have the SIM card tray on the side of the iPhone. Much older iPhone models had the SIM card tray on the bottom of the iPhone. The short video below demonstrates opening a SIM card slot on an iPhone, as you can see the entire process is very fast If you're not sure of the exact location of the SIM tray on your iPhone, this Apple article will help you find it: Remove the SIM card from your iPhone or iPad. 2. Inspect The SIM Card, SIM Tray, And Inside Your iPhone. Take a close look at the SIM Card and SIM Tray for any damage Now, accessing the SIM card applications is an easy task if you have an Android device - an icon depicting a SIM card appears in the app drawer, and the user just needs to tap it. But on an iPhone, these apps are accessible in a different way If you want to use an iPhone without SIM card, you can do so by using the most known method. And by far, this also has got to be the easiest. Setup your iPhone the normal way. Install SIM card on your iPhone and go through the usual process of setting up. Select your Country or Region and connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi Network 2. Try a clean jailbroken iPhone (no provisioning profiles installed). Test your sim card in a different phone. If both the sim card and the iPhone appear to be activated and configured correctly, you may have a hardware issue on your iPhone. That's not terribly likely but it is possible

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A common problem in the iPhone 4S, sometimes the Wi-Fi button will be grayed out and unclickable. This problem seems to be related to thermal shock — the problem may be temporarily fixed by simply putting the phone in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, or under a lamp for 30 minutes. Step 14 SIM Card . Use a SIM eject tool or a paperclip to. I bought an Iphone SE to replace my iphone 4s. After receiving my new device I ordered a new 4G sim card from Verizon to activate the new phone. When I go to the page to activate bring my own device to an existing line, I can't select my device as an option. It only says activate new sim. So w.. I have an old 3G and wanted to test a friends sim card. When i finished i just put the empty tray back into the iPhone without noticing is was the wrong way round. It went in very easily and then got stuck. No way to pull it out. As luketrev suggested a managed to put the sim card in the half inserted tray and then it was released iPhoneForums.net is a community dedicated to the Apple iPhone. We discuss various topics including iPhone Help, iPhone Reviews, iPhone Apps, iPhone Accessories (such as iPhone Keyboards, iPhone Cases, iPhone Covers), iPhone Games and more. iPhoneForums.net is not affiliated with Apple. We are an enthusiast site dedicated to everything Apple iPhone

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Try this: Instead of telling everyone who hasn't got the original sim that activation of the iphone is easy using a phonebook sim card, i made this video to show you all how it works , Use any phonebook sim card, they are there in Radio Shack, mobile phone shops or any mobile tech stores.Any phone book simcard will do the trick, no need for programmable sims, all those phonebook sims used to. I know I'm a bit late in this thread but I'm havig same problem. I synched new iphone 4S with itunes etc yesterday at 1200 but old phone and SIM are still active and new iphone still has no service. I thought I'd tag on end of this thread as you moderators seem to be able to push things along a bit. Let me know if you need any more info from me So has anyone found the SIM card location? I compared IPhone 5 and IPhone 4S speed wise. IPhone 5 is way faster although they both have 4G. So why is it a problem for Tesla to have an identical system like IPhone 5 and everybody would be happy! 0. Yvesn7. December 2012 edited November -1

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iPhone No Sim card installed, Invalid SIM card or SIM card failure after water damage We all know water is one of the biggest enemies of any smartphone out there. If your iPhone got in touch with water , you need to turn it off first, unplug all the cables, and wipe the water off iPhone SE is splash, water, and dust resistant and was tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes). Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear Currently, you can pick up a 256-gigabyte microSD card for around $170, while an iPhone 7 with 256-gigabytes of storage costs $849, compared to $649 for an iPhone 7 with only 32 gigabytes This is the iPhone 4S introduced by Tim Cook at Apple's 'Let's talk iPhone' event on October 4th 2011. It is very similar to the iPhone 4 (iPhone3,3). Compared to the iPhone 4 (iPhone3,3), the iPhone 4S contains an updated GOBI GSM/CDMA chip, a SIM slot, and a similar (but redesigned) antenna. The name used in firmware is iPhone4,1 Work with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 3G, iPad 2 3G on all compatible AT&T plans including prepaid GO plan. Not compatible with iPhone 5, iPad 3 and newer. This micro sized SIM card is only compatible with certain older products. Please contact seller before purchase to ensure compatibilit

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