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A math tutor's rates may increase with the complexity of the subject matter they teach. Introductory-level math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can require less training to teach and therefore may cost less per hour than subjects such as advanced calculus or abstract algebra For private tutoring from a student or teaching assistant, you can expect to pay an average of $25 per hour. For high-level tutors such as professors or teachers, you can expect to pay $56 per hour or more. The cost of private tutoring can also vary depending on where you live So, how much do math tutors charge per hour (or more correctly, per lesson or tutorial)? The rate that you can expect to pay for math tutoring varies a great deal, ranging from 15 to 20 USD for the case of a college student with little or no experience, to as much as 100 USD for a tutor with decades of experience Math Academy in New York, NY, offers single sessions and 11-hour, 21-hour, 30-hour, and 57-hour packages. A package of 57 online lessons costs $2,736, making each lesson $48/hour—a $12/hour saving. The same package for in-person lessons is $3,590-- making each lesson $63/hour—a $13/hour saving On average, tutoring rates at centers run between $49 and $80 per hour. That said, some tutoring centers charge a monthly, not hourly, rate, depending on what you're looking for

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To obtain the total fee per hour payable by the client, agency commission at the standard rate must be ADDED to the rates shown in the tables.. Agency Commission. Agency Commission in Region A is £5.75 per hour. Agency Commission in Region B is £5.50 per hour On average, a math tutor can cost about $40 per hour. However, this type of tutoring is very much dependent on the type of tutoring, tutor center or one-on-one, and what state you live in. Try Smartick for free! How Much Does a Math Tutor Cost The average hourly pay for a Tutor in South Africa is R98.75. Visit PayScale to research tutor hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more

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Cost-saving strategies. Many tutors offer various discounts. For example, some tutors offer group tutoring. Abundant Life Tutoring and Coaching drops its rate from $90 per hour to $60 per hour for two students. For classes of three to seven students, the price is $58 per hour In fact, most tutors make between $20 and $125 per hour. Pay rates are typically determined by the tutor's level of experience, and the complexity of the subject matter being taught. Can tutoring be a full-time job? Yes, tutoring can be a full-time job. In our research, we found that most tutors make between $33K and $90K per year Max. per hour where each tutorial is assumed to be worth up to a maximum of four hours work, unless proved otherwise in a documented way. Max. per hour of demonstration at practicals or large tutorials, fieldwork, etc.; one hour extra is allowed for marking for each session of one to four hours. Undergraduates up to end of 3rd year of study. When the students are promoted to higher grades, the fees charged by the math tutor will be higher. For some well-known math tutors in Hong Kong, they will charge higher rates than others math tutors. Prices vary based on the geographical differnces. For tutorial centres, they will charge different prices based on the number of students in a class

Yet, in job advertisements, Fresh Start is offering to pay NTP tutors as little as £16.81 per hour. These rates are the minimum wages being offered to tutors by these companies and more. A math tutor in Canada should cost between $30 to $60 per hour but it depends on a lot of factors! Learn more about math tutor costs & pricing here. 1-866-977-443 Lehighton Math Tutors Cost $33 - 55 per hour on average. What's a fair price for a private Lehighton Math tutor? Lehighton Math tutors using Wyzant are professional subject experts who set their own price based on their demand and skill. $25 $80. $33. $55. Choose Your Tutor The average salary for a Tutor is $25.28 per hour in United States. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn the most All subjects pre-k through college level math are $40 per hour. (Sessions are 55 minutes) Graduate math tutors are $50 per hour. Share your session with a friend and save


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The national average salary for a Math Tutor is $32,381 in United States. Filter by location to see Math Tutor salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 159 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Math Tutor employees Here at Preply, we offer you online individual lessons at decent prices, starting from only 3 $ per hour. Around 939 tutors are teaching at Preply. Most of the tutors have reviews from real students, and it's average rate is 4.8. Use our search filters and find the best option, according to your needs and schedule..

Hourly rates can range from $15 to over $80, depending on qualifications and location, however, there's no denying that tutoring jobs in areas like Brisbane can offer job satisfaction and attractive rates for ex-teachers Many students ask tutors to come to their homes, and most tutoring sessions only last one to two hours. Thus, it's not really worth your time to drive across town to tutor a student for $20 an hour. If a student lives far away, you could add additional travel costs of $5 to $10 to your normal rate

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See Page 1 A math tutor charges $35 per hour. The function for the amount a math tutor charges is f (h) = 35 h. Example 3A: Writing Functions The fee a math tutor charges depends on number of hours Call +65 9177 9055 directly if you have any questions; Above rates are the market average tutor rate taken from the past 6 months (home tuition rates Singapore) You will receive a List of Tutor Profiles (See: Sample of Tutor Profiles) of Tutors that have indicated interest (Age, Qualifications, Experience, Rates, Current Position), when you request a Home Tutor by filling up the request form In general, a high school tutor could expect to earn between about $10 and $15 per hour. However, your skill level in the subject you teach and your level of education affect your salary. Most tutors work independently and set their own rates, so the biggest determining factor is how much you can convince your clients to pay, with credentials. 4 Sessions per Month. Book a Tutor. Package 2. 6 Hours per Month. R1410. Monthly Plan. 1 Hour 30 Min lessons. 4 Sessions per Month. Book a Tutor. Package 3. 8 Hours per Month. R1880. Monthly Plan. 2 Hour lessons. 4 Sessions per Month. Book a Tutor. Goodie Tutors offer high quality affordable tutoring. For University Students HOURS. Just 1. Varsity Tutors compensated me $15 per hour of work. This was slightly higher than the $12 per hour I could earn as a substitute teacher, though much lower than a teacher rate which usually comes to..

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  1. Language centers and independent Ukrainian tutors charge $30-55 per hourly group lesson, with private classes starting from $50 or more. Some of the more affordable Ukrainian tutors can be found online, with prices on Preply averaging 16 and tutor rates varying widely based on tutor country of residence, experience and specialization
  2. Private math tutors at the University of California-Irvine, for example, charge between $25 and $65 per hour. If you're working for a tutoring service such as MyGuru or Kaplan, your company may charge its clients anywhere from $35 to $156 per hour for the service, but you'll earn just a fraction of that
  3. The average Varsity Tutors salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Test Preparation Tutor to $52,441 per year for Account Executive. Average Varsity Tutors hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.83 per hour for Test Preparation Tutor to $16.83 per hour for Tutor
  4. imum wage and a tutor charging this amount does tend to make clients and colleagues believe that they're not confident enough in their abilities
  5. Tutors who have experience teaching in schools command an even higher rate. The group tuition market rate in tuition centres, on the other hand, is typically around $30 per hour for primary school, $40 per hour for secondary schools, and above $55 per hour for junior college
  6. You may have heard stories of super-tutors who charge £1000 per hour and are flown across the globe to tutor young people for entrance exams. This format is fairly rare and we'd advise to avoid three-figure hourly tutoring rates - at least to start with - so that you don't put learners off
  7. We offer the excellent private tutoring rates per hour for all our home tutors regardless of whether you choose our learning centre, in-home or online tuition styles. Please contact us @ 1300 360 245 for group tuition and specialist class pricing and availability

Jean-Marc Bern Tutoring in Stamford, CT, charges $125/hour, with a discounted rate for package purchases. 1 on 1 Tutoring in Austin, TX, has prices beginning at $15-$25/hour, cost depending on the student's age and level of experience. TeachersTutor.me in San Francisco, CA, charges $95-$115/hour, depending on the student's age Our tutor rates start from PHP 100 per hour to as much as PHP 200 per hour. Weblio tutors are considered independent contractors. Please see the rates below so that you can have an idea Favorite Answer I worked as a tutor for TutorFind for 5 years in the Washington, DC area. I tutored high school and college students in math and sciences (and Spanish, de vez en cuando). TutorFind.. you need to go back to the drawing board and find another tutor by going through hundred that may be available on gumtree, indeed ect Can be affordable but ranges in price, however who are these tutors? Cost- $15 to $120 per hour Based on responses from tutors registered with The Tutor Pages, this survey found that the average tutor charges between £29 and £41 per hour, which is reported as a slight increase on 2015 figures. The survey also found that tutoring at GCSE level costs an average of £32.50 per hour, and £36 per hour at A-Level

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Physics Tutors Cost $35 - 60 per hour on average. What's a fair price for a private Physics tutor? Physics tutors using Wyzant are professional subject experts who set their own price based on their demand and skill. $25 $90. $35. $60. Choose Your Tutor. Compare tutor costs. With a range of price options, there's a tutor for every budget As of Apr 23, 2021, the average hourly pay for a Teen Tutor in the United States is $19.97 an hour. While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $39.66 and as low as $7.93, the majority of Teen Tutor wages currently range between $13.94 (25th percentile) to $22.84 (75th percentile) across the United States Most private tutors are regarded as freelancers and quote their very own tuition rates. The chart listed here is according to averages in line with the asking rates we get day-to-day from tutors around Singapore. Be aware that when your preferred budget per hour is below the minimum, normally there won't be any tutors for your tuition request

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He suggested $30 per hour plus gas/travel time. Is this the norm? Friends had told me that they paid rates similar to babysitting rates, so I was surprised at this, especially since we're talking very basic math. The request to be paid for gas and travel time really raised my eyebrows, especially since we're not talking about a huge distance Group rates start at $22 per student, per hour depending on size and how many hours a week. One on one tutoring is $49 per hour; 85+ tutors; 2) Tutor Portland . Doing in-person, outside or inside. Tutors in high school typically charge $20/hr or less. I'm going to assume in my answer here that you're tempted because you see your peers spending upwards of $100/hr on SAT or ACT prep. But that doesn't necessarily mean you can charge your class.. If you compare it with our tutor's rates guide below, you will see a slight difference of $5-$10 per hour premium for personalised 1 on 1 teaching. That is a great value as you will be getting the full attention of the tutor instead of divided attention between large group of students in tuition classes Math Tutor -- All Levels || $35 per hour (West Sacramento) Venmo, Zelle etc.) My rate is $35 per hour Please send me a text message or email with the subject and I will do my best to get back to you. Thank you, do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7301266281

*Our tutors will quote you their rates during our free intake process. **Themba Flexi Sessions: One-hour online sessions can be broken up into increments during the week. If your child or you (the adult client) prefers to have two thirty-minute online sessions for the price of a one-hour session, that works for us Sessions delivered by tutors that hold QTS (qualified teacher tutors) cost £50 in total (£12.50 to the school). We pay the qualified teacher tutor the equivalent* of £28 per hour, plus holiday pay. The difference in the two rates is down to employment on-costs, our extensive tutor training offer, vetting (DBS etc), administration (quality. Tuition rate is depending on the home tutor qualification and experience. As a rule of thumb, home tuition fees are between $20 to $50 per hour for primary schools, $25 to $50 per hour for secondary schools, and $50 to $80 per hour for junior colleges. Ex-teachers and MOE teachers who have experience teaching in schools command an even higher rate 80 per hour and above Usually, online tuition classes are cheaper compared to private tuition at the student's place in Malaysia. You may also find varying tutoring rates from tuition agencies like Champion Tutor Malaysia, My Private tutor, and Tuition Hero Malaysia

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A math tutor charges $30 per hour. Let c be the total charge (in dollars) for t hours of tutoring. Are t and c linearly related? If so, find the slope and describe what it means in this situation In-home tutors can earn anywhere from $10 to $80 an hour, depending on the type of lesson, the student's skill and age level and the tutor's experience. Tutors often charge more for older students or those who require more advanced lessons

Tier One Tutors: $186/hour; Per hour rates, 2017. Based on approximately 20-30 hours of tutoring. And it gets even better! We now offer discounts if you'd like to pay for programs in advance: 5% off for our 20-hour program, 10% off our 30-hour program, and 15% off our 40-hour program. Some conditions apply A free inside look at Tutor.com salary trends based on 385 salaries wages for 100 jobs at Tutor.com. Salaries posted anonymously by Tutor.com employees A-Tutors, Home Tuition Specialist. 138 likes. A-Tutors is a Home Tuition Specialist with many years of experience in helping students find affordable and capable home tutors Elite Builders constructs houses. The standard labor rate is $22 per hour and the standard number of hours is 15,000 hours per home. During the year, it constructed 11 homes using 15,500 labor hours per home and a rate of $28 per hour. Calculate the Elite Builders' labor rate variance. 0 $612,000 U 0 $1,023,000 U 0 $612,000 F O $1,023,000

1 hour p/week $180 Monthly. This option works best for students who are needing assistance in a single subject. Students that purchase this option are generally successful in school and want to maintain strong academic performance. This is also a wonderful choice for elementary students needing additional support within a single subject Hourly Rate: $55.00 per hour for one-to-one tutoring (K-12) $60.00 per hour for Adults or College Level instruction. **Special Education or Non-Public Agency (NPA) Services are $70.00 per hour. Students are assigned a Credentialed/Certified Special Education Teacher $40 per hour within 15 miles of downtown (48226), $35 per hour for tutoring downtown e.g. public library. For group tutoring, add $5 per hour per additional student, maximum of four students. Rates are negotiable for students/parents who want to schedule something regularly and pay up front

Rates are also used in pricing gasoline, tickets to a movie or sporting event, in paying hourly wages and monthly fees. Here are some more examples for rates. When a rate is simplified so that it has a denominator of 1 , it is called unit rate . Here are two examples for unit rates. 25 miles per 1 hour $ 7 per 1 poun 40cts per minute; 75cts per minute pay-as-you-go plan; $48 per 120 minutes weekly plan; $30 per hour monthly plan; $96 per 240 minutes monthly plan; Chegg Tutors Payment. Friday is a good day for a Chegg online tutor because that is the weekly payday. The educators are both highly trained graduates and students in the university The exact tuition rate you pay may vary according to the logistical arrangements of the session (i.e, how far the tutor has to travel), the subject matter at hand, as well as the tutor's rates. For example, the most qualified tutors with a good track record of producing results will have a higher tuition rate compared to an undergraduate with. Tuition Rates for Private Tutors Rate Sheet . The tables below show suggested rates for individual tuition beginning on or after July 1st 2017. The unit of time used to determine rates is one hour, but tuition may also be given in multiples or fractions of this. The address of the pupil determines whether Region A or Region B rates apply On average, students are charged ~$65 per hour and tutors are paid ~$25/hr, so the margin for the business is ~$40/hr; HOWEVER, Varsity has over 61% overhead (if tutors are even paid at $25/hr. I know many tutors only get paid $15/hr), which is absurd. Airbnb charges the hosts 6% to 12

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Rates depend on the tutor selected, commonly ranging from $20 to $50 per session. Tutor.com connects kids to tutors online anytime of the day or night for roughly $40 per hour. Another option is to.. All fees are charged in Canadian dollars. International clients can, however, benefit from the exchange rate. The following are approximate conversions for our rates of CAN$23-30/hour: GBP 13.50 - 17.50 per hour; Euro 15.00 - 19.50 per hour; US$ 18.00 - 23.50 per hour Tutors are paid the hourly rate based on the exact number of hours they worked. For example, you'll earn $9.33 for completing a 28-minute tutoring session. Chegg Tutors pays for a minimum lesson length of 5 minutes. That means you'll always make at least $1.67 even for 0-5 minutes of work The pricing structure of Varsity Tutors is probably a major difference to what Rype offers. Compared to a flat membership model, Varsity Tutors makes you pay upfront for lesson packages. When breaking it down to a per hour price, this can come to around $70 to $90 USD per hour The majority of these participants are also looking to hire a teacher—as opposed to creating a parent-led pod. The endeavor can be costly: Most teachers offering their services on the site are charging $10 to $25 per hour, per child

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Keep in mind: The $20 per hour is on top of a monthly fee. You can pay the monthly fee as you go, at a rate of $25 per month. You can pay the monthly fee as you go, at a rate of $25 per month. Or pay for a year all at once at a rate that averages out to $12.50 per month First Tutors new data reveals the national average cost for Private Tuition 27th March 2013 by Private tuition is much cheaper than many families suspect, with the national average costing less than £23.00 per hour -- meaning expert help for your child's education is more affordable than you think The demand is evident at pricey firms — which can charge $25 to more than $100 an hour. A+ Tutoring, a San Fernando Valley-based tutoring company, has seen a 70% jump in web traffic since March,.. 48 tutors found in Armadale and nearby suburbs Matt G Online tutoring University Student. Currently studying engineering at Curtin university. Perth > Hilbert. Rate $30 per hour Rate $50 per hour Years. 13. The Formula of Machine hour rate Method of Depreciation. So now, we will calculate the amount of depreciation with above shown formula: Total Cost of an asset = 5,00,000+50,000 = 5,50,000/-Scrap value of an asset = 50,000/-Total life of an asset(in hours) = 1,00,000 hours. So

Varsity Tutors Pricing Review. The fee for Varsity Tutors is a little steep, where they charge around $70 to $95 per hour for their private tutoring sessions but it is worth it. 12 hours: $95/hour ($1,140) 24 hours: $80/hour ($1,920) 36 hours: $75/hour ($2,700) 48 hours: $73/hour ($3,504 (301)502-6442 or tutors@att.net Potomac, MD Homework Helper In home tutoring, all major subjects, first session free, competitive rates, flexible scheduling. Free in-home evaluation of student's academic needs. E-mail: homeworkHelpers@gmail.com Phone: 301-633-7414 French tutor Franck Leporati Rate: $30 - $35/hour Phone: (301) 275-165 How much does Sylvan Tutoring Learning Center cost? At most centers, the cost of Sylvan tutoring will depend on the student's level/goals, the center, the length of the program, geographical location and the topic being taught.On average, be prepared to spend anywhere from $35 to as much as $60 per hour for a one-on-one sessio Once an assessment plan has been determined, a parent should be prepared to spend around $40 to $75 per hour. This hourly rate will depend on the specific geographical location and the topic. According to one parent on this FreeRepublic.com forum thread , she paid $170 for the test and was quoted upwards of $10,000 for 240 hours of learning

Online Math Tutor ($20+ per hour) Tutors Listen. Online Math Tutor ($20+ per hour) Remote. Part Time. Paid. Similar Jobs. You set your own rates (typically $30-$50 per hour), and optionally can choose to accept lower rates from students at underserved schools. Industry. E-Learning The prevailing market rates for home tutors. Rates are dependent on the qualifications and experience level of each tutor. For more details, contact us at +65 9012513 My primary tutor friends charge between £35 and £50 per hour for 1:1. My daughter's Maths tutor charges £45 (30 years exp and qual teacher) and her physics tutor charges £24 (a uni student). They are both excellent but obviously someone who is a qualified teacher with many years experience of teaching exam classes are going to charge more

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I have been a tutor in recent years, and charged $65 an hour. I'd charge less if people wanted more than 1 hour per week. Or if people had a problem with paying the full rate, I was willing to work something out. I do live in a relatively high cost-of-living area, where tutors seem to charge between $50 and $75 for the most part Each tutor sets their own hourly rate and so the best way to get a specific quote is by searching for tutors in your area.. If you would prefer not to travel to have homeschool tuition, why not give online tutoring a try. Increasingly popular, cost and time-efficient, online learning gives you access to the best tutors across the country Cost per hour: $30 Subject Areas: Reading, Math Degree(s): BS Elementary Education Major, Special Education Minor, Certified WA K-12 Grades interested in tutoring: K-8 and adult Time Avail able: School hours and after school Other: GIRE, Barbara 7122 Marshall Ave SE, Apt 108 Auburn WA 98092 . 253-670-209 You get to set your own rates but most teachers report earning between $15 and $25 per hour. Your booking rate will depend on how qualified you are and how much you impress your students. The best teachers have a full schedule and earn top rates Like Wyzant, tutors on Preply set their own rates, which allows you to control your costs and choose a tutor that works with your budget. Price: 1-on-1 tutoring begins at $116.50 per hour.

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  1. Cost to school per pupil for 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £150.00 Experienced tutor 1-3 online Cost to school of 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £187.50 Qualified teacher (with QTS
  2. Mai F Very responsive Online tutoring University Student. 99.55 ATAR: QCE TUTORING. OVER 100 HOURS OF EXPERIENCE. Hi, I'm Mai! I'm a 2020 graduate from St Aidan's Anglican Girls school, and I'm in my first year of a dual Engineering and Science degree (Honours) at the University of Queensland
  3. Tutors can register for FREE to advertise their expertise. In addition, Tutors can enjoy added services like publishing up to 5 courses, state their rates per hour in their preferred currency. In order to observe real-time tutee traffic, Tutors would need to share their profiles url on any website where they would want to get their learners from
  4. The main downside is pay. GRE tutors are paid $33 per hour, but the students are paying anywhere from $50-$90 per hour. So Varsity pockets anywhere from 33-63% of the income. It can be even worse for high school subjects, for which tutors only earn $15 per hour
  5. That's what I also whispered when I knew about this company. $4 will still be converted, for example, the exchange rate is $1 = 50php, in other words, that is 200 per hour. Tutoring pays three times a month, those dates are the 10 th , 20 th and the 30 th
  6. Tutors are able to set their own rates and keep every dollar. The site has no set payment schedule. Tutors are paid on demand via PayPal or direct deposit. Although the site suggests that tutors keep their rates in the $20 to $25 per hour range to ensure they get plenty of work, some tutors charge considerably more. The rate is up to you
  7. Two different private tutors quote rates to you for helping with · Tutor A charges a base rate of $50 plus $30 per hour. Tutor B charges a base rate plus $35 per hour. You are comparing prices and of course want to get the best deal investment Write two linear equations, one for each tutor, for the cost C depending on number of hours h

Private tutors across the UK are charging on average between £29 and £41 per hour, according to data released by Thetutorpages.com. The summary of private tutoring rates shows only a modest increase in fees charged by private tutors in 2016 compared to 2015. In general, a more advanced level of study incurs a higher fee All of our tutors charge different prices depending on certain factors. Prices and rates range from $30 - $55 per hour for a private tutor, with group lessons ranging from $20 - $35 per hour. LearnMate is Australia's leading tutoring agency offering in-person & online tutoring lessons in all primary school, high school subjects (Years 7. An employee earns $20 per hour and 1.5 times that rate for all hours in excess of 40 hours per week. Assume that the employee worked 60 hours during the week, and that the gross pay prior to the currentweek totaled $58,000 The cost is then equally shared per child among parents. This option has been extremely popular with parents inquiring about private instruction, many tutoring companies said

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  1. The company pays its tutors based on their qualifications and experience. Skooli did not disclose a specific amount on their website, but according to most skooli.com reviews, the hourly rate for Skooli tutors is around $25. I believe this is a competitive offer. According to Salary.com, tutors in the US are paid between $16-$22 per hour
  2. Frequency per Week: 1 Lesson(s) Per Week Duration Each Lesson: 3 Hour(s) (1.5 HRS EACH SUBJECT) Day(s) and Time Available (Please Match): SATURDAY MORN TIME OR NOON TIME or SUNDAY MORNING AT 8AM-11AM Tutor Gender: FEMALE ONLY. Rate per Hour: $ Tutor Requirements as per below: MOE Ex / Current Teachers may apply OR EXPERIENCED FULL TIME TUTORS
  3. 1 Answer to Write a program to prompt the user for hours and rate per hour using input to compute gross pay. Pay should be the normal rate for hours up to 40 and time-and- a-half for the hourly rate for all hours worked above 40 hours. Put the logic to do the computation of pay in a function called computepay()..
  4. - Tuition fees are quoted in SGD (Singapore dollars) per hour. - Tuition rates table may be updated without prior notice based on the tuition market in Singapore. Request a Tutor
  5. Tutor Hourly Pay in South Africa PayScal
  6. What is a reasonable rate for a math tutor? - College Life
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