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Always replace worn struts in pairs. Like brakes, front struts should always be replaced in pairs. This ensures overall vehicle-stability and that both struts are responsible for keeping the vehicle stable. In fact, most mechanics and repair facilities will not perform a single strut replacement for liability purposes Struts don't need to be replaced unless your vehicle is bouncing like it's on a pogo stick or bottoms out in potholes and over railroad tracks — or unless a mechanic finds that they're leaking fluid or have been damaged. The struts limit the resulting bouncing caused by the springs compressing and releasing Experts say that shocks and struts should be replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, that's just a general recommendation. The life span of shocks and struts will depend on your driving patterns If your tires show unusual wear patterns it may be time to replace your shocks and struts. Suspension damage can cause cupping in tires, which is when cups or scalloped dips develop around the edge of the tread He recommends replacing other worn items associated with the struts, like bearing mounts, rubber bump stops and shock boots. Whatever you do, don't neglect your shocks or struts. Just like with that comfortable pair of shoes, you won't fully appreciate the difference they make until you get fitted for new ones and hit the pavement

Struts are replaced in pairs, even if one of the struts is in good shape. This ensures that the struts are balanced and that the new strut is not compromised by the older one. Strut damage and wear are usually confined to a single component and not the entire assembly However, most shops recommend replacing the strut mount when replacing just the strut. When you add in the cost of the strut mount to a regular strut only job, the price difference starts to disappear. With a complete strut assembly, you restore factory ride height and feel and get a quieter ride due to the new strut mount and spring isolator

If you've put 80,000 or more miles on your struts, they're worn out and must be replaced. We know they're expensive (about $700 for front struts replaced at a shop). But in the long run, driving on worn struts actually costs you more In a somewhat similar fashion, replacing just 2 struts will give you uneven handling characteristics. While replacing two struts is clearly better than not replacing any struts, replacing all four is far preferable in terms of handling and road-holding Usually, the average cost to replace shocks and struts comes in between $50 and $900 on the high end to replace just the pair of struts. In addition, you will have to pay the labor costs for this job, which typically come in between $150 and $300 on average. What is a shock

Pros and Cons of Strut Spacers. There are pros and cons to each option, the biggest factor for people going with a spacer is perceived cost vs a new set of struts that may do the same. Spacers are also very popular amongst new truck owners who just want to level the vehicle without replacing struts that dont have much life on them yet Replacing a strut mount will cost you somewhere in the range of $120 to $250 total (parts & labor). The strut mount itself will only cost around $40 to $100 in parts . Since replacing a strut mount means the actual strut has to be removed, compressed, and reinstalled along with the strut mount, 1 to 1.5 hours of labor per strut mount is necessary Yoou didn't get a price for removing and reinstalling the strut assemblies, you got the price for replacing the struts. After the strut assembly is removed it has to be installed in a strut compressor and taken apart, then the springs, lower spring insulators and upper mounts transferred to the new struts, and reassembled

Strut and shock replacement. Why not to buy a cheap aftermarket quick strut assembly for your car, DYI with Scotty Kilmer. How to replace struts. How to repl.. Strut replacement is generally recommended between 50-100k miles and can vary based on the conditions of miles being traveled. Coil springs usually last longer but can succumb to corrosion and rust if the protective coating is compromised. Deciding how to replace your strut is based on several factors such as cost, condition of other parts, and. ok4450 July 6, 2016, 1:06am #5 Odds are the struts are worse than you think they are and as far as boots only one should never disassemble a strut to replace just that part. Change the struts also and this is not a ripoff. You're a bit offbase on Toyota cheap parts

If you do not have the vehicle aligned after replacing the struts you will end up having uneven tire wear problems. Replacing your struts can help to improve your ride and can prolong the life of many of the parts on your vehicle. This is an important part of keeping your car in a good condition and prolonging its life Worth it to replace struts? 2004 Avalon XLS. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 35 Posts. 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Last. B. bluestring · Registered. Joined Apr 2, 2015 · 10 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 8, 2016. My car is feeling a little bumpy and I'm pretty sure these struts have never been changed..

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The struts show no signs of leaking but two garages have suggested replacing them, given the car's mileage. No garage has pinpointed the exact cause of this behavior. When we bought the car, the.. Hawley recommends replacing struts and shocks in sets for the safety and stability of the vehicle. For example, if your passenger's side strut is going out, replace both front struts to ensure that each side handles the same. Struts cost between $725 and $750 for a set, including installation, according to Mogab Between 60,000 and 100,000 miles is a good range to replace your struts. During this period, your car's shocks and struts will have cycled more than 85 million times. If you change them routinely, you'll never have an issue and they will keep you, your passengers, and other drivers on the roadways safe

Replacing the struts doesn't just make your vehicle ride smoother. It also ensures your vehicle and all its parts last longer. If your car is jolting from blown struts, then it will shake and wear down many of its components. The stress will be particularly severe on the suspension, so the sooner you have a strut replacement done, the better. Cheap shocks and struts aren't very well sealed. While all shocks will seep oil during their normal break-in, cheap units will leak relatively quickly. After a year or two, they'll need replacement. Cheap shocks and struts can 'blow out' after hitting a hard bump. This is bad, because if a shock or strut blows out, it needs to be replaced. I have to replace a tie rod end on the right (non noisy) side, and thinking I could do some strut work since I'll be in there. Researching the Gabriel struts now. However the OEM is so perfect, I know they're worth the money, I just don't know if it'll solve my rattle problem or not Some have just struts and some vehicles have only shocks. Shocks are part of the overall suspension, and a strut is a complete suspension assembly. The shocks and/or struts in your car perform two.

Get new struts here: https://www.carparts.com/ or support the channel by using the affiliate link: https://carparts.evyy.net/qBbVjHere's how to replace the f.. Let's take a closer look. Struts don't need to be replaced unless your vehicle is bouncing like it's on a pogo stick or bottoms out in potholes and over railroad tracks — or unless a mechanic finds.. The price you'll pay to replace struts can vary quite a bit depending on brand of struts (usually either KYB, Monroe, Gabriel, or Bilstein), the make and model of your vehicle, and where you have the strut replacement done. On average, expect to pay somewhere between $450 and $900 to replace a pair of struts. An individual strut assembly will. Getting new struts or shocks isn't cheap. isn't cheap. Most experts recommend replacing shocks or struts in pairs - a job that costs anywhere from around $500 to upwards of $1500 (including labor costs running from $100 to $200). If you need to get all four, the shock and strut replacement cost could be well over $2,000 After a year or two, they'll need replacement. Cheap shocks and struts can 'blow out' after hitting a hard bump. This is bad, because if a shock or strut blows out, it needs to be replaced immediately. This means you'll need to buy a set of struts or shocks, as they're replaced in sets

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He recommended Monroe assemblies and quoted me $1436 tax total for four struts (after a $255 rebate, a buy three/get one free promo). A lot higher than I anticipated. If I dropped to just the two front, it would be $832. From what I've read and researched, a replacing the struts with a strut/shock assembly kit is a very doable project I'm going to replace all four shocks and struts on m A4 sedan soon. My car has 105k miles on the original suspension. What else should I be replacing at the same time? For example, should I be buying an install kit with new bushings and bump stops etc It's worth the extra bucks to replace the strut mounts with the struts/shocks. Sway bar bushings definitely, also inspect the end link bushings, likely they will still be good while the sway bar bushing will be deformed and worn out. Blistein makes shocks and struts for the Commander, OME will say they are too stiff for a good off roading rig

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The goods news here is that by design, you shouldn't have to bear shocks and struts replacement cost all too often. Most manufacturers recommend that owners have their shocks and struts checked out every 40,000 to 60,000 miles. But some can last 75,000, 90,000, or even 100,000 miles if you take good care of them In a vehicle with more mass, such as a truck or van, it's even more crucial to replace those worn shocks and struts, because a heavier weight load will cause a more impactful crash, if the unfortunate event of you losing control does arise

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  1. This is where an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, as they say. Replacing the struts themselves is very easy. On each end of the strut, where it cups over the ball end, there is either a wire clip or a flat C shaped piece of metal that cups around the ball, preventing the strut from popping off the ball
  2. Replacement struts may or may not come with these pieces - so check carefully. Suspension components such as radius arms, trailing arms, and strut rods may be easy to remove separately depending on individual suspension design. If the vehicle in question is very old or has significantly higher mileage, it may be worth the investment to perform.
  3. I've replaced the rear struts on my Forester with FCS quick struts. The time savings and not having to deal with compressing the springs was worth it to me, and my rear springs were sagging and in need of replacement anyway. 20,000 miles later and they still work fine. It's not an upgrade but it's a basic strut at a great price
  4. When you drive over a bump, your car bounces on the coil springs, regardless of whether you have shocks or struts. The shock absorbers in both cases keep your car from bouncing nonstop. So if you drive over a bump or a patch of rough road and your vehicle continues to bounce, it is an indication that you require a shock or strut replacement
  5. Replacement isn't that difficult technically speaking. If you do it yourself, check and replace as necessary the mounts, bearings and spring isolators (in fact, just get the spring isolators anyway; they're cheap). Whether you do it yourself or have it done at a shop, is it worth it? Yes; just my two cents
  6. I have an 08 EX-L with approximately 182K miles. I have been advised that I need to replace my front struts and rear shocks (I was told that they are probably the originals!). I would like some recommendations for struts and shocks for my van. I found some Sensen struts ($28.00 each), but I..
  7. utes to switch out

Shock and Strut Replacement Service Package. The life of a shock or strut is roughly 50,000 miles. In that period, your vehicle's shocks and struts will have cycled more than 85 million times. If your vehicle has more than 50,000 miles on its suspension, consider having the components replaced. Feature I'm going to replace the front struts on my 98 Mazda 626 and was wondering if there are other components which should be checked / replaced at the same time, i.e. that if the struts are shot there is a high likelihood they need replacing as well The quick strut shock/spring assemblies seem to be an aftermarket offering, OEM parts are sold separately. A gen II CTS quick strut would require they sold you the upper control arm as part of the assembly. Which wouldn't be a bad thing given control arm wear, but I have not seen them offered for sale that way. _ Replacing struts. Jump to Latest Follow (mark strut bushing bolt and tower so you can put back in correct hole) 4) remove bolt holding brake line. and then drink a beer. to me it is not worth the $40 to have a spring come loose from compressor or have the spring seated improperly. will take you longer to go to auto shop than it will. It can be very dangerous, and in my case I didn't know which specific part of the strut assembly would need to be replaced. I opted to just order brand new pre-built strut assemblies. Parts - $282.24. I ordered strut assemblies from Amazon. I got two front strut assemblies. for $150.42 and two back strut assemblies left. and right. for $131.

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  1. AUTOMATIC 35,000 MILES Our mechanic says struts need to be replaced and is quoting $600 for the job. No indication by car that there is a problem, but it was identified at the last check up
  2. So, is a strut brace worth it? That brings us back to the main question: Is a strut brace worth it? The scientific answer is, It depends! Based on the data from our specific Spec E46, this car didn't need one on this particular test day. But that isn't the comprehensive answer, and from experience, we know there is a need in some cars
  3. QUICKER, SAFER, EASIER AND COMPLETE REPAIR -- Includes everything you need for strut replacement in a single, fully assembled unit with no need for a spring compressor RESTORES RIDE HEIGHT -- Precisely calibrated to meet the OE design, each application-specific coil spring type is engineered to restore ride height and support the vehicle's weigh
  4. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2010 Toyota RAV4 Shock/Strut - Front from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price
  5. I'm looking to replace my struts here in the very near future. I have KYB GR2 struts for the rear on their way. I'm not replacing the front struts right now. I'm also replacing the sway bar links while I'm under there. Anywho, my question is: Should I plan on replacing any other parts..
  6. If you are replacing the entire strut (not just the insert) this job is extremely easy. The springs are not in compression when they are off the car. With the help of one of my roommates, we were able to take the old cups off of the old struts and install them on the new struts

The cost of replacing your struts can vary, depending on whether you are able to do it yourself or choose to have a shop carry out the task, as well as the type of part you choose. The best struts for Honda Element will naturally cost a bit more, though you can get them for as little as $50 apiece when purchased as a set of four.. The Basics Behind Struts Replacement Services at Viper Tire and Auto While the function of shocks and struts is very similar, the biggest difference is in how they mount to your vehicle. Shocks function in addition to other suspension components, while struts are designed as a pivot point for the steering mechanism

If the vehicle bounces more than twice, suspect a problem with your shocks and struts. Your tire treads develop a specific, uneven wear pattern called cupping. You see oil, grease, or obvious wear on your shocks or struts. You hear squeaking, especially when turning or braking Don't forget to you to replace your struts in pairs, and to get your car aligned afterwards, since your alignment usually changes after installing new struts. The other strut that you'll need for the other side of your car is the Monroe 172264 Monroe® offers premium replacement shocks and struts featuring state of the art ride control technologies specifically designed for each vehicle with extensive coverage for European, Asian and North American passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs

If it's important to you to bring your outdoor toys along on the weekends, CRV struts give you greater stability. The internal valving consists of durable, high quality components that last. AutoZone's shocks for Honda CRV react more quickly to rough terrain for a smoother, more comfortable experience Also, on my 1983 911 SC Coupe replacing one left shock did not keep the hood open or even slow its descent as some here have mentioned was the case for them. I was using Stabilus 911-511-331-00-M24. I'm wondering if replacing the other one will make any difference. September 22, 2018 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: usually the cylinder is up Turpin Tire provides Struts Replacement services to Weatherford, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Dallas, TX, and other surrounding areas. Approx. Time: 120 Minutes | Price Range: Get Quote for Price The Basics Behind Struts Replacement Services at Turpin Tir Struts used to be a common thing to think about replacing after your car hit the 60,000 mile mark, but the cost of replacing all 4 struts can add up and somehow there has been a disconnect between the cost of replacing the struts versus the value of improving the safety of your Subaru

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  1. The rule of thumb is that all shocks and struts should be replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. The type of roads you drive on day to day is probably going to have more to do with when you need to have your shocks and struts replaced moreso than how many miles you have on your vehicle
  2. Would new struts correct this? Is it worth spending $1,000-plus to put new struts on the car, given its age
  3. In fact, some reasonably priced struts demand hefty labor cost simply due to its complex default configuration. Case in point: the struts replacement cost for Dodge Grand Caravan is worth as much as $444 for labor alone, which is almost twice the highest cost of the struts themselves ($272). Investments & Other Expense
  4. Hello there, Most manufactures recommend inspecting and or replacing shocks and struts around the 60K interval. A worn out strut or shock will cause a bumpy ride and can cause some thumping noises like you describe. They really don't cause any other real structural damage to the vehicle, just mostly a ride/comfort issue more than anything else
  5. The rubber seals can go bad, and it is an easy fix, if you are lucky. Unfortunately, after I made that repair, the strut proceeded to collapse in less than an hour. Luckily, disassembling the strut for rebuilding is easy. You elevate the leaking strut enough to pull the strut shaft out of the housing
  6. Also by replacing with OEM struts will I really need a wheel alignment? What could change? Worth about 2 tenths of a degree in camber at most. Any change in camber results in a toe change and toe is the biggest wear angle ( most critical). Personally, I think a good alignment is a good idea. If you just have a guy set toe, it is what it is
  7. If you want shocks simply to replace the worn-out factory parts on your ride to return it to its once pristine nature, consider KYB Excel-G struts or the all-in-one Strut-Plus complete assembly. Or Monroe offers a line-up of suspension parts specifically designed to restore your OE ride control - like their quick struts and OESpectrum options.

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Struts are probably original, so I'll need replacements The only problem is usually financial in nature. It's not cheap to replace a pair of struts and/or shocks, so you have to consider whether or not it's worth it to spend that much money on the project. But — and we're not trying to put too fine a point on this — how much is your safety worth? It's an easy choice, except when it isn't

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Apache Struts. Apache Struts is a free, open-source, MVC framework for creating elegant, modern Java web applications. It favors convention over configuration, is extensible using a plugin architecture, and ships with plugins to support REST, AJAX and JSON Welcome to Struts Regassed 4U WE COME TO YOU 0427 929 468. Hatch, Tailgate & Bonnet struts repaired and re-gassed. We also carry a range of new struts to fit almost every application; automotive, industrial, agricultural, office chairs, camper vans, and stainless steel for marine, food processing and pool gate use Here's a tip for the strut replacement. Loosen the nut on top of the strut shaft before removing the strut. but ordered and unless someone here says they're not worth replacing I'll tear things apart and put on new ones. Front went from 32.75 to 35.5 Rear went from 33.25 to 36.25 Will post pictures in a bit. Thanks again for all the.

Struts, and shocks, are not a Good or Bad type item. There is a lot of middle area and that's why many times after replacing struts/shocks many complain the ride is much firmer when all it did was return it to new. But it's not worth the extra money to me for the maybe 15 minutes per side that it saves KYB Replacement Front Struts - worth it? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. Blaster · Registered. Joined Apr 26, 2016 · 180 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 26, 2020. My front suspension is a bit kronked from all the miles of hard driving on rough roads, and I gotta replace the struts..

Once the seats are removed you can access the two top hat nuts through the access holes. Loosen and remove the button bolt, then use a pry bar to apply some leverage and remove the strut assembly from the car. Use the spring compressor to replace the struts again. Figure 10. Access the rear strut top hat bolts. Figure 11. Install the new rear. I would 'guestimate' a shock-job at $150-$400 per pair (Front or Rear only), which will depend greatly on your car. Most trucks and some car rears are on the cheaper end (shocks) where most car fronts are struts which are a more costly part and more costly to replace (the spring has to be compressed and set into the new one)

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The best price, by far? Sears. They are having a special on Monroe struts/shocks (common aftermarket units). For the TL, it was ~620 all together, then there was a mail in rebate on top of that. Their standard replacement price is not too bad, and right now, they have a 1/2 price on struts (and free on shocks) replacement special (for the labor) You can either replace the failed air strut with an aftermarket air strut or convert your S-Class/ CL-Class to coil springs. To replace one single air strut at the dealer, you will be looking to spend anywhere from $1000-$2000 depending on the problem, year and location

The plan is replace the SB, tie rods, struts and lower control arms. Generally the SB doesn't need replacement....unless you've been jumping curbs. Be sure to check out other videos on replacing struts for tips you might need Strutmasters EZ Strut assemblies are designed and assembled to promise a distinct vehicle-specific OE-style replacement. Comes with new strut, spring and mount to replace all worn components Fully assembled and ready to install Engineered to provide a great rid

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Adding adjustable struts is a good idea but for what they want for the aftermarket ones are sky high for price. I can't see what they ask. However you can use adjustable strut rods from 63 and earlier falcons to do the same but at a more reasonable cost. Should fit the mustang. Use the 63 bushings as is or 65 bushings with some minor mods Similarly if you notice a strut leaking, replace it and its mate (always replace in pairs across the axle). It's also worth mentioning that 'overworking' the suspension can shorten its life - so avoid thundering over speed bumps, or speeding along unpaved, or badly surfaced roads If replacing strut inserts with KYB, do you still need to put oil in the strut tube? or was that just a factory thing. the new ones didnt come with a O-ring for the top nut. why skimp when you just spent a lot on the suspension improvements? Is it worth cheaping out on oil? The manuals all say to use thin The first strut will have the most resistance, but as they are replaced, it should get easier. The procedure is the same for the other end of the strut. Once you've removed the strut, put the replacement strut in place and snap the end of the strut onto the furthest-most pivot ball first. Then connect the front (closer) pivot ball

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The early Mercedes AIRMATIC struts have a polarizing reputation. The comfort they bring when they are functioning is balanced by the prohibitively expensive repair costs when they go wrong. On chassis that aren't worth nearly what they were ten years ago, the cost of replacement may not be worth it for some owners Absolutely: shocks and struts provide damping force to control tire movement. When the tires move excessively, they develop a cupping wear pattern that damages the tire. Other factors such as incorrect air pressure, worn suspension components or improperly aligned steering also causes uneven tire wear I'm just not sure it's worth spending that extra cash and having to replace the TS in 2-3 years because of bad ball joints on the TS again. I can say that wow! After driving around with bad tension struts for so long my car feeling real sloppy and you can hear every little bump on the road.now with the new tension struts my car feels.

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Furthermore, how long do Honda CRV struts last? Struts may need to be replaced anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles.. Furthermore, how much are shocks for a Honda CRV? The average cost for a Honda CR-V suspension shock or strut replacement is between $392 and $439. Labor costs are estimated between $158 and $200 while parts are priced between $234 and $239 There are many ways to replace the struts in your car. One example is you can remove the strut assembly from the vehicle with the lower control arm and radius rod or you can do the job with the lower control arms till attached. Just bleeding that little beast is worth an article! Thanks for your website; most of the info seems right on. Benefits Of Replacing Shocks & Struts. After replacing worn shocks or struts, you'll notice many benefits such as: A smoother ride, especially on bumpy roads. Improved braking ability. Slower wear on your tires and suspension system. Better steering contro

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  1. These instructions are worth their weight in gold. I read them once, bought the gas struts online for $55 and replaced them both. The job is a pain, but with these instructions I went from tailgate open to tailgate closed with new struts in 1.25 hours! Thanks
  2. The Basics Behind Struts Replacement Services at Star Tire Company, Inc. While the function of shocks and struts is very similar, the biggest difference is in how they mount to your vehicle. Shocks function in addition to other suspension components, while struts are designed as a pivot point for the steering mechanism
  3. The Basics Behind Struts Replacement Services at Take 5 Oil Change + Autocare While the function of shocks and struts is very similar, the biggest difference is in how they mount to your vehicle. Shocks function in addition to other suspension components, while struts are designed as a pivot point for the steering mechanism
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  1. Is replacing struts worth the cost? Business
  2. How Do I Know if I Need New Struts? Ang
  3. Strut Replacement Cost ️ - Cash Cars Buye
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