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  1. Airwolf vs Blue Thunder (dialog episode) AghaJanFashion. Follow. 5 years ago | 452 views. Airwolf vs Blue Thunder (dialog episode) Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. 3:26. Airwolf vs Blue Thunder (dialog episode) AghaJanFashion. 48:29. Blue Thunder S01 E03. roberthall78. 48:03
  2. Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder. CHAOS Helis from RCA. Chaos 450. Chaos 500. Chaos 550. Chaos 600 E. Chaos 600 N. Chaos 700E. Chaos 700N. RCA/CHAOS BRAND SUPPORT. SAB Goblin Helis. SAB Goblin 500. SAB Goblin 630. SAB Goblin 700. SAB Goblin 770. KDS Helis from RCA. KDS Innova 450. KDS Innova 550. KDS Innova 600. KDS Innova 700
  3. Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder. Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by mikenostic, Feb 28, 2008. ? Who would win? Airwolf or Blue Thunder. Poll closed Mar 6, 2008. Airwolf: more agile and more armament 10 vote(s) 83.3% Blue Thunder: armor will withstand Airwolf's barrage 2 vote(s) 16.7%.

Blue Thunder is a 1983 American action thriller film from Columbia Pictures, produced by Gordon Carroll, Phil Feldman, and Andrew Fogelson and directed by John Badham.The film features a high-tech helicopter of the same name and stars Roy Scheider, Warren Oates, Candy Clark, Daniel Stern, and Malcolm McDowell. A spin-off television series, also called Blue Thunder, ran for 11 episodes in 1984 The 2nd fan made teaser to a showdown between Airwolf and Blue Thunder Ralph Savelsberg Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder These are my Airwolf and Blue Thunder models, both built to a scale of approximately 1/22. I remember that, back when I was eight or nine, a classmate told me that German television had started broadcasting a new show with a helicopter that was even cooler than Blue Thunder, my favourite at the time 3年前に作った動画だけど、ちょっと粗が目立つな・・・。アーネスト・ボーグナイン氏がお亡くなりになりました。追悼の意を込めて、動画を. Preferred Blue Thunder to Airwolf, simply as Blue Thunder actually looked as if it could do the things it was meant to do in the show, while Airwolf looked like it ought to be ferrying oil workers out to offshore platforms. I even prefered the TV series of BT to Airwolf, but that was only through twenty years of gold tinged nostalgia

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However, Blue Thunder remains better because it showed a 'realistic' chopper, a cross between an Apache and Robocop. Unfortunately, Airwolf was simply Knightrider with rotor blades. Although a good cheesey 80's format, you need a cheeky monkey Hasselhoff to pull it off, not a fat, sensitive, organic food eating jessy like Hawk Airwolf has air-to-air missiles. and is bulletproof. all blue thunder had was a gatling gun In spite of this, Blue Thunder remains an intelligent and well-made thriller with some great action moments. Its box-office success triggered a spin-off ABC TV series of the same name in 1984,.. Airwolf has air-to-air missiles. and is bulletproof. all blue thunder had was a gatling gun. Airwolf FTW. IIRC, Airwolf had something like 14..

Airwolf vs Blue Thunder July 4, 2007 | By Mark Pickavance. TV Looking back at Blue Thunder April 23, 2016 | By Ryan Lambie. TV Looking back at Blue Thunder May 16, 2012 | By Ryan Lambie. Movie watched both airwolf and blue thunder loved airwolf up to the point where jan michael vincent leave's then lost entrest. timothy, Jun 7, 2011 #55. Theonethatis Commander Red Shirt. Joined: Mar 1, 2008 Location: Seattle. I love Blue Thunder and never quite got into Airwolf. But If I recall Blue Thunder was extremely vulnerable to missiles Mar 7, 2021 - Explore Anthony's board Airwolf/Blue Thunder on Pinterest. See more ideas about blue thunder, 80 tv shows, helicopter Airwolf vs Blue Thunder July 4, 2007 | By Mark Pickavance. TV Were 80s action shows actually rubbish? April 30, 2008 | By Robert Mclaughlin. Movies Blue Thunder Blu-ray revie blue thunder, it had a moving cannon and it did a loop de loop, airwolf did like a high speed boost but you could tell it was just the video speeded up. bule thunder looked meaner too, airwolf was just a tarted up commercial helicopter. I reckon blue thunder would win hands down

With James Farentino, Dana Carvey, Sandy McPeak, Dick Butkus. An advanced prototype police helicopter and their ground support crew battle crime Jul 3, 2020 - 1980's tv series . See more ideas about 1980s tv, tv series, blue thunder Blue Thunder has no rockets at all, but believe you me, I pretended those cameras on its side were grenade launchers. Winner: Airwolf. Size comparison of .50BMG cartridge, 20x102mm cartridge, a. While Airwolf carried more weapons, more fuel, and could carry more people Blue Thunder was impressive in just how close it was to reality (The four things that made Blue Thunder unrealistic were the nose mounted cannon used on a non-military aircraft the turbo system capability to do a loop in air combat and 'whisper mode' The gun on Blue Thunder was very cool but when you actually look at the helicopter underneath it is simply outclassed by Airwolf. Faster (jet propelled auto-gyro mode), better armed (rockets and..

Airwolf is video game territory vast array of weapons and systems even before you add its jet thruster. Apache longbow probably surpasses Blue thunder though blue thunder was rigged for police work so it could tap phones and use police databases etc. And Apache is purely find things and kill them from a long way away Who would win in a fight between Airwolf and Blue Thunder? Close. 1. Posted by 9 years ago. Archived. Who would win in a fight between Airwolf and Blue Thunder? Airwolf already gets +1 for the coolest theme song ever. 13 comments. share. save. hide. report. 57% Upvoted. This thread is archived Airwolf is the helicopter from the 1980s American television series of the same name.Its fictional features included stratospheric ceiling, stealth noise signature, a wide range of weapons and even supersonic speed. The Airwolf helicopter was a conventional Bell 222 helicopter modified by attaching some film props

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Airwolf vs Blue Thunder July 4, 2007 | By Mark Pickavance. TV An Appreciation of Airwolf and Its Awesome Theme Music June 24, 2015 | By Scott Snowden. Movie Airwolf was destroyed in a crash in Germany while working as an air ambulance, while the two Blue Thunder helicopters were stripped for parts and scrapped following filming. Verbail Seniorius Lurkiu Airwolf was a key part of popular culture for every adolescent boy in 1984. A recurring debate subject to regular scrutiny in the playground at lunchtimes was who would win if Airwolf were to.. Airwolf was painted Phantom Gray Metallic (DuPont Imron 5031X) on top, and a custom pearl-gray (almost white) on the bottom, in a countershaded pattern. The craft was also fitted with various prop modifications, such as turbo jet engines and intakes, an in-air refueling nozzle and blister cowling on the nose, retractable chain guns at the wingtips, and a retractable rocket launcher, known as.

1 Airwolf ( Bell-222A) 2 The Lady's Last Flight. 3 A New Airwolf? 4 External links Airwolf is the title aircraft from a 1980s television series. The aircraft itself was a modified Bell 222 twin-engined light helicopter owned by JetCopters Inc. and built by Bell Helicopter. Bell 222 The flying Airwolf helicopter was actually a Bell 222. The Bell 222 has two Lycoming turboshaft engines, a. This is a remarkable article. My earliest Airwolf memory is of a game on the Commodore 16 that was so bad, even its coder has slagged it off publicly. Dunno if there were any Blue Thunder games. I say bring on Airwolf vs Blue Thunder!!! Airwolf would wipe the floor with Blue Thunder. And if it was Blue Thunder TV, even if it won we'd get to see Hawke safely parachute out. Mr. Adventure, Jan 17, 200 Who would win in a dog fight, Airwolf VS Blue Thunder? Answer Save. 7 Answers. Relevance. junglejungle. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. dunno. little nelly might give them a run for their money though ;- Mar 25, 2021 - Explore Alden Davis's board AIRWOLF (CBS, 1984-1986, USA, 1987), followed by 729 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about blue thunder, 80 tv shows, 1980s tv

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Airwolf vs Blue Thunder (dialog episode) AghaJanFashion. 59:46. Airwolf - Se1 - Ep11 - Mind of the Machine. HanryREDMOND8478. 4:58. Aerobatics with a Airwolf G4 RC Flight Simulator. Dogslovefun5. 57:53. Airwolf - Se3 - Ep3 - And a Child Shall Lead. HanryREDMOND8478. 59:01. Airwolf - Se1 - Ep1&2 - Shadow of the Hawke - Part 02. HanryREDMOND8478. Oct 28, 2013 - Explore Heather Newton's board Airwolf on Pinterest. See more ideas about blue thunder, 80 tv shows, helicopter Jan 4, 2017 - Explore Keith T's board Airwolf - Bell 222., followed by 666 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about helicopter, blue thunder, fighter jets chasequinn: There have been some discussion on whether Airwolf was real. The answer is...YES! Airwolf was built by a number ofdifferent companies working together. Bell Helicopters built the actual airframe while Litton Systems designed and installed the optics and targeting systems. Firepower and armament was built by Colt armament Company, and the jet boosters were manufactored by Pratt &.

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Created by Donald P. Bellisario. With Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord, Ernest Borgnine, Jean Bruce Scott. As part of a deal with an intelligence agency to look for his missing brother, a renegade pilot goes on missions with an advanced battle helicopter When the geek guy had to give Blue Thunder a gift edge of technology merely because it was more realistic than Airwolf's.... you know that Airwolf beats the ever loving shit outta Blue Thunder. Or as can easily be explained: Blue Thunder was, at least on the outside, meant just for cops. With police level weapons (even if the mini-gun is.

Airwolf vs Blue Thunder (dialog episode) AghaJanFashion. 4:58. Aerobatics with a Airwolf G4 RC Flight Simulator. Dogslovefun5. 59:01. Airwolf - Se1 - Ep1&2 - Shadow of the Hawke - Part 02. HanryREDMOND8478. 57:53. Airwolf - Se3 - Ep3 - And a Child Shall Lead. HanryREDMOND8478. 42:11. Airwolf S04E12 Airwolf Season 4, Airwolf Episodes, Airwolf TV Series, Airwolf Season 1, Airwolf Theme, Airwolf Season 2, Airwolf TV Show Cast, Airwolf DVD, Airwolf Posters, New Airwolf Series, Airwolf Intro, Airwolf Caitlin, Airwolf Archangel, Airwolf Helicopter TV Show, Airwolf Season 4 Cast, New Airwolf Remake, Airwolf Movie, Airwolf Season 4 DVD Cover, Airwolf Comics, Airwolf Malduke, Ernest Borgnine. Airwolf versus Blue Thunder.... Clear winner: Airwolf. Other super-vehicle tv shows of the era included Street Hawk and The Highwayman. Viper was a later era tv show where the car could morph and had plasma-guns There is a spoof Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf video clip in Video for Windows format (*.avi). It's a mock fight using edited video footage originally from the Airwolf Homepage and clips from the Blue Thunder movie. Stock video footage: Contributed by Tom Higginson, September 19, 2012

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Blue Thunder Vs Airwolf elijah2100 22 October 2007. I would like to state first that once again I enjoyed the Airwolf TV series of the fictional action entertainment it provided. As well as one of the best writing of an action series of its type of the 80s SPECIFICATIONS FOR AIRWOLF 3D PRINTER AW3D.4 Below is a spec sheet which details some of the details of our 3d printer. Model: AW3D V.5 Country: USA Manufacturer Assembled: Yes Build envelope WxDxH (mm): 200 x200 x112 Lead time: Instock Nozzle diameter (mm): .5 ( .35 is optional) Layer thickness (mm): .25 (.1 to .4 possible) [

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Blue Thunder is a 1983 action film about a police helicopter pilot who discovers a Government Conspiracy to use an experimental Black Helicopter for urban riot control. It earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Film Editing and kicked off a subgenre of Cool Helicopter shows including a short-lived 1984 TV series of the same name and the enormously more popular Airwolf. Frank Murphy (Roy. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the bluethunder Flickr tag

Blue Thunder was a better film than the TV series spinoff. Airwolf was the reverse. But if came down to theme music, Airwolf would win hands down Airwolf Vs Blue Thunder Den Of Geek. Salvage Hunters What Time Is It On Tv Episode 21 14 Cast And Preview. Salvage Hunters The Rers What Time Is It On Tv Episode 11 3 Cast And Preview. Boeing 747 200f From Air Charter Service. Jeff Wise Page 6. Jumbo Jet Graveyard Of British Airways Planes Grounded By Covid Airwolf Insignia, Airwolf Posters, Airwolf Design, Airwolf Symbol, Airwolf TV, Airwolf Art, Airwolf Drawing, Airwolf Toys, Airwolf Logo, Airwolf Theme, Airwolf Patch.

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  1. While Airwolf was the more successful series with its grim and moody tone, Blue Thunder was just as watchable for its A-Team, Hunter-like tone: standard 80s blend of action and tongue-in-cheek humor. Regardless, the real star [in both shows] was, of course, the helicopter. Not to mention the catchy opening theme music. Again, in both shows
  2. Airwolf Vs Knight Rider, Airwolf Theme, Airwolf Art, Airwolf TV Series, Knight Rider Art, Airwolf Remake, New Airwolf Series, Airwolf Movie, Knight Rider Season 4, Airwolf Artwork, Airwolf Posters, Knight Rider Drawing, Airwolf Reboot, Airwolf Helmet, Knight Rider Cartoon, Airwolf Comics, Blue Thunder vs Airwolf, Airwolf Design, New Airwolf TV Show, Old Knight Rider, Airwolf Cast, Airwolf Pics.
  3. Now you want to talk about Airwolf vs Blue Thunder? Airwolf goes supersonic, so Blue Thunder has to do it too! Blue Thunder can fly a loop, so Airwolf has to do it too! L O L. ROFL. 0 0. josh. 1 decade ago. the old kitt before the second gath is faster, but prior Street hawk was faster. 0 0
  4. gly, the only thing changed was the title. (Note: another BBC game, Superior Software's Codename: Droid, used Airwolf ' s rotor-like base-line on its opening screen. Whether royalties were paid is.
  5. Airwolf vs Blue Thunder We also take a look at the recent special television weekend on UK cable station 'Bravo'. Each afternoon of the weekend was handed over to alternate episodes of Blue Thunder and Airwolf season 4. As always, theSmile is printed in full vibrant colour throughout and is fully illustrated with a glossy cover

Airwolf The vehicle: The titular helicopter. Airwolf came out in 1984 on the heels of The A-Team and Blue Thunder and featured a helicopter with hidden weapons and capabilities. The Airwolf itself was a modified Bell 222 helicopter, used for both utility and executive transport. Remaking the series would require keeping the fictional helicopter. Perhaps Blue Thunder didn't have the budget behind it that Airwolf did - although much of that went to Vincent as he soon became the highest paid actor in American TV - but episodes of Airwolf were more interesting and often featured impressive low-level helicopter flying. Blue Thunder was fun There was a TV series that aired at around the same time as Airwolf called Blue Thunder. The titular Blue Thunder was a helicopter gunship (Cobra or Apache, I forget which) owned by a city police department. It was short lived, in part I think because the writers had trouble fitting Blue Thunder in with the police oriented story lines Airwolf the TV show, was part 'Blue Thunder', part 'Knight Rider' and far superior to both from the very start, featuring magnificent, movie production values within most of its 55 episodes and especially with its lovingly shot aerial hardware and aerial dogfights (the producers called these the aerial ballets) This is the wiki resource on all things AIRWOLF. Here you can find information about all the Airwolf episodes. There are episode summarys, transcipts, information on cast and characters, the aircraft and weapons seen on the show, the places and music and much more! A major effort is now in progress to complete a set of transcripts for all Airwolf episodes. That's because many people find it.

Jesus, now I want to see Blue Thunder vs Airwolf. Adamant, Aug 11, 2018 #12. MadSquabbles500 Steel Belt. Joined: Jun 29, 2011 Messages: 28,243 Likes Received: 5 Location: New Jersey now Queens. Agent Mulder's Hair said:. The movie Blue Thunder, with Roy Schneider and Daniel Stern, is actually pretty good. Still a good watch. The tv show Blue Thunder, with James Fancrosa or whatever his name was, and Dana Carvy, really sucked. They reused more footage than Airwolf did, only it all came from the movie Between the A-Team, Miami Vice and Knight Rider, the 1980s was a classic era in television for people who love cool machines. But the short-lived Airwolf was my favorite 80s show of all because it. Airwolf vs Blue Thunder, who ya got? I say Blue Thunder because Roy Schieder > Jan Michael Vincent. Though the TV show did have Bubba Smith, and he is a Sparty. Joined: 11/27/2010. MGoPoints: 4734. Log in or register to post comments; In reply to Airwolf vs Blue Thunder, who.

In 1983, the film Blue Thunder was released to theatres and was centered around the police use of a military helicopter. The following year, a TV series spin off of Blue Thunder aired as well as Airwolf. The difference between the two super-helicopter series was in their use. Blue Thunder still had the military/militarized chopper in police hands I remember the big argument in grade school was Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf. Airwolf's rockets usually were the deciding factor, since Blue Thunder's armor probably wouldn't stand up to them. Blue Thunder bested two F-16s! Blue Thunder would be raining roasted chickens down on Airwolf.. Airwolf and Blue Thunder on shelf. Both helicopter models would be great on one shelf. Too much coolness for one room. Blue Thunder had more spying/stealth options, and worked great for downtown, tight quarters. Though Airwolf did indeed dock down inside an old hollowed out, mined, mountain You got your Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf. You got your Knight Industries 2000, Street Hawk, and Firefox. Later on, in the early 90's, you have your Thunder in Paradise and Viper. Most of these shows and movies had a loose formula to them. In addition to a shiny black super vehicle, you had to have a dashing hero to pilot it, and a dorky.

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  1. Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder. RIP. 0 ( +0 / -0) Login to leave a comment. Facebook users. Use your Facebook account to or register with JapanToday. By doing so, you will also receive an email inviting you to receive our news alerts. Facebook Connect. Login with your JapanToday account Remember Me
  2. Airwolf vs Blue Thunder (dialog episode) AghaJanFashion. 55:30. Airwolf - Se4 - Ep14 - Flowers of the Mountain. HanryREDMOND8478. 56:55. Airwolf - Se1 - Ep10 - And They Are Us. HanryREDMOND8478. 59:46. Airwolf - Se1 - Ep11 - Mind of the Machine. HanryREDMOND8478. 4:58. Aerobatics with a Airwolf G4 RC Flight Simulator
  3. Stringfellow Hawke Airwolf, Airwolf TV Series, Airwolf Pilot, Airwolf Cabin, Airwolf Log Cabin, Airwolf Caitlin, Stringfellow Hawke Cabin, Airwolf Archangel, Airwolf TV Show Cast, Airwolf Helicopter TV Show, Airwolf Toys, Airwolf Posters, Alex Cord Airwolf, Ernest Borgnine Airwolf, Airwolf Logo, Airwolf Jan Michael Vincent, New Airwolf TV Show, Women of Airwolf, Airwolf Helicopter Crash.

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While Airwolf was the more successful series with its grim and moody tone, Blue Thunder was just as watchable for its A-Team, Hunter-like tone: standard 80s blend of action and tongue-in-cheek humor. Regardless, the real star [in both shows] was, of course, the helicopter. Not to mention the catchy opening theme music. Again, in both shows Blue Thunder is a 1983 thriller directed by John Badham and stars Roy Scheider as Frank Murphy, a Los Angeles police helicopter pilot who is assigned to a top secret military weapons program that involves flying an armed superhelicopter over the city. There is a title card at the beginning of the film that states all of the technology portrayed in the film is real and currently in use in the. VIDEÓ - Két ujabb klasszikus,és természetesen egymás ellen All Upcoming Movie Remakes/ Reboots (2018 - 2022 Blue Thunder is Hwang's weapon in Soulcalibur, but in Soulcalibur II, it appeared as one of Yun-seong's weapons, despite Hwang's absence, and then in Soulcalibur III, the weapon was available for Hwang.However it does not have any special effects. A sword that Korean Admiral Lee Sun Shin received in his younger days from his closest friend, Seong Han-myeong

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  1. New Airwolf TV Show, Airwolf Photos, Airwolf TV Series, Airwolf Pilot, Airwolf Theme, Airwolf Pics, Airwolf Helicopter TV Show, Airwolf Movie, Airwolf TV Series Cast, Airwolf RC Helicopter, Airwolf Log Cabin, Airwolf Season 4, Airwolf Archangel, Airwolf Season 2, Airwolf Posters, New Airwolf Movie From Universal, Airwolf Season 1, Airwolf Weapons, Airwolf Wallpaper, Airwolf RedWolf, Airwolf.
  2. Hollywood fantasies like Airwolf, Blue Thunder, and Firebirds aside, helos really aren't that great at ACM. Airframe and rotor load limits usually restrict operation to around +2/-1Gs and the ship's are limited in the kind of maneuvers possible. A2A weapons on helos are at best a last ditch defensive weapon and the helo - even gunships - were.
  3. Airwolf Diecast, Airwolf Model, Airwolf Toys, Airwolf Cockpit, Airwolf Interior, Airwolf Cast, Airwolf Helicopter Model, Airwolf Model Kit, Ertl Airwolf, Airwolf Insignia, Bell 222 Airwolf, Airwolf Helmet, Airwolf Helicopter Type, Airwolf Series, Airwolf TV Show Cast, 1 48 Airwolf, New Airwolf Helicopter, Airwolf Movie, Airwolf RC Helicopter, Airwolf Diecast Helicopter, Airwolf Color, Original.
  4. Watching old airwolf episodes. I love the idea of a supersonic, indestructible, top secret helicopter piloted by a d-list actor 80's (Mpas***) I'm going to have an 80s helicopter film showdown. Airwolf VS Blue Thunder. Both 18 rated but yet got harmless tv series. Odd. (Dere****) Wow, Airwolf is on TV. That show was awesome
  5. Airwolf was one of two TV series featuring high-tech gunships, the other being Blue Thunder, based on the movie of the same name. Why Airwolf and not Blue Thunder? The latter might not work well today when the issue of the militarization of police looms large

Airwolf's evil twin, Redwolf (or Airwolf II), was tail number N 1074 T (serial number 47015). In April of 1987, while on a post-maintenance flight over Texas, the drive system for the main rotor failed, causing total loss of control Airwolf was the most successful of all the KR-inspired series, lasting three seasons from 1984-86 on CBS, and a fourth (with a new cast including Barry Van Dyke) on the USA network. It has always been a favourite game of fanboys to speculate whether K.I.T.T or Airwolf would come out on top in a one-on-one confrontation, and the potential duel.

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Airwolf in real 1:1 scale replica - Page 2Airwolf vsAirwolf vs1000+ images about Blue Thunder on Pinterest
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